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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The people don't matter

President Donald John Trump continues on his merry way to fulfill campaign promises of peace and prosperity, and a wall. This is what people in 30 states wanted. In the other 20 states, they wanted a woman because they have majorities or pluralities made up of misandrists.

In Britain and California, elected leaders who ignore the law and the will of the people.

In Britain, Theresa May has refused to quit the European Union despite an overwhelming vote by the people nearly 1,000 days ago to do just that. She hides her refusal to carry out the will of the people behind a veneer of incompetence, while her party steadfastly rejects each attempt by her to resolve the departure from Rule By Brussels.

"Britain was last night plunged into chaos once again as MPs voted to kill off Theresa May's Brexit deal by 391 votes to 242. Now 993 days after the referendum, and with just 17 days before Brexit, Brits are still in the dark about when or if we will ever leave the EU," The Sun reported.

If the party disagrees with her this much over the top issue in England in three decades, then why is she still the party's leader? Indeed, why is she still prime minister? Unlike President Trump, the Tories can vote her out for cause or not.

Meanwhile, the major opposition party is led by Jeremy Corbyn who is turning his party so toxic that it is no longer an acceptable alternative. It sure looks like a plan to stop Brexit.

Business interests trump the people of England who are about as free as the Soviets were. Try criticizing Muslims in London. And good luck raising bail afterward.

In California, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom single-handedly overturned the law on capital punishment -- overriding decisions by judges and juries.

"Gov. Gavin Newsom is putting a moratorium on the death penalty in California, sparing the lives of more than 700 death-row inmates. Newsom plans to sign an executive order Wednesday morning granting reprieves to all 737 Californians awaiting executions – a quarter of the country’s death row inmates," the Sacramento Bee reported.

He has this power, of course, and he is honest about it, unlike his predecessor Democrat Jerry Moonbeam Brown whose refusal to carry out the law and execute people was an unwritten moratorium.

If the people want to rid themselves of executions, let them repeal the law.

Abandoning the rule of law carries no penalty in the Anglosphere. Many are the examples including those states that sanction illegal immigration.

I do not want to hear protests against President Trump's use of a perfectly legal power to build the wall that was the centerpiece of his presidential campaign. The people want the wall. His only crime is doing what he said he would do.


  1. Most Americans wanted a different president.

    3 million more Americans voted for another candidate.

    The people don't matter.

    1. I guess it is too bad for you that your choice, Hillary, didn't understand the election that was being held and Donald Trump did.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. Yes... in California (where the law doesn't matter), Trump lost by 4.8 million votes (many cast by illegals).

      If you throw out CA, Trump won the popular vote in the other 49 states by nearly 1.5 million.

    3. And there's that little matter of the pesky Electoral College.

      - Gary B

    4. Fraudulent votes don't count.

      7 mil were cast.

      Trump won by 4 million votes (I've had this fight with the Village Idiot at another blog).

    5. Wow 7 million? And no proof? Fascinating.

    6. I think trump won by twenty trillion votes judging by how crooked Democrats are. We should just bulldoze them all off cliffs.

    7. We elect our President state by state. It was designed to ensure less populated states still have a voice.

      The fact that Hillary got more of the population vote is immaterial.

  2. The votes of dead people don't matter. Multiple votes from one person don't matter. The votes of people who are not registerered voters, or who are illegally registered, or who are not legal citizens, don't matter.

    1. And yet the only evidence of election fraud is from a the South.

      Trump never had a mandate. His 35% minority does not represent America--regardless of what Fox & Friends tells you.

    2. I'm guessing Nonny the ninny has missed the numerous people convicted of multiple voting in several liberal districts. You can lie all day long but even Google ain't your friend.

    3. Nonny's using Bananna peel wrappers agin...

    4. Right, "the only evidence of election fraud is from a Republican" because the Democrats have had so much practice at destroying the evidence, or preventing anyone from even looking for it. Does Broward County ring any bells for you? All those places where they had to do recounts, and --who'da thunk it?--the Democrat always won!!! Hilary couldn't get a mandate even with the lying cheating and stealing that she tried.

  3. After the death penalty was re-enacted in NY, then Bronx District Attorney Rob Johnson announced that he would never seek such punishment for a first degree murder. Then Governor George Pataki, taking advantage of NY law permitting him to supersede any DA for any or no reason, did so and the Attorney General was assigned to a death penalty case. This was litigated to the NY Court of Appeals (where I had one close friend arguing on behalf of Rob to undo the supersession order and another arguing for the AG to sustain it. The supersession order was sustained but if you doubted that opponents of the death penalty would get their way, the Court of Appeals found the statute unconstitutional. So, once again no death penalty in NY and the People's will, as stated through Governor Pataki, is again overturned.

    So Newsome joins other elites whose views on the death penalty have evolved to the liking of the NY Fish Wrap a/k/a Times. Curious to see how the latest iteration of Sulzberger would react if it was his wife or daughter as the victim of a crime for which the death penalty is authorized.

  4. Can ya smell what The Boris is cookin? Time for a little Monster Mash in jolly old England...

  5. I find it ironic that the people against the death penalty for murder are the same people who support the death penalty for babies.

  6. Adding insult to injury, California Gov. Nuisance's "moratorium" on death-penalty executions flies in the face of the will of California's own people.

    In 2016, we had two death-penalty-related Propositions on the ballot: 62 and 66. Propositions in California have the force of law because they become part of the state's Constitution (unless they offend or hurt the feelings of a Dim judge, of course).

    Prop 62 sought to abolish the death penalty. It was DEFEATED 53%-47%.

    Prop 66 sought to SPEED UP executions. It was PASSED 51%-49%.

    So Californians APPROVE of the death penalty and in fact want the executions speeded up.

    Gov. Nuisance (Dim) is out of step. Hopefully we can recall him like we recalled Gov. Davis (Dim) in 2003.

  7. The handling of Brexit has been a complete fiasco for the people but a success for the establishment.

  8. Gavin Newsom must think he's a judge.