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Friday, March 15, 2019

Pence's daughter comes out of the political closet

In a Washington Times column called "Abortion Is the Social Justice Issue of the Millenium," Charlotte Pence, the oldest daughter of the vice president, came out swinging. Well, what do you expect when you raise your children to think for themselves politically?

She cited a report by the Millennial Impact Project.

The report said, "Millennials we interviewed wanted to give all people — but especially marginalized or disenfranchised individuals or groups — early interventions and opportunities that would ensure increased prosperity later in life."

Wow. A generation of young people are idealists. How usual.

She wrote, "If our generation is to be concerned with the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the oppressed and the outsider, the unborn child fits all of these descriptions.

"Yes, abortion is a violation of providing life to a human being — but it should also be acknowledged as oppression in its barest form. It ostracizes the weaker members of society, and it places a particular burden on minority communities."

She pointed out that babies in poor families and babies of color are more likely to be aborted.

She also wrote, "Abortion is also a women’s issue, but not in the way in which the progressive left has used it. The pro-choice message tells a woman the way in which she should live. The narrative is not one of empowerment and self-sufficiency; it is of fear.

"We aren’t telling women they have to stay in the kitchen anymore, but we are still dictating the correct way in which they enter society — on certain terms, the terms of those who created the path for them. In some areas, to stray from this track is deemed unacceptable — and so the cycle of harm, guilt and pain continues. This is systemic violence and it is perpetuated in inconspicuous ways."

I am glad that the Pences raised their children to think for themselves.

Her call for social justice is a breath of fresh air, like opening a window in a meeting where people are nodding off. The debate on abortion has stagnated.


  1. It's a baby, a human being. Ending it's life is murder. What is there to debate?
    The only question is whether you want to protect innocent children.
    People do wrong things. They then compound the problem by covering it up, oftentimes by doing something worse. Remember the story of David and Bathsheba.

  2. One of the worst things about Roe v. Wade is it robbed us of the chance to reach a consensus. Issues like abortion need to be resolved politically. Instead of millions of voters casting votes we had nine men cast votes, and seven of them voted in favor of abortion.

    That was in 1973, and the issue has been frozen in time ever since. Every election year abortion is an issue.

    A political resolution might have looked a lot like Roe v. Wade, with abortion being legal during the first trimester in some states. That is the kind of compromise that both sides could probably agree to live with. All the action would take place in statehouses instead of in federal courtrooms.

    No, it would not be perfect, but political compromises never are. Democracy is messy.

  3. Now she's done it. Must...Be...Destroyed...for her own good.

  4. The pro-life folk in America could use more young, female leaders ... Charlotte might have a great career ahead of her as a moral leader in a secular world.

    I hope so!

  5. Glad some from the younger generation are speaking out on this issue.

  6. Replies
    1. Yeah, we all knowDemocracy means stealing other people's money, property, and whatever power they may have to distribute to others who are of correct thinking.

  7. Abortion clinics should be required by law to have signs up outside and inside their premises, and in their ads, that announce "Kill Your Baby Here!" or "Want Your Baby Dead? We Can Help!" and women who patronize them should have to say, out loud, "I'd like to kill my baby, please, please can you cut this little baby inside me into little pieces while it's still alive, for me?" Then they should sign a waiver that states "I want this baby dead, and if by chance it is born alive, you can kill it then."
    Maybe these clinics could run weekly specials, like, "TwoFer Tuesday: Kill Your Unborn Baby AND Its Obnoxious Older Sibling--No Extra Charge! Twins, Triplets, and other Multiples: We Pay You!"