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Saturday, March 09, 2019

“The optics of having two women of colour leaving”

The snowflakes were big and fluffy Friday morning, about the size of nickels and dimes. By this morning, the inch of snow had disappeared.

And so it goes with Justin Trudeau's time as prime minister in Canada. Cabinet members are leaving because besides being an intolerant socialist, he's a crook. He tried to get his attorney general to lay off an investigation into a company that bribed Moammar Gadhafi.

He moved Jody Wilson-Raybould from attorney general to veterans affairs minister in January. A month later, she resigned from his cabinet. Jane Philpot, the treasury board president, also resigned amid the scandal.

NPR reported, "In February, Wilson-Raybould testified that as attorney general, she experienced 'veiled threats' and 'consistent and sustained' interference in the criminal prosecution of a powerful Montreal-based engineering firm. SNC-Lavalin stands accused of international bribery and fraud, including paying millions to the regime of former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi."

The firm has 9,000 employees. Trudeau used that as his excuse for wanting to protect the firm from being investigated.

"The context is a tough one, with potential job losses in the thousands," he said. "These are the types of situations that make governing a challenge."

Hahaha. Now apply environmental laws to that standard.

Well, I trust Canadians are smart enough to take that challenge of governing away from the ethics challenged Trudeau. Always assume a liberal is a crook and you will never be surprised.

But what makes this scandal above just another politician caught is the players involved. Jody Wilson-Raybould is a North American Indian, a member of the We Wai Kai Nation.

Jane Philpot had been Minister of Indigenous Services until Trudeau transferred her to the treasury board in January.

Then there is Celina Caesar-Chavannes, who was the parliamentary secretary to Trudeau for about a year.

The Globe and Mail in Toronto reported, "Ms. Caesar-Chavannes, a first-term MP from the Toronto area, said she had told Mr. Trudeau in a phone call on February 12 that she would be announcing her decision not to run again in the October election. She said Mr. Trudeau told her to wait, because Ms. Wilson-Raybould had quit cabinet that day. She felt that he was worried about 'the optics of having two women of colour leaving,' Ms. Caesar-Chavannes said."

And there lies the truth. After all Caesar-Chavannes had done for Trudeau, in the end all she was to him was the optics of having a women of colour in his administration.

In short, a colored girl.

She told the Globe and Mail, "He was yelling. He was yelling that I didn’t appreciate him, that he’d given me so much."

In the politics that emphasizes diversity over competence. I am not saying that Caesar-Chavannes and Wilson-Raybould were not competent. I am saying that was not why they were hired. They were hired for "the optics of having two women of colour."

And that is very demeaning because each woman deserves to be hired or not hired on their merits.

Was that not the whole point of racial equality?


  1. Actually, Ms. Wilson-Raybould passes the competency with flying, umm, colors. She refused to back down in the face of corruption within her own party, which seems to be one of the most important characteristics you would want in an independent Attorney General. Brava, Ms. Wilson-Raybould. Governments on both sides of the 49th parallel could use more like you.

    1. Ms. Wilson-Raybould's testimony before Parliament was illuminating to say the least, and the actions of Trudeau and his minions didn't measure up to hers by any means.

  2. Considering that both women are departing due to incompetence and crookedness at the top, they both might have more character than any of the women of color in our own democrat party. How many congress critters threatened to quit when it was revealed that the DNC shafted Bernie the red in favor of cankles the crooked? In fact, several women of color helped the slinky by feeding her questions in advance of scheduled debates so she cook look like a fast thinker. As I recall, the only one to resign was Debbie what's-her-name sluts the crook caught red handed.

    1. dws resigned as dnc chair but continues to collect her $174,000 house of reps salary. Not as tho she was hurt. Dems are never embarrassed.

  3. What enters your mind when selecting a physician? Competency or diversity?

    1. Because of affirmative action, I am always leery of diversity "professionals."

  4. Liberal women of color with a conscience and some morals .How about that..
    Twinklesocks is in big trouble..

  5. 110,000 jobs lost in the energy industry since The Part-Time Drama Teacher took over. No new pipelines, still importing Saudi oil for the eastern refineries, changing the law after approvals to make it harder to get approval.

    Yet TPTDT thinks he can convince us Canucks that he is trying to save jobs. That this was not political (the Libs need to hold onto Quebec if they are going to stay in power).

    As the French say, "the man is a sac-la-douche"

  6. Elizabeth Warren can serve in his cabinet. She is 1/2048 Cree and 1/4096 Inuit.


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