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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Trump's 2020 strategy

If you think President Donald John Trump is going to rely on a solid economy and the Mueller report to get re-elected, then you need me to explain how this works. The Donald leaves nothing to chance.

Before you can understand 2020, you must learn from 2016. There was more there than met our eyes.

To be sure, his 2016 campaign was fueled by rallies and newsworthiness. Always poking the gator got him attention. After 40 years of living large in the public eye, he knew there is no such thing as bad publicity.

But he also knew his general election opponent. He knew her strengths and vulnerabilities. He avoided the former and exploited the latter.

He also knew that was not enough. He used social media to augment the news coverage. It served as an online rallying point, as well as a buffer against bad news.

He also knew the power of small donations. You give a candidate $10, you will vote for him (or at least the odds of you voting for him increase exponentially). He raised nearly twice as much money from small donations as she did.

His strategy was to win enough states to top 270 in the Electoral College, which he did. Her receiving more votes (she got 48% of the vote) was an annoyance but losing the election annoyed her more, didn't it?

He targeted 32 states, and took 30. To do that, he needed more than just rallies. The Republican GOTV -- Get Out The Vote -- effort was superlative.

Looking at 2020, we must assess his good and his bad.

His assets are easy. He's president, the economy is good, there are fewer wars, and the media disqualified itself by pursuing the Mueller Madness.

His liabilities are his opposition is motivated by anger, he no longer is a novelty, and social media is out to shut him down.

Also, this time he does not know his opposition. After slaying the Hillary dragon, Beto Boy as an opponent is a bit of a letdown.

Axios reported, "The Republican National Committee, which is taking the lead on opposition research ahead of 2020 in coordination with the campaign, has been funding a network of trackers in all the early states. It's already out filming Democratic candidates, trying to catch their mistakes — especially in smaller, more rural settings away from the eyes of the national media."

Don't dismiss that effort. John Kerry said "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it" only once, in Huntington, West Virginia. The local newspapers did not quote that in their coverage. Karl Rove's team caught it and made it the phrase we most identify with Kerry because it shows what a sleaze he is.

Axios reported, "The campaign is also zeroing in on which states they need to go after the hardest, which will ultimately depend on which Democrat becomes the frontrunner."

The story said winning Michigan and a few other states may be more difficult this time.

But New Mexico may be in play. We will know his map better come the summer of 2020.

The campaign said Ohio, Florida and Georgia are not in play. Axios quoted a source as saying, "We sent Trump there to campaign hard for the 2018 governors' races as a testing ground. Each state had really strong Dem candidates who garnered a lot of voter energy, but the Republicans, who weren’t the strongest candidates, still won."

No Republican ever won without Ohio. I suggest he go there if just for kicks.

Meanwhile, President Trump will hold a campaign rally tomorrow in Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN.


  1. I'm in Michigan, and I'll definitely be voting for him again. On my route to work in 2016, I remember Trump signs everywhere, only one for Clinton. And that one was next to the union hall by my job. I'll be watching signage with great interest as 2020 draws nearer.

  2. Now Oregon needs a MAGA boos t-like Kate Brown being indicted

  3. With all the nuts and weirdos the left has shouldnt be as hard as the clinton crime family....TRUMP 2020

    1. The nuts and weirdos vote.

      The nuts and weirdos "harvest" the votes of others, both living and dead, citizen and non citizen, plus those physically challenged to actually going out and voting in the their own flesh, and those mentally incapable of not submitting to someone "taking care of filling in the ballot for them".

      The nuts and weirdos also dominate the msm.

      The nuts and weirdos also infest many state legislatures.

      The nuts and weirdos are also amply present in entertainment, which influences many who confuse fantasy with reality.

      The nuts and weirdos also infest pretty much all education "providers" funded by tax payers' involuntary contributions.

      The nuts and weirdos also use the desperations of those frm other nations, shitholes that they are, to add to the harvestings of uniparty hog, democrat division vote totals.

      The nuts and weirdos are the infectious bacteria most virulent and persistent.

      MAGA is only the cure when MAGA outnumbers all the effects of the nuts and weirdos, in vote totals, in every election, on every level of governments, nationwide.

      There is no leeway for the presence of even a single infected by the nuts and weirdos government, at any level.

  4. There's lots more shoes to drop before the 2020 election. Your analysis is great as far as it goes but the Trumpster is a wily fox and he's got more tricks up his sleeve. If the Dems had any dirt on him they would have already used it. Pretty sure a lot of Dem dirt will be exposed in the coming year. They will be playing defense to his offense.

  5. Trump should win hands down, however almost the entire media are Democrat propagandists willing to peddle misinformation, distortions, and lies.

    Moreover, the Democrats are willing to sell out their old base, blacks and Jews, for their new base, illegals (no matter race), Muslims, and evey American hating socialist/communist.

  6. My fingers will be crossed...after all it's not the votes, but who counts them.

    The 2018 House elections were a test run for 'ballot harveting' and things worked out very well for the Dems in California. I hear about similar things being worked out in Wisconsin and other states and go hmm...

  7. I still expect massive fraud attempts by the democrats, especially in Florida. Taking nothing for granted.

    1. Republicans across the country better be ready - 2018 was just the beta test for some of their new tricks.

    2. If every registered voter, regardless of party votes, then there will be less room for fraud attempts available to everyone. GO VOTE

  8. Her receiving more votes (she got 48% of the vote)...

    Don't forget, if you factor in the massive voter fraud in the Democrats favor, Trump almost certainly won the popular vote too.

    1. I totally agree, Trump probably really did win the LEGAL popular vote. And I don't really see anywhere enough going on to counter vote fraud in 2020. My gut tells me there's going to be massive, extensive vote fraud in 2020. Better to prevent it, but if all else fails, video people going into polling places, ID people in video, look them up immediately to identify illegals, then raise holy hell.

      It would be better if holy hell was being raised right now, uncovering specific voter fraud cases from 2018 and prosecuting them aggressively.

  9. Very important to take note of little slips by opponents out of the public eye. I remember 1992, when Robert Abrams was leading Alfonse D'Amato in NY for the Senate. Two weeks before the election, Abrams said in a small airport gaggle with reporters that D'Amato was like Mussolini. Only the local Binghamton paper reported it. A D'Amato supporter saw it and faxed it to D'Amato HQ in NYC. (Ah, technology....) D'Amato took hold of it and spent the next two weeks calling Abrams an anti-Italian bigot. Abrams was flummoxed. D'Amato won.

  10. kerry lost because he is a traitor. One of the reasons Hillary lost was her national campaign. She expected the media would carry her water and that would be enough. This time around the dems won't make that same mistake. Their main problem is the paucity of their candidates. They're like lilliputians compared to Trump. Trump's main challenger could come from a globalists third party candidate. The #neverTrump ran McMullin in 2016 for the express reason of defeating Trump. The GOPe opposition to Trump denied him the popular vote, and wins in MN and NH. They also kept him from achieving a Electoral college landslide and three Senate seats. The GOPe cost him another Senate seat in 2017 and three more in 2018. It's likely the globalists will run a candidate and McMullin has been recruiting volunteers to get that candidate on as many state ballots as possible. In 2016, McMullin was only on 13 state ballots and another thirty as a write-in.

  11. > Don't dismiss that effort. John Kerry said "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it" only once, in Huntington, West Virginia.

    Same place Joe McCarthy threw the first Communists in government grenade. "There are 257 card-carrying members of the Communist Part in the State Department."