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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Donald Trump: airline expert

His brother was an airline pilot.

His uncle was a physicist at MIT.

And of course, he owned an airline.


  1. trump himself pilots air force one.

  2. Once again, Trump's right. This is kinda a habit for him!

  3. this is an issue that feel strongly about.
    11,000 hr.s about 4,00 of that instruction.
    Too many rely on computers to do things that should, at least have human backup.Also a non electric backup. Too many pilots now go directly into the electronic cockpit without training in the real world. Like signals that the aircraft is too slow/fast. instrument failure has been the cause of several airline crashes lately. What is infuriating is the crew in most of the incidents. No one is thinking or taught to think outside the box. Arrgh.

    1. 4,000 hrs of instruction? And I thought I was slow. JK

    2. Several of the plane crashes I've read about happened because the crew got caught up in doing a check list instead of acting on what was happening. Not many Sully's out there. Don't get me wrong, check lists are important, but there are times to believe your eyes.
      I see electronics fail all the time. What to do when things go wrong is what separates the living from the dead.

    3. My definition of "Fly by wire"is 1/4in steel cables..
      What I loved about hhe old 4- engine Douglas airlines was the actual simplicty of the airfraome. Even the controls were aerodynamically boosted
      no hydraulic boost Only Hydralics were the landing gear and Flaps.
      No butt joined skin, Flush rivets where it counted but a good tin bender
      could fabricate any part of the airframe relatively easily..
      Even the DC-8 was similar.
      I'm not sure were are that much ahead.

  4. This is all about the apparent Boeing 737-Max-8 autopilot malfunction, right?

  5. Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger III.
    His hobby, during his airline pilot days was to fly sailplanes. "Hmmm... an airplane with no engine? No Problem!" Miracle on the Hudson.

    1. Yep some of the greatest saves by a pilot were due to the Sailplane training of said pilots . Sully was one of them he also had some expedience with somehting important quitting or falling off the aircraft in the military, too.