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Friday, March 01, 2019

Travel ban cuts migrants 80% from 8 nations

Two years ago, the Washington Establishment and a judge in Hawaii thought they stopped President Trump from banning travel with six war-torn countries and Iran. But the Supreme Court said under federal law, the commander-in-chief can issue temporary bans on travel.

President Donald John Trump is doing just that.

At present, the latest travel ban restricts travel with Chad, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.

Breitbart News reported, "Between October 2017 and September 2018 — known as Fiscal Year 2018 — only about 14,600 foreign nationals from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen were allowed entry into the U.S. This represents an 80 percent drop in immigration from these five countries, compared to Fiscal Year 2016 when the Obama administration admitted about 72,000 of these nationals in the country."

Liberals and bowtied "conservatives" went nuts two years ago as they screeched about Islamophobia and the like.

The Hill ran a column, "President Trump's rollout of his ill-conceived executive order on immigration is evidence that the Framers were correct about human nature: Expect all those with power to be tempted to abuse it and those with unchecked power to be tyrannical.

"No recent executive order displays their wisdom better than this ban on immigration from seven Muslim countries, and all Syrian refugees, and the Department of Justice's hurried defense of the president's action.

"It was drafted, signed and is now being defended as though the president has unlimited power that makes him unaccountable to the Constitution or the people.

"Not so — and if he tries to enforce the ban over contrary orders of the federal courts, we will have a bona fide constitutional crisis."


The court upheld the ban.

The only constitutional crisis we have is from the rabid anti-American forces who want to override the Electoral College's decision in 2016.

Oh and the writer, Marci A. Hamilton, was so concerned about the Constitution and freedom that she wrote, "God vs. the Gavel: The Perils of Extreme Religious Liberty."

Apparently "Extreme Religious Liberty"is for Muslims only.

Of course, it was never a ban on travel from Muslim nations. It was a ban from broken countries whose visas are worthless.