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Friday, March 01, 2019

Trump walked away as a warning to Red China

The Art of the Deal includes theatrics. President Donald Trump's decision to end the Hanoi Summit early was a throwback to President Ronald Reagan's decision to walk away at Reykjavík in 1986.

But North Korea certainly does not rise to the level of evil of the Soviet Union even with a few nukes. The world is puzzled and amused. The show was for an audience of one: Chairman Xi.

President Trump is negotiating the biggest trade deal of his life with Red China. The fate of the world balances on these talks because if the communists continue to exploit Western economies to finance their military buildup, they will win the world in another decade.

The Democrat Party already capitulated and is now showing its true intentions of socialism followed by outright communism. They will welcome the new new world order. The billionaire boys club who run the Internet and entertainment are all in, censoring conservatives from the fringes first as they make their way to the center.

To get to the summit, Kim Jong Un had to go through China because his is a protectorate of China. His orders were to make President Trump an offer he could not accept.

Fox News reported President "Trump specifically said negotiations fell through after the North demanded a full removal of U.S.-led international sanctions in exchange for the shuttering of the North's Yongbyon nuclear facility. Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters that the United States wasn't willing to make a deal without the North committing to giving up its secretive nuclear facilities outside Yongbyon, as well as its missile and warheads program."

Chairman Xi now will do the same at Mar-a-Lago.

Elections have consequences, and Americans blew it by giving the House to the Democrats. Their comical Michael Cohen hearings may have lacked any substance but they signaled to Chairman Xi that he has a friend in the House. Lots of friends. In the Senate too.

The signal is one of hope that in two years that they will get rid of "him" -- the Outsider -- the American in the White House.

The clock is ticking on President Trump. Perhaps Chairman Xi believes he can wait the full six years until a new president takes office, or just two. Maybe 10 if we elect Mike Pence. No more than 14. Xi will be 79, which is still young among communist leaders.

Right, Nancy?

But of course President Trump can impose unilateral sanctions on Red China -- tariffs. Chairman Xi and the Democrat Party are betting that would hurt President Trump more than it would Red China.

We shall see.

President Trump failed to make the sale in Hanoi, but that was a learning experience for him. Today is a new day. There are new prospects. At Mar-A-Lago we shall, ahem, Xi what we shall Xi.


  1. I don't think we blew it in giving the house to the communists. We got rid of a LOT of empty suits and those slots were filled by incompetent socialists. By the time November 2020 rolls around the voters outside of California will be fed up enough with the faux theater and many of those seats, plus many long held in close communist districts will fall. Yes, we will be treated to two years of Nancy P's lousy theater, but with republicans in control of the Senate the damage should be minimal. As for lil Kim, he has to get back home and that means a ride through China. he'll survive it.. This time.
    If he plays his cards right, he will have the opportunity to be the manufacturing and exporting dream that south Korea has been and bigger. All he has to do is play his cards right and he could be replacing a lot of Chinese goods on Walmart shelves.

    1. If the Dems keep pushing their "Green New Deal" or "Make America Venezulea Again." Xi might be panicked you can't go from Using a John Deere product to
      Pull equipment to Ma Pulling the plow,
      and expect to feed your counry let alone the World.
      I think the Chinese know that..
      "Keep it in the Ground!" is the new state motto for Oregon..

    2. I agree. The short term pain may be worth it.

  2. Is Xi referred to as a xe?

    The media will report "Xe is going to meet with PDJT. Xi looked resplendent in xe's Mao jacket. Xe only got one scoop of ice cream and the pork loving Xi was served a hamburger".

  3. The Donald still has aces to play concerning China. He still holds the high ground. I agree completely that Kim was told to backtrack on agreements and make a different offer to the President. The President probably smiled and told Kim he's known all along that China has him by the gonads and forced him to renege.

    According to all reports the Chinese/US negotiations are going swimmingly. They will probably renege at the next meeting too. Trump will walk away and put the Tariffs on. Xi will have nothing if that's the tack he takes. I think the Chinese are recalibrating right now. They're watching the debacle in Congress and hoping their Democratic friends can weaken the President. I would expect the President to drop a MOAB on the Deep State in the next couple of weeks. That was break things in Washington and give him the standing to bring the Chinese and the NORKS to the table.

    1. Your analysis tracks mine 100%. The Chinese are in a very weak negotiating position and just hoping that something will stave off the eventual capitulation.

      Trump has two things already figured out. First, a MOAB or something like it to cut the Dems off at the knees. Second, an exit strategy that will allow Xi to save face. The final trade deal must look like a win-win for both the US and China. Trump knows how to do that better than anyone.

  4. So glad he walked away. A subset of the minority of Americans who voted for Trump may trust him, but most do not. Denuclearization was always going to be just a photo-op victory for Trump with nothing of substance. Any deal he could have come up would only pale in comparison to the Iran deal. Was Trump even going to require inspections?

    Kim should realize that cheap hookers and video tape are a whole lot cheaper than a nuclear program.

  5. The Democrat Party already capitulated and is now showing its true intentions of socialism followed by outright communism.

    "The object of socialism is communism".

    Guy named Lenin said that.

  6. Pooh.

    (Nothing scares Xi like a Winnie The Pooh allusion. It's garlic to a vampire. Or virgin daiquiris to a Rodham Clinton.)

  7. Another bullseye, Don.

    2020 is clearly the year of either love it or lose it.

    All the forces of the uniparty hogs are aimed at succeeding in eliminating the last, and first, and only, authentic bastion of human liberty.

    MAGA is the wall.

    MAGA is the barrier.

    MAGA is the balls of America.

    Do we have enough balls of steel to keep the scum of the uniparty hogs from turning the entire world into their desired hog trough?

    2016 was the unexpected by the resigned to uniparty betrayals surprise.

    2018 was the failure to appreciate the wonders of MAGA and to lazily presume our MAGA President could do it for us. Without our continued vigorous efforts to counteract the hoardes of uniparty hog scums.

    2020, from this day to that day, will be the test of whether those who think they are MAGA actually are MAGA.

    The penchant of humans to not see much past the tips of their own noses is the crux of our sloth.

    President Trump is not only carrying his own weight, but the weight of all the slackers who fancy themselves as slick, MAGA moochers, and the weight of the uniparty hogs combined.

    Who will help him carry the weight of our Constitutional Republic's future?

    1. Correct. We are at a vital tipping point. In their own way, Pelosi, the AOC twit and their ilk are driving lots of people toward Trump. That infanticide bit may have been their own tipping point. That they thought they could sell that disgusting practice indicates just how disconnected they are from actual, everyday Americans...the ones who get up and go to work day in and day out.

      Gary B

    2. Now you're getting the hang of it.

      You can hear the jazz playing.

      The MAGA jazz.

      Focus on the MAGA and help our MAGA President.

      He's bucking the malestrom, with, so far, far less help then is needed.

  8. ... the president looked positively Presidential before troops in Anchorage Alaska on the return leg of his trip. He feels very good about the large number of F-35 stealth jets rolling off the lines -- undetectable by radar and with greater capabilities than Rafters -- and so should we.

  9. ... the president looked positively Presidential before troops in Anchorage Alaska on the return leg of his trip. He feels very good about the large number of F-35 stealth jets rolling off the lines -- undetectable by radar and with greater capabilities than Rafters -- and so should we.

  10. 1783 to 1915, the federal government is funded mostly by tarriffs.

    after the income tax is brought into play, tarriffs fund the government less and less and less to where the feds forget tariffs used to pay the majority

    1. Republicans historically have been pro-tariff and protectionist up till George HW Bush.

  11. If I were in charge of China and the Democrats let China control America, the very first thing I would do would be to kill all the Democrat leaders and the Social Media Millionaires. After all, if they were traitors once, they will probably be traitors twice.

  12. I agree, Don. I thought that the walk away was a warning to Xi as soon as I heard of it.

    1. I agree, too. Perhaps one of Xi's nightmares is an image of all ships containing Chinese goods being turned away from American ports.

      Trump is giving Xi a preview of what America looks when it's not under the control of DC traitors with their hands out. You know, like when the Clintons sold all of that missile technology to them.

      Gary B

    2. I also agree, too many people and news media incorrectly thought this meeting in Vietnam was all about North Korea, it wasn't it was all about China.

  13. Trump was ready for win-win; Kim was not.
    Not yet.
    Trump's deal remains on the table, when Kim is really ready to denuclearize.

    Trump doesn't need a deal, tho he wants one. Kim also doesn't quite need a deal, tho he probably wants one -- but needs Xi to OK it.

    Kim goes with deal only after Xi OKs deal.

    Will Xi OK the N.K. deal in his next talks with Trump?

    I actually don't think so, tho Xi's worsening economy (slower growth than in the past, worse than expectations, still growing faster than US under Obama) might mean Xi agrees to let Kim go.

  14. My Beijing-born girlfriend says it's naive to think Norks take orders from China. She says all commies care about only their personal power. Xi might want Kim to be more accommodating to Trump, but Kim wouldn't gain more power by doing that. So, Kim will never agree to de-nuke. Xi will never actually do whatever paper he signs. It's a sham.

    The only winning move for Trump is to raise tariffs.

    1. I used to believe Norks were China's puppets. Until I went to China 5 times. Chinese people aren't friendly TO EACH OTHER. Their history is warlords fighting each other, until Mao won and Killed 40 MILLION CHINESE.
      Given their non-stop internal antagonisms...
      How do you think Chinese feel about Norks?
      How do you think Norks feel about Chinese?
      Not good.

    2. There is more to it than that. Kim Jong knows China can Un do him in a heart beat, and no one in the world will raise an eyebrow. The only reason China lets North Korea exist as a stand alone country is because of the 38th parallel. Had they won the war, China would have absorbed then by 1960. Now they serve as a buffer and a Canary n a coal mine for the Chinese.

    3. Your buffer remark makes sense. Also, that the Kim family has been a thorn in America's side for a long time. But, Trump is blunting that, which must frustrate Xi all to hell.

      That China could mop the floor with Kim and no one would care also makes a lot of sense. It's true; absolutely no one would care.

      Gary B