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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Maybe Jeff Sessions pulled the swamp's plug

Betsy Woodruff of the Daily Beast had this big scoop this weekend, "It Exists: DOJ Finds Letter Ordering Scrutiny of Uranium One, Hillary Clinton."

The bureaucracy had denied the letter existed. She found it. Give her a cookie and a pat on the head.

The real story is overlooked. As attorney general, Jeff Sessions set in motion an investigation that could next year explode on Democrats.

Her story said, "The existence of a letter documenting Sessions’ directive that the DOJ revisit probes of Trump’s top political foe is a surprise because a department lawyer said in court last year that senior officials insisted it didn’t exist. The liberal nonprofit American Oversight obtained the letter through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request they filed on Nov. 22, 2017 –– the same day Whitaker emailed Sessions’ letter to Huber."

This story is what Washingtonians call inside baseball, but really these stories are Democrat Straw Grasping.

What the letter says is the story. That was why the tax-exempt American Oversight group wanted the letter.

Sessions had assigned U.S. Attorney John Huber in Utah to investigate the findings of the Department of Justice's inspector general, a man whom the Obama administration abused as it looked the other way at Hillary's many criminal enterprises while secretary of state.

Those crimes include accepting bribes from foreign governments to her Fake Charity, using her private computer to send classified information to others (possibly her donor foreign governments), and colluding to give Russian oligarchs control of one-fifth of America's uranium.

But Woodruff's story cast Sessions's tenure in a new light that vindicates him. I thought he was the worst because he allowed this Mueller Witch Hunt to begin.

This development is an eye-opener.

Writer J.B. White tweeted, "I don't want to insult some of my online friends but, honestly, *anyone* who reads this letter and thinks Jeff Sessions punked out and disappointed the Prez is a stone-cold sucker.

"He's telling Congress *and* us in this letter that a big ass hammer soon comes. Bank on it."

Sessions saddled President Donald John Trump with Mueller but as White and others point out, this prevented Andy McCabe and the rest of the Deep State Deep Throaters from launching their own stealth investigation.

These matters take time, even with the inspector general's report.

President Trump told Hillary "you'd be in jail."

That throwaway line may become another campaign promise delivered.


  1. I was under the impression that they didn't get this letter a year ago, because the FOIA request came before the letter was sent, so it didn't technically fit the time frame of the request. So that would be why it just now came to light.

  2. Brian Cates has been pounding this drum for a long time. This thread of his from yesterday provides more insight. He's been a big Sessions defender for a long time.

    1. This information should trigger a frantic response from the career criminal cartel. If it does, then we'll know that Cates was right on the money.

  3. Everyone thinks Vlad wanted the Uranium, what he really wanted was to grease as many palms on both sides of the isle as possible. High level blackmail is much more valuable than uranium. Uranium isn't that hard to come by, the trick is extracting the energy from it.

  4. I also agree with Brian on Sessions as well as Rosenstein.

    1. Rosenstein was in Uranium one up to his neck.

  5. Qanon readers knew about the letter and Huber and Sessions and Muellers role in all this over a year ago. We have been waiting for the hammer and it is going to habben now.


  6. I'll believe in indictments when I see them -- tho I already know Hillary is guilty; I remain NeverHillary.

    I do hope the no-collusion Mueller report allows more real investigation in the crimes of the deep state DOJ & State & FBI.

    Heads have only moved out of the way, so far ... I'm waitin' for rollin'.

    Lock. Her. Up.

  7. Won't happen. Who currently at the DOJ will follow through on this? Answer: no one.

  8. FWIW I always thought there was a lot of kabuki in the Trump/Sessions thing.

    If you're old enough, you remember the story line where one of the good guys being disgraced gives him the chance to get the dirt on the bad guys.

    What's old may be new.

    1. I felt that too. For a long time. Then I lost faith. Now I have hope. I always admired Jeff Sessions. I hope that is justified in the end.

    2. I have been a casual acquaintance of Jeff Sessions and this comes as no surprise. Jeff is no Chris Christie in terms of style. He disappointed a lot of people based on their expectations, overlooking the fact that he is a meticulous prosecutor. It takes time to build a solid case that results in a conviction and folks can get impatient. I have always admired and respected Jeff and I also hope that you and I will be justified in the end.

    3. That makes three of us. I have never been able to cast Jeff Sessions as an incompetent or saboteur.

  9. The big question is who all got immunity from Comey when they testified or were interviewed. Trey Gowdy brought this up numerous times. The only one to go to jail, Anthony Wiener, is more than likely the only one NOT to get immunity in all these investigations. I'll believe someone will be held responsible when I see charges, convictions and jail time.

  10. I have heard of this for some time now but not recently. Thought is was just another distraction. But like many won't believe it until I see it.

  11. This is a double banger - If Sessions was working quietly away on the swamp then I owe him a humungous apology. Secondly by all the derision he got, it may have lulled the leftist criminals into a false sense of security. Karma is a canine female.

  12. Mueller reminds one of Charlie Brown’s pitching.

    “First he balked in the tying run! Then he balked in the winning run! Charlie Brown has lost us the championship!”

  13. Immunity may keep a few people out of prison, but the truth needs to come out. Disgrace may be the only punishment available but it will do.

  14. Remember all the FBI files Hillary got when Bill was president? Blackmail material. Well, there are a lot of new faces around nowadays, so maybe her blackmail stash has lost a lot of its value. Also, I assume fewer people are willing to risk themselves to do her bidding. The ice under her fat ass seems to be getting thinner. It's all this slow motion stuff that drives me nuts. I hear patience is a virtue.

    - Gary B

    1. Well Hillary was at state where they run many International honey pots her Treasure Trove of compromised officials is current as they come.

  15. Relevant to politics, there are 3 values to the opinions of the public, citizen, legal immigrant or illegal invader:

    1. Votes actually cast and counted in elections.

    2. Economic effects that may affect the above.

    3. Violence caused by the opinions held and promoted.

    So, the fact that any info is absent about anything, at any given moment, as known to the many is of relevance only to those perceived as being of no significant resolve on any subject relevant to the above 3 values of the political.

    Succinctly put, all of it is so fucking what until it affects one or more of the above.

    MAGA minded have much more valuable things to do than fret about the above.

    MAGA minded share their MAGA with any and all who they experience, and those who are not morons are, thus, inspired to MAGA.

    The uniparty hog scum and their puppets have no such inspirational effects, thus, they require duplicitous and deceptive persuasions. Thus, the Fake News, the consistently phony panderings, the rings false proclamations, et al.

    As always, MAGA advises:

    Keep breathing.

    Love who you love.

    Savor and appreciate those who you love who love you.

    Help, as best you can, those you love who do not love you.

    Do the best you can, with what you have, as best as can be done.

    Everything else is wasted moments.

  16. What was the point of not making this public?

    That is one of the many reasons to stay skeptical about any follow through.

    But, the biggest reason is NOTHING HAS HAPPENED -- this is like the left waiting for Rove to be perp-walked or Trump to be indicted for conspiring with Russia.

    1. Making stuff public.


      And the purpose?

      To do what?

      Satisfy the cravings for what?

      Manipulate opinions, to what end?

      So you know?

      So I know?

      So others know?

      Know what?

      Skeptical of what?


      Live your fucking life.

      Mine is almost ended here

      I got nothing more to live.

      So I post a bit, from time to time.

      What's your excuse for not just fucking living your life?

      Skeptical. WTF is that?

    2. I understood the reason "nothing has happened" is b'cuz Mueller will not allow documents to be acquired by the IG or Huber with the excuse "I'm working on it and you can't have them until I'm done" RM This is also why Huber has not interviewed persons of interest.

  17. What does any of this mean? Maybe I missed something, but is anyone getting indicted? By Who? So a letter exists. What investigation is ongoing? Meh.

    1. Yeah.

      You missed plenty.

      No one noticed.

      No one will notice.

      Stay tuned.

      You'll get your serving of holy shit, what just happened, when it's served.

      Until then, keep mehing.

  18. This isn't new. It is merely what Sessions said when he announced Huber's job. And by all accounts, Huber dindu nuffin except maybe a head fake.

  19. The key (potentially killer) phrase in Sessions' letter is the last sentence of paragraph one ..."need NOT include matters" being investigated by Mueller. That means that the long-standing swamp and MSM excuse of "we can't interfere with Meuller's investigations" likely was anticipated by Sessions and doesn't hold water. Here's hoping!
    Dave S.

  20. Sessions, hahaha worthless little bitch

  21. I wont believe anything happens to any one of them till I see it! They are protected!

  22. "an investigation that could next year explode on Democrats."

    Nothing's going to happen. God I'm so sick of these outrages of the day from conservatism. Conservatism is a con game, a telemarketing scheme that has to find dome way to keep the rubes picking up those phones and donating even in the face of abject political failure from conservatives.

    1. March 12, 2019 at 9:29 AM

      "an investigation that could next year explode on Republicans."

      Nothing's going to happen. God I'm so sick of these outrages of the day from democrats. Socialist democracy is a con game, a telemarketing scheme that has to find dome way to keep the rubes picking up those phones and donating even in the face of abject political failure from democrats.

      Womp Womp.