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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Obama's legacy is the Smollett case

If Obama had a son, he would look exactly like Jussie Smollett.

Chicago's politicians dropped charges and wiped the record clean of Jussie Smollett because one of Michelle Obama's many, many ladies-in-waiting called the person in charge of the investigation to pull some strings.

How typical of the Obama Clan. Michelle also was behind the firing of Roseanne Barr for telling a joke about Valerie Jarrett. ABC's president did the deed and six months later got a better job at Netflix which happened to hire the Obamas to produce shows.

This follows her six-figure no-show job at the University of Chicago hospital upon his election to the Senate.

The Clintons used their presidency and her secretary of state gig to increase their net worth to $150 million or so.

So? Obama will be a billionaire.

That is his presidential legacy.

Obamacare died today? He doesn't care.

He built his legacy on sand. That is the Democrat Party way. A Democrat president signed DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell into law. The next Democrat president became all gay, gay military, and as an added bonus, pro-tranny.

How fitting that the New York Times called it last month, "The Obama Presidential Library That Isn't."

He is a ghost. His is a name that schoolboys will memorize along with Warren Gamaliel Harding's name, but not much will be remembered about. It is hard to say you saved the economy when your successor sent it into orbit.

But Obama does not care. He has the power to make or break a celebrity's career.

And that is all that matters to him.

That and the money.


  1. A little background on the story: Smollett's "Community service" they praised was 2 days stuffing envelopes for Jessie Jackson.

    Jessie Jackson's close friend was Michelle Obama's ward captain father. The families were so close, she spent a lot of time at the Jackson home growing up. When she was fired from her lawfirm and lost her law license, Jackson gave her one of the patronage jobs assigned to him in Chicago Mayor Daley's office - where she met Valerie Jarrett.

    When it came time for Obama to launch his political career, Jackson helped Rev Wright supply Obama with his beard - Michelle.

    Smollett was raised in a communist home where Angela Davis was such a close friend he referred to her as his aunt.

    Soros donated $500K to state Attorney Foxx's campaign. Former Michelle Obama aide contacted Foxx immediately after Smollett was arrested.

    1. The webs of connectivity among the sleazy democrats in Chicago (and reaching to Hawaii (Franklin Marshall Davis)) are incredible.

    2. Chicago is a micro preview of any society or government run by Negroes. Given demography and (subsidized) birth rates, I'm glad I'll be gone before America is totally Africanized.

    3. What´s so hard to believe? A PolarVortex & -30s, 2 MAGAcap Bleach Boys in known MAGA country, walking streets at 2am with a noose, trying to spot a gay blk man fr a distance to... Oh, Help Me Rahmda to believe the LittleJussCoupe & his Heinous Hat-Crime.

    4. A portion of what you wrote has been reported, however the most salacious portions have not been. Links to creditable persons/publications would be helpful to backup your charges about Smollett's history and associations.

    5. A Munchkin Replied, seeking "creditable" links to "creditable" persons/publications.

      From the belly of the beast, over half a century of adult experience living/surviving in crooked county and shitty city with no pity, your specs for "creditable" anything I poop on.

      Come to the belly.

      Live,if you can, in the belly.

      You will experience the creditability of a brick upside your noggin.

      And fucking "salacious"???

      What a drama queen you are.

  2. The Smollett case is not done-there is matter of the terror threat with the white powder mailed to the studio.
    USPS.DHS.FBI. They are not going to be nice to him.. He could squeal, too..
    However i would not want t be him jogging on Lakeshore drive in the Am.

    1. They have to be able to tie him to the letter. Can they do that? The guy is stupid but probably smart enough to not lick the envelope and to use gloves when composing the letter.

    2. They CAN tie him to the letter. They found the magazine where he had cut the words out to put in the letter.

  3. Another day, another crooked Democrat prosecutor.

    If this is Justice, it needs some Obstruction.

  4. Time for some Federal intervention into this corrupt Illinois asshattery. There were mail crimes for Smullett to account for. Leavenworth needs a new beauty queen.

    1. Zactly right!
      And think about it: every time a white kid is shot they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment. But little black kids are shot and killed every week in Chicago. Nothing, NOTHING is done about it. But WE are the racists?

  5. This was actually pretty brazen on the Obama end. He must be feeling confident in his "potestas" among black politicians at least in Chicago. He knifed his old white jewish chief of staff in the spine, or appeared to, to show the rabble, over awed by Trump's vindication, who is still the boss. Emmanuel is out of a job in 3 months so probably doesn't care anyway. Will O fly in from Olympus in 20? Sure, but he wants to be on the winning side to protect his now very expensive brand; he may be cautious in whom he chooses to extort. He once asked with his usual pretended disdain in talking about the rich "How much is enough?". Apparently he has decided the answer is: never.

  6. Added context- See today's Stilton's Place, Oh, dem judges!

  7. The people who believe this also believe:

    "When it came time for Obama to launch his political career, Jackson helped Rev Wright supply Obama with his beard - Michelle."

    This is the Trump cult.


    2. Lol. It simply means that she was a disguise. Not even proud of her own country. So, a bottom of the barrel disguise. But then, what real woman would marry an unaccomplished, narcissistic choom boy? Let alone, what real American Woman?

  8. This shitbird was never going to see the inside of a jail anyway (unless the feds pursue the powder angle), so exonerating him is a much better outcome. Now he gets to be the poster boy for liberal privilege. The Obama drama is icing on the cake.

    Can't wait to see the 2020 campaign ads!

  9. My guess is that Obama hired the little backdoor man (as an actor)... to perpetrate this hoax in an attempt to create some fuel to add to the false narrative of rampant racism & homophobia ... that just doesn't actually exist ... but he got caught!
    Now ... this burnt chili-dog muncher ... was threatening to spill the beans about who hired him to pull this stunt ... and wham-mo he's a free man!

  10. He could have been Obama's son if Obama was a man.

  11. Good one, Larry EF!

    And he could have been Michelle's son if she had been a woman (around here, we call zir "Mike").

  12. The O'vomits are two p's o s to be avoided at all costs. They are total trash and neither are who they claim to be proven by the fact that he spent $millions having his records sealed. I do give him plenty of credit for one thing, however, and that is guaranteeing that we will not have another black as president for eons.

  13. A beard -

    A female or male(though,mainly female) who is used as a cover-up for a homosexual.

    My thoughts are that Smellitt and Barack Obama are a gay Marxist couple. The left could not afford Smellitt spilling the beans on the romance and he and his lawyers used the relationship as extortion.

    1. Mike, Barry & Jussie: the Three Marxist Amigos! Movie coming up on Netflix no doubt.



  16. The above two posted links.

    From the belly of the beast.

    From the bowels of the uniparty hog cabal democrat division's crooked county and shitty city, where there ain't no pity.

    The best two blogs telling it just exactly as it it is.

  17. Sasha and Malia: The two luckiest foster girls in the history of the world.

  18. Solution to the 'Jussie' problem
    1. Arrest the two buff Nigerian brothers who look capable of beating the crap out of anyone
    2. Explain to them that since Jussie's been exonerated, his report of the incident must be true
    3. Since the police have hard evidence of their involvement, they will be indicted
    4. Since Jussie said the attack was race-related, they will be charged with a hate crime
    5. Explain to them that as long as Jussie maintains his innocence, the police had no choice but to arrest and charge them
    6. Explain that they are about to spend 15 – 25 years in prison
    7. Explain that if Jussie turns himself in and confesses to the hoax, they'll be exonerated
    8. Set bail at $100 apiece and cut them loose to go talk to Jussie
    9. Jussie comes in – Justice served. Jussie unable to come in – Justice served.

  19. Big Mike called up Kim Foxx the states attorney and got Smollett charges dropped. Big Mike is strong and mean.

  20. Disgusting -- Obama should be laughed at, repeatedly, along with all Dems who talk about "income inequality".

    They ALL want to get the same millions the Clintons and Obama are getting, for almost no work. "Because of who they are."