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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trump rope-a-doped Democrats

In his 1974 Rumble in the Jungle match against George Foreman, Muhammad Ali used the rope-a-dope strategy in which Foreman wore himself out with punches to Ali, who then in the eighth round knocked out Foreman -- a 4-to-1 favorite.

President Donald John Trump roped the dopes in the media and Democrat Party.

For two years, President Trump has withstood the flurries of punches aimed at him. Like George Foreman, Democrats mainly hit air and the times they hit him did not hurt.

Really. Consider Stormy Daniels, the porn star hooker.

One year ago, National Religious Broadcasters president Jerry Johnson told CBN News, "Christians want the president to be pastoral. We like that but that isn't really the job assignment. People knew the accusations against the president before he was elected and they said, 'Actually, we care about security. Actually, we care about the economy.'"

As long as the base sticks with President Trump, he should be safe next year. After all, in 2016, he took more states than either Bush 43 or Barack Hussein Obama ever did.

The real news is two years of Russian Collusion talk and Bungling Bob Mueller's fishing expedition and witch hunt has roped the Never Trump dopes.

CNN had to admit on Wednesday, "Support for impeachment falls among Democrats."

Its own poll showed this.

CNN reported, "The decline -- from 43% in favor in December to 36% now -- stems largely from a change in Democratic views on impeaching the President. In December, 80% of self-identified Democrats said they were in favor of impeachment -- that now stands at 68%, a 12-point dip. Among independents and Republicans, support for impeachment has fallen 3 points over the same time."

That oddly enough is less than the 41% of the likely voters in 1998 that CNN said favored impeaching Bill Clinton. The 36% today is the same as the 36% overall found in that 1998 poll.

And remember, Clinton's job approval was 65% in the same poll.

Trump's job approval was 43% in this new poll.

This bodes well for Republicans in the next two presidential elections. Re-electing President Trump despite Democrat hostility means in 2024, a more popular Vice President Mike Pence may have an easier path to victory.

But man plans, God laughs.

I have said Democrats cannot win the White House until they get over the 2016 election. Today, all they have is hate. They better find something to love next year, or another 30-state win will be the minimum for President Trump.


  1. Choir boys get raped by pedo Priests (I am a practicing Catholic and pissed at the leadership all the way to Rome).

    Thing is, Trump is a saint compared to these "choir boys".

    When you sell out your nation at the alter of "free trade" globalism all the while you continue to get rich ... efff you!

    Especially when you send Americans to die in foreign lands under suspicious reasoning.

    W refused to fight back. The same news folks who noted this abhor Trump for actually fighting back.

    The US does not have to march left. However, choir boy Republicans make it so.

    JFK filandered as a sitting President, he's a choir boy. LBJ was a foul mouthed Texas jerk who micromanaged the Vietnam war, he's a choir boy. Carter was truly a choir boy and we got stagflation and the Iranian Theocracy Mafia. Clinton diddled whomever he could in the Oval Office while firing staff en masse, he's a choir boy. W gave us stressed out elemtary students ove No Child Left Behind while getting Americans killed in
    Iraq. Obama weaponized the US government against Repubs/conservatives, but he is a choir boy due to his skin color even though je subverted the Constitution.

    Yet, Trump is bad for not allowing the butt tapes they all want to .

  2. Correction, last sentence ...

    " not allowing them to butt rapen him."


    1. LOL. Don't you love life?

    2. LOL, reminds me of the (joke) headline I read recently: The creator of autocorrect has died. His funfair is next Monkey.

    3. Just disable auto correction.

      AND speech to text!!!!

      That way, all your typos will be your own.

      And you won't be doing a Homer Simpson.

  3. Reps should be ready for the next "family get-together" with the loud-mouthed Dem relatives who have been so certain that Trump colluded.
    Gullible useful idiots.

    Most Reps will be sad they don't have a recording of what their gullible Dem relatives said -- since it's likely they'll be denying they said what they said, and be trying to change the subject.

    When does Trump come off the ropes for his own anti-establishment KO? When he gets an AG to indict HR Clinton for her crimes.
    Lock her up... voters are waiting.

    1. The smart money thinks he's waiting for the Mueller report to finally make its debut so he knows what he's dealing with. As frustrating as it is for us, it makes sense. After all, he's the master strategist, not us.

      - Gary B

  4. Your usual great job Don. The rope a dope analogy, w the communists throwing wild roundhouses for years and never connecting, is brilliant. The commies have punched themselves out. They look exhausted and very confused to me.

    1. Hopefully the communist democrat party will now be on the receiving end of a few body blows followed by a vicious knock out punch.

    2. I am thinking a good swift kick in the "groin area" as well

  5. No thanks for Pence 2024, IMO. No.

    1. After 8 years learning from the master, Mike Prnce will hopefully continue MAGA and not be like George Bush following Ronald Reagan.

  6. ....I like Mike Pence a lot....but Sec. Pompeo has VERY impressive credentials...including first in his class at West Point....Would be a Great President.....

  7. How about this:

    Let MAGA decide.

    Like, in the Republican Primary.

    Ya know, just as MAGA decided in 2016.

    How about doing that?

  8. If you think that the dems are sitting on their hands, hoping they can win 2020 by yaknow, actually persuading voters, you are crazy.

    Right now you can bet your last donut the likes of Valgal & Obama and the whole scummy bunch are putting every possible voter fraud scheme into play as they can.

    Trump won a number of those midwestern states by literally a handful of votes. There simply is no effing way in the world that Regressives are going to allow that to happen again.

    No way.

    Hell here in Texas we have a comparatively rigid voter verification process and still untold 1,000s of ollegals were able to vote in the Cruz/Beto election.

    And how many people have been charged with voter fraud? 4 I believe.

    1. Afraid I have to agree. They were caught off guard in 2016. Won’t happen again. You saw what happened in 2018. Many results overturned by voter harvesting.