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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Powerline's dishonesty about Mueller

Paul Mirengoff is a retired attorney in Washington, D.C. He is one of the five men at the Powerline blog, which seemed conservative in its first decade.

Then Donald John Trump showed up and sent Powerline writers scurrying like a refrigerator sends cockroaches into panic.We had them when I was a kid.

Roaches I mean, not lawyers.

Bungling Bob Mueller searched for nearly two years for some crime to pin on President Trump and found nothing.

Not one thing.

Mueller even broke lawyer-client privilege to get something -- anything -- on President Trump and all he could find was a settlement of a nuisance lawsuit by a hooker/porn star.

Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin's favorite secret police chief, is famous for saying, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Even Beria could not find a crime to pin on Donald Trump.

But Mirengoff refuses to face the reality: they have nothing on him.

Instead Mirengoff wrote, “Fox News reports that Mueller has not recommended any new indictments. Thus, President Trump will not be indicted based on the Mueller report.

“What we don’t know is why. Is it because Mueller has concluded that the U.S. president can’t be indicted while in office? Is it because Mueller has concluded that Trump did not do anything wrong, either by way of 'colluding' with Russia or interfering with the administration of justice? Or is it because Mueller has concluded, James Comey style, that Trump did collude and/or interfere but that his conduct doesn’t rise to the level of a crime?”

Or maybe there was no evidence of any crime committed by President Donald John Trump or any of his associates.

I don't know what kind of law Mirengoff practiced but even people who are not criminal defense attorneys know federal prosecutors have powers that exceed those of Beria.

Mueller put Paul Manafort in the equivalent of solitary confinement and still came up with nothing on President Trump.

Mike Flynn and Roger Stone also refused to lie.

Mueller's inability to indict frustrated Mirengoff who now wants the confidential report made public in the name of "transparency."

Oh puh-leeze.

The only thing transparent is the refusal to accept the 2016 presidential election results.

Like everyone else in Washington, Mirengoff will not admit publicly that he was wrong.

Good. I hope it eats him alive in private.


  1. It really is popcorn time, isn't it?

    - Gary B

  2. Wanna see something much much worse? Look at these headlines from one author at

    "It’s Time to Cut the Saudis Loose"
    "Endorsing Illegal Annexation and the ‘Rules-Based Order’"
    "Trump Puts America Last"
    "Trump’s Terrible Golan Heights Recognition Decision"
    "Why Trump’s North Korea Policy Fails Again and Again"
    "The War on Yemen and the Trump Administration’s Contempt for the Law"
    "Grenell the Toxic Ambassador"

  3. The Powerline guys are all over the map, from "never-trumpers" to ardent fans. I can admire their willingness to "agree to disagree". Agree with them or not, they are sharp cookies, and I learn a good deal from their commentary.
    p.s.: Their Saturday morning feature TWIP, is one of my weekly highlights.

    1. Agree. I am a regular reader there. But anyone who reads Power line regularly knows what kind of a fool Paul is. Or did I mean tool? Distinction without a difference for Paul.But the other guys are (mostly) solid and their links are instructive. Don't judge them on the writings of their resident Village Idiot.

    2. Paul is openly anti-Trump. ScottJ is neutral and Hinderacker (sp?) has shifted to pro-Trump.
      Steve Hayward is quietly anti, but so respectfully that he doesn't offend. He's not a hater, or emo about it.

    3. Tool or fool? Why not both?

    4. As Instapundit puts it, "Embrace the healing power of 'and.'"

  4. Of all of the contributors at PL, Mirengoff is by far the deepest into Trump-skepticism. And the PL commentariat typically spares him not at all in that regard.
    The others are not quite so ... determined to find Trump somehow at fault... for something.
    I go there daily - they usually have something of interest.

    1. I read PL too, sometimes (not often) before coming here for Don! And I read Paul the mostly NeverTrumper the most. Among Trump sceptics, I find him logical and readable, but unable to avoid adding some unneeded stab at Trump.

      Exactly as above, with the "like Comey ... doesn't rise ... to crime".
      Yet, this is just what the most reasonable NeverTrumpers will be saying, so it's good to know. But hard, unless one reads their garbage.

      Paul is mostly good, with a few stinky bits of Trump hate thrown in.

  5. There are people still hunting for Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. Like the old X-Files saying, "They want to believe." And they will never give up looking. - Elric

  6. To most of the former R elite ( are they anymore?) Trump is sort of like the rich boor Trimalchio in the Satyricon, an ancient satire by Petronius, Nero's personal arbiter of good taste. T is a fictional character but for almost 2000 years the well tuned intellectual's touchstone for neuvaux riche deplorable, the perfect unsalvageable fool who always mistakes more for better. Today the R elite think his soul has transmigrated into a tasteless unread clown, D Trump,. someone who even as President,can never ever be really admirable. Not like say Winston Churchill, someone the Powerline blog loves to extoll. Winne held the line against the Nazis you know, all by himself. He wrote great books even while getting drunk in his bath, he laid bricks, he was a painter with more talent than Hitler, he gave great speeches full of quotable pundophillic quotes, he was a strategic genius(joak) in war, he never gave up, never never never. Yes yes blah blah.
    Don is right about these Powetliners, or at least this member of that site. His partner today was more supportive.
    Trump deserves that support, and more, from all who want someone who cares about them instead of the (truly) neauvaux elites.
    Don is now attracting regular trolls, most of whom unfortunately for entertainment purposes are not as articulate as Winston, nor grateful for anything it seems so doomed forever to intellectual corruption. But in a small way, a sure sign his support for DT has meant much. Certainly more than Powerline. Otherwise they would be there, wasting time.

  7. I love ammo girl and the week in pics. The rest of it sucks.

  8. I find the Never Trumpers need to keep their disapproval of Trump alive in order to justify their self-appointed intellectual prowess.

  9. Some of the writers at Powerline are good. I seldom read anything by Paul Mirengoff because he is consistently anti-Trump. I've stopped even commenting on any of his articles because the anti-Trump bias is so strong that it is pointless.

  10. Paul's articles are about 99.9% PURE - Pure hatred for PRESIDENT TRUMP. I used to post there a lot and especially on the ignorant logic in Paul's articles. There was a "poster" named "Paul Duefert" that I routinely replied to as Pauly Doofus. I think it was really Paul posting on his own articles so there would be someone backing his opinions. Doofus also claimed to be a WASHINGTON DC Lawyer - big deal - doesn't make you intelligent! I do appreciated Mr. Surber's wit AND WISDOM!! Powerline is better than Hotair, but just by a hair. I quit HA a couple of years ago - they were so anti-TRUMP it was useless to go there - except for the other sick dems/rinos~

  11. I like Don Surber and agree with him on everything except I think he is being unfair to the other Powerline writers who have become strongly pro Trump. And Paul Mirengolf isn't as anti Trump as Don Surber seems to think, in my opinion.

    1. 100% agree. Powerline is a MUST read.
      Especially on climate change. Without question one of the most influential sites on that silliness out there.

    2. We should all make it a point to read articles written by people we disagree with. The trick for some of us is to read dissenting opinions without getting emotionally involved.

      I know that Don Surber reads a lot of different stuff every day. The topics of his posts prove it.

  12. In the end, Beria was executed.

    1. Yeppers! IN the basement of the Lubyanka, walking in his skivvies in cuffs which were then hung over a hook, while whined for his life, before Comrade Blokhin put a 7.65mm bullet through his brain.

      I could go for that same treatment of the seditious morons in the Dim party.

  13. His field of law was "How To Be A Credentialed Expert Without The Knowledgeable Wherewithal. He reminds me of Derrida and the Deconstructionists -- how to make things as vague and meaningless as possible while sounding intellectual.

  14. I have read Powerline regularly even before the Dan Rather controversy with Microsoft Word. John is by far the most readable, Scott and Steven are usually okay, but I usually skip Paul's. It's been like that for years.

  15. Well, that will get you banned from Powerline. They really don't take criticism of themselves (not just trolling, but fact based criticism like the above) very well since Trump was elected.

  16. And here I had lawyers up on such a pedestal...