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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Maybe Mueller was a set up

Several commentators I trust -- including Bill Mitchell -- believe the Mueller probe was a setup to draw out the Deep State and build cases against the miscreants. That would explain why President Donald John Trump didn't say oh, hell no, and shut the investigation down immediately.

Instead, he huffed and he puffed in a manner that informed careful readers that he wanted this to play out. A posting at Quod Verum lends credence to this speculation.

There is evidence that Donald Trump may have worked with the FBI to bring down the Mafia.

This is not far fetched given the control the Five Families of New York held over construction. Also Philadelphia boss Nicodemo Scarfo ran construction in New Jersey.

You had to pay to play.

The poster wrote, "Enter Donald J. Trump. In this FBI memorandum dated 22 September, 1981, an FBI agent records his meetings with Trump and a 'source' (in my view, almost certainly Roy Cohn) to discuss Trump's plan to open casinos in Atlantic City. Trump notes his concern about organized crime and offers to become a confidential informant should he proceed with the project. He even proposed having undercover agents in his casino.

"Everyone should read the memorandum in full. Notice how it is carefully drafted to create 'plausible deniability', to protect Trump. If anyone was to come across it, especially the Mob, they would never be able to know if Trump ever did become an informant to the FBI, or not.

"Liberal reporters love celebrating the supposed failure of Trump's casino venture in Atlantic City, which started in 1981. They have also reported extensively on how the Mob there, led by psychopath Nicky Scarfo, was destroyed by the FBI and DOJ, by 1985.

"But given he is now POTUS, they've missed the biggest story of all -- Trump's role in the takedown."

The poster cited documents. Yawn. Who brought the families down?

Rudy Giuliani.

Who is one of President Trump's most loyal supporters?

Rudy Giuliani.

President Trump is not blowing smoke when he says he supports law enforcement. If he was an informant for the FBI against the mob, he put his life on the line.


The poster at Quod Verum also wrote about Donald Trump's Russian connections.

The poster wrote, "Believe it or not, but the lamentable BuzzFeed produced a very good article in March, 2018 focusing on Felix Sater, one of Trump's longest business associates and an astonishing individual in his own right, as a U.S. spy.

"As per usual, the reporters (hacks Cormier and Leopold) produced the article, incorrectly thinking it was damaging to Trump. Why? They assumed that Sater, who they revealed has a long-standing relationship with 'at least six' of Mueller's SC team, was giving evidence against Trump.

"This is extremely unlikely."

Indeed, Sater and Donald Trump likely worked together to get Russian mobsters. Sater was a managing director of Bayrock Group LLC.

The poster wrote, "During the years that Bayrock and Trump did deals together, the company was also a bridge between murky European funding and a number of projects in the U.S. to which the president once lent his name in exchange for handsome fees. Icelandic banks that dealt with Bayrock, for example, were easy marks for money launderers and foreign influence, according to interviews with government investigators, legislators, and others in Reykjavik, Brussels, Paris and London. Trump testified under oath in a 2007 deposition that Bayrock brought Russian investors to his Trump Tower office to discuss deals in Moscow, and said he was pondering investing there.

"Trump and Sater? Both had been FBI informants for years. Connect the dots -- Sater and Trump were working for the FBI and using Bayrock, a legitimate business, as a honey pot/bait for Russian money launderers and crooks. And they're still close, I suspect. Sater is loyal to Trump. Which Jerry Nadler may have just discovered -- and why it's unlikely we will ever see Felix water testify, in front of his tinpot House of Representatives 'enquiry'.

"Oh, Bayrock? Who was the FBI Director all this time? Well, well, well.

"Robert Mueller."

I may owe Bungling Bob Mueller an apology when this is over. We shall see.

But one thing I am sure that is happening -- and it is coming from the grassroots -- we want the bastards to pay. Dearly.

If that makes us susceptible to elaborate theories, so be it. I shall remain skeptical, but never cynical.


  1. The story behind the story is always fascinating.

  2. And often more serious than the public story.

  3. I shall remain -skeptical-, but never +cynical+.


    You are the first person I'm seeing to use the terms as non-synonyms.

    I've seen people use these terms interchangeably.

    Please can you help me out with proper usage by showing example situations?

    1. Cynic, "a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons."

      Skeptic, "a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions."

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I well remember my freshman year in college English professor hammering the difference into us. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I'm not fully on board with Mueller as sting story but there's no question Trump has some very close friends in the FBI.

    Remember the afternoon that Hillary was "interviewed" by the FBI Trump tweeted that there would be no charges? Two days later, Mueller said the same.

    1. I would think IF the informant thing is correct, he has fruiends for life there

  5. Solve the equation of life for the factor death.

    The conumdrum no body has ever resolved.

  6. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. I am looking forward to seeing the fallout as it impacts the cabal.

  7. The thing about a sting is it is simply another version of a con, which is "the Art of the Deal."

    Mueller was likely a unwilling and un-whiting one.

    President-elect Trump knew from the former NSA chief exactly who the failed coup participants were because the NSA listens to _everybody_. And it has the master log of all electronic surveillance requests consulting it's SIGINT electronic records.

    Mueller's investigative "dream team" put all of the Deep State plotters in one place to be watched by the NSA under the terrorism surveillance laws.

    If you don't think the NSA got a Pres. Trump executive finding to watch these people, to map the coup network. You don't know Donald Trump.

    1. I recall Mrs. Clarence Thomas' interview of Joe diGenova. He had it all back then. The Admiral in charge of the NSA, Mike Allen, went to Trump Tower and told the President-elect that he was being surveiled. Mr. Trump moved out of his office immediately.

  8. To each type of vermin, there is effective bait to be offered.

    To the stalking predatory, the tethered goat.

    To the pack attack predatory, the scent of the fear of the fleeing prey.

    To the scheming connivers, the tempting grafting opportunities.

    To the carion eaters, the rotting corpse.

    To the lazy bums, the inducements of free shit.

    To the grifters, anything resembling a mark to con.

    To the bleating, nervous sheep, the appearance of sanctuary most reliable.

    To the horn dogs, of whatever gender, the scent of wanton carnal pleasures.

    To the terrified of their own life's utter ultimate insignificance, the clapping peanut gallery of nuts.

    To the dead serious cravers of domination over others, the perceived window of opportunity to fool just enough of the people at just the perceived effective time.

    To the can't we y'all just get along duplicitous moochers, the offering of more moochings for the price of their vote.

    To the desperate to survive until breeding duties are successful, the opportunity to do anything to survive.

    The concept of fairness, justice, and the like, is the delusion of those reliably fed, watered and significantly safe from the realities of the Designer's Creation.

    No such delusion exists within the minds of any other creature created than the human. And this only when the survival neccessities are presumed, by recurring experience, to be reliably satisfied.

    The exponentially increased availibility of humans to communicate provides the cataliyst to much delusion amplification.

    This amplified delusion effects the nature of the Designer's Creation not at all.

  9. If an investigation had been ordered on HiLlARy, think of the road blocks that congress would have created. It would have been deep sixed. Instead we have all the players rolled, President Trump can play victim, and the American people have the truth in front of them regarding the election.

  10. Didn't know about this, but, having still been a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia burbs when they were finding bodies in the trunks of cars every weekend, it does make a lot of sense.

    I may owe Bungling Bob Mueller an apology when this is over. We shall see.

    More likely Sessions. Again, we'll see.

  11. I have contended from day 1 that Mueller was a double agent. Mueller was brought in by the left and staffed his office with supposed "democrat strongmen" all of whom were thought to be going after the president. The left thought that all they had to do was wait and the dirty deed would be done. They were played. Mueller kept up appearances and the president let the game go on, all the while laying out more and more cheese for his own trap. And the trap is about to snare some might big rats.
    As noted in the article, what better way to expose the enemy, than to let them talk and talk and talk. And talk they did. So confidently did they sing to the public that they admitted to crimes of treason.

    Well played, Mr. President. Well played.

  12. I don't yet believe it (skeptical), but I'm very very hopeful.
    Big big changes there would be.
    Would serve the Dems right ... but that's also why I don't quite believe it yet.

  13. Truth is stranger than fiction, and we certainly do live in interesting times. - Elric

    1. Fiction has to make sense. Reality suffers from no such limitation.

  14. First I've heard of this. And yes, it sounds like Trump with one exception...Not sure he would have totally financially destroyed General Flynne for such a minor transgression.

  15. I had my doubts about this theory when Mitchell was promoting it, months ago, but ... hey, lucky coincidence eh?

    Nothing surprises me any more.

  16. This would also fit with theory that Trump is a 4D chess master while everyone else is playing 2D checkers.

    Sure seems to be working out that way so far but as Don says (and my dad used to say) “we shall see”.

  17. Not buying this one bit. Mueller is a rat. He would have kept the case open to harm Trump until his presidency ended. Barr shut it down. Nobody goes to jail in retaliation so they can protect the FBI. No conspiracies either way.

  18. "We'll see", said the Zen master.

  19. Nothing is impossible but after the way Mueller treated those around the President I have my doubts. He has a bad track record and I couldn't imagine him being pals with the President.

  20. It's only a "setup" if the results of this fiasco are used to indict, try and imprison a buttload of traitors from the commmie left. Otherwise it's just another failed attempt at a coup by the commie demonrats and it WON'T be their last.