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Monday, March 04, 2019

Kind Trumpville vs. Mean Never Trumpland

Amanda Ripley of The Atlantic wrote, "The Least Politically Prejudiced Place in America," and found it to be Watertown, New York. She cited a study.

The most politically prejudiced place is Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Both places are largely white. Berkshire is at 92.7% white, Jefferson 88.7%. So the difference is not racial.

Median family income for Berkshire is $64,783 a year. It is $39,296 in Jefferson.

Now we are getting somewhere.

Hillary carried Berkshire by 41 points.

President Donald John Trump carried Jefferson by 21 points.

Indeed, throughout their study, the places that were With Her usually were very prejudiced while the places that want to Make America Great Again were usually not prejudiced.

There were exceptions. The Atlantic found the entire state of Florida was prejudiced as heck.

Ripley wrote, "I live in Washington, DC, which is basically the opposite of Watertown. In the PredictWise analysis of political comity, it ranked at the bottom of the country: 567th out of all 597 sizable counties nationwide. This is partly because D.C. is urban and highly educated. D.C. is also politically homogeneous, at least when it comes to national elections. In 2016, only 4 percent of D.C. voters chose Donald Trump. On Election Day, you were almost as likely to run into someone from Ethiopia as you were to encounter a Trump supporter."

Hillary carried DC by 81 points, 87%-6%.

Another extremely prejudiced place is Chicago, which blocked a rally for President Trump with a mob threatening violence. It is in the 95th percentile for political prejudice.

Hillary carried by 53 points, 74%-21%.

Massachusetts is another hotbed of hate. It has voted Republican in a presidential race only twice since 1956. That is twice in 15 elections.

So it is not that these are divided communities, with the exception of Florida. It is that they are united in their anger and prejudice against President Trump and his supporters.

Ripley wrote, "I’ve lived here under other Republican administrations, none of which won over D.C.’s voters. But this feels different. Other presidents did not casually denigrate journalists, federal workers, and minorities the way this one does. It’s like living in an arena where things are generally operating normally, but every few hours, the guy with the biggest megaphone starts screaming about how worthless you are."

It is all President Trump's fault.

He's deplorable in her mind.

He doesn't just tweet things she doesn't like. No, in her mind he does something more. He uses "the biggest megaphone [and] starts screaming about how worthless you are."

By you she means her. He calls her worthless! Every few hours!

Thus her opposition to this abusive man (in her head) is moral.

Now repeat this a million times. Not 65 million times. Please. Most Hillary supporters are sane.

But it's the crazies that make everyone else look bad. One of them even shot Republican congressmen while they were practicing baseball to play ball with Democrat congressmen.

And unfortunately the media is run by the crazies in the Hillary column.


  1. > Massachusetts is another hotbed of hate. It has voted Republican in a presidential race only once since 1956. That is once in 15 elections.

    Reagan carried Massachusetts twice.

  2. She did all this research and learned nothing from it? To my way of thinking she IS worthless.

  3. Good column as usual, Don- all but one sentence, for which you'd have to show me evidence:

    "Most Hillary supporters are sane."

    Sorry, but that just doesn't pass the smell test!

    1. "sane" That must be a typo.

      Look around, there's an extra "in" around here somewhere.

  4. Sounds like this could be a George Carlin routine - Trumpville vs. Never Trumpland

  5. SeekingRationalThoughtMarch 4, 2019 at 9:11 PM

    Ms. Ripley needs to accept her worthlessness and leave the rest of us alone. Really.

  6. "At the bilingual public elementary school my son attended during the 2016 election, there were kids with undocumented family members."

    So did they mainstream the second language children so everyone would work at the pace of the ones with the least skills in English?

  7. Are watertown and Jefferson the same place?

  8. Good, maybe 2/3 great, article by Ripley. Mentions how marriage sorting is making polarization worse, starting about 20 years ago, but utterly fails to mention: a) colleges hiring anti-Reps, only an b) most media hiring anti-Reps, only. (except Fox).

    There's a few places in her article that talk about how bad Trump is, like her son learning about p***y from Trump -- yet it was the media and the anti-Trump folk publicizing a private comment that made her son learn that word. And it is the Dem DS folk writing Ivanka is a c**t which is publicizing yet another anti-Rep vulgar word.

    She did mention demonization, and how the discrimination is leading towards stronger anger and even violence -- but again, while mention one abortion doctor being killed a decade ago, she fails to mention the recent attempt by a Democrat to murder Reps because they are Reps.