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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

It's Jeremiah Wright's party now

Five days after 19 Muslims destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon, the political protege of unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, attended his church.

Instead of quoting Jesus and the Bible, the preacher, Jeremiah Wright, quoted a Muslim. Instead of offering comfort and hope, Wright spiked the ball.

"America's chickens are coming home," he shouted with joy.

The crowd cheered.

For eight years, we pretended that Obama was some sort of patriot -- some sort of genius -- some sort of Christian -- some sort of American.

Nonsense. No American would have stayed as Wright praised terrorism as Wright said, "I heard Ambassador Peck on an interview yesterday. Did anybody else see him or hear him? He was on Fox News. This is a white man, and he was upsetting the Fox News commentators to no end. He pointed out — did you see him, John? — a white man, he pointed out, ambassador, that what Malcolm X said when he got silenced by Elijah Muhammad was in fact true — America's chickens are coming home to roost."

Obama later wrote a book based on Wright's teachings, "The Audacity of Hope." Its title came from a Wright sermon.

Now we are free. The departure of Obama from the Oval Office has led to such hysteria by his followers that it negates whatever moral high ground he had.

We now can point out the racism and anti-Americanism of Wright, his ilk, his flock, and his favorite student without fear.

Oh, Wright was a Marine?

Meh. So was Lee Harvey Oswald.

Wright preached hate like any tenured professor like well, Bill Ayers. Wright said, "Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred. And terrorism begets terrorism. A white ambassador said that, y'all. Not a black militant. Not a reverend who preaches about racism. An ambassador whose eyes are wide open and who is trying to get us to wake up and move away from this dangerous precipice upon which we are now poised. The ambassador said the people that we have wounded don't have the military capability we have. But they do have individuals who are willing to die and take thousands with them. And we need to come to grips with that."

A white ambassador, y'all!

A white ambassador, y'all!

A white ambassador, y'all!

Wright was playing the skin game. He viewed 9/11 as a retribution for things that he blamed on white people, including Pearl Harbor. His was a celebration.

Mind you, his congregation was upper middle class, as was Martin Luther King Jr.'s home church in Atlanta. The difference was King followed Jesus. Wright did not. The only mention of chickens that I remember is Jesus telling Peter that by the time the cock crowed Peter would deny Jesus thrice.

Post-Obama, Jeremiah Wright's chickens are coming home to roost on the Democrat Party that he served. The biogotry and hate he preached is now his party's theme.

It was not Wright alone. Thousands of university professors have preached the same thing. America is a racist, genocidal nation that invented slavery, stole land from Mexico, and wrote the Constitution to protect slavery, which (in their minds) void the Constitution.

Everything is racist. After we elected Donald John Trump president, Rich Barlow of Boston University wrote, "The Electoral College Was Born In Racism. Let’s Drop Out."

Colleges indoctrinate -- and saddle students with $100,000 debts. It is crazy.

President Trump is the light that shines on these cockroaches. He chose protecting the Senate over the House because we needed to dump Paul Ryan. Democrat Nancy Pelosi's return to the throne in the House included a plot to primary a rival for speaker, Joe Crowley of New York.

That begat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose Lipstick Socialism has ripped the mask off Democrats. She and the Muslim twins are the intellectuals in the party. Between the Green New Deal and the rabid anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar, the nation gets to see a party unravel.

The New York Times is alarmed. It reported on Sunday, "Democrats filed into the House chamber on Thursday — depleted and punch drunk — to vote for an overstuffed resolution condemning prejudice — and end, or so they hoped, a week of infighting that vividly illustrated the perils of policing their own speech."

No. That is untrue. That is the spin. What happened is Democrats refused to denounce Omar's anti-Semitic speeches because the party hates Jews.

The Times reported, "The measure, which began as a rebuke to Representative Ilhan Omar, Democrat of Minnesota and a freshman lawmaker, and ended as a catchall declaration of tolerance that did not mention her by name, seemed to satisfy no one. Ultimately, the wrenching intraparty fight left unanswered a question that transcends partisan politics: In an era of shouting and provocation, how should Congress respond when its members say hateful or hurtful things?"

Republicans had no problem denouncing Congressman Steve King. But in New York Timesland, Democrats are better because they do more soul searching.

That's because Republicans know where their souls are.

The media may sense that the party is headed for disaster next year.

Breitbart News reported, "The left-leaning fact-checker at the Washington Post hit Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Tuesday with three Pinocchios for claiming that President Donald Trump had transferred '$10s of millions' for the national emergency on the border, but '$0' for the national emergency on opioids."

The reason he did not transfer money to the latter is he did not need to. Congress approved $6 billion for the emergency on opioids.

What makes the error rare is not that a Democrat misled the public. What makes error rare is the media called her on it. This is a sign of worry.

President Trump laid down the marker in his state of the union address when he said, "Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence --- not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country."

Matt Drudge was alarmed to discover today that half the nation's young people believe in socialism.

I had the opposite reaction. I was surprised the number was so low. Socialism is the political siren song for adolescents. Think of it as pimples.

As the nation ages -- as Baby Boomers retire with their investments -- more people reap the benefits of capitalism, and with a record 158 million Americans working and paying the FICA tax conservatism grows because nothing the government does has minted more conservatives than the discovery that you must feed the government first before you feed yourself.

Those are the chickens coming to roost across the aisle from the chickens of racism, anti-Americanism, and Godlessness.

The election next year may make 2016 look tame.


  1. Our experience of this corporeal existence has five stages:

    1. Childhood. Where we, simultaneously, the benign illusions that this world is nit as it is and is as it is not, whilst also gradually learning what this world actually is and actually is not.

    2. Adolescence. When puberty strikes, like a combination of fire and ice, when the roller coaster has reached and begins to roll over the first peak, thus beginning that thrilling ride, all hell breaks loose and we strive to not be thrown and plunged to the hard earth.

    3. Youthful Adulthood. The thrill of being alive; the seeking of ecstacy, disregarding the agonies to come; the choosings that, once chosen, can never be unchosen, yet occasionally can be adjusted to better outcomes. Life.

    4. Mature Adulthood. Relections upon what seeds we have sown, what harvests we have reaped, what desires we have satisfied, goals accomplished, tasks chosen completed, etc.

    5. Approaching End of Being Here. Seek, and, that which you seek, you will find. Ask, and, whatever your question, it shall be answered. Knock, upon chosen door, and chosen door shall open to you. We wait until we no longer have to wait.

    Each does as each chooses. Each chooses as each decides to choose. Each experiences the results of these choosings. The results defined by the specs of the Design. This is all we have been given.

    1. Good Response, Burt... :)

    2. So, what does Ernie have to say?

      And, what you talkin' 'bout, Willis??!!!?!???

  2. The choices in this election will be pretty clear for once. The people will get what they truly deserve: either a selfish Socialist creep or a guy who cares about them.
    The Obama as American comment has some truth to it. He was born and raised in places that have little connection to what I would call traditional America. Hawaii may be a state but it is really is an isolated culture of people highly dependent on government with no political spirit except that of perpetual native grievance. Indonesia is a Muslim powerhouse. Obama never saw the USA as a force for anyone's good perhaps, now, his own since he wakes up richer each day than he was the day before. His election was the proverbial Black Swan event, to be forever regretted.

  3. Obama is no longer President but instead is leading a shadow government from the ops room of his new house with the help of his many criminal associates. To write him off would be a mistake as I think he's still very active in the coup.

    1. Maybe so, but we all know how much of a slacker and lazy axe Obama is. Unless Jarrett did it, it didn't get done.

  4. 55 million people have 401k plans and 43 million people have IRA plans. Maybe some overlap between those two, but, President Trump's economy will encourage a large percentage of those 98 million to vote their pocketbooks. At a time when the dems are trying to promote socialism. Who will be on the winning side?

    1. 'Who will be on the winning side?''

      The side that gets the most votes...whether fraudulent or not

  5. If the Jews abandon the Democrat party, even for one election, does that mean another 49 state romp like '84?

    Probably more like '72, but one can dream.

    PS Don't call him Bill. I had an Uncle Bill and he was a good man. I had a lot of friends named Bill.

    Ayers is gutless psychopathic trash whose father bought him out of a life in stir.

  6. Dems are the "G.. damn America" party.

  7. New fantasy - Trump romps in 2020, and increases in the Senate, plus House flips again, but this time with far more Trump Reps ... and in 2021 really starts changing the country back to what made America great in the past.

    Plus maybe some Huber or DOJ led indictments of deep state crooks (this remains a fantasy, too bad).

  8. Trump was in business 20 years when his financial overextension was only 900MIllion dollars. He sold is Boat and renegotiated his debt structure to get out of debt. That was 20 years ago. He's been in business for over 40 years. He's been president for over 25 MONTHS. He's been in and around "Swampy" people for a really long time. The Trump Organization has over 540 different companies. I know over 500 words in the English language. Those Poly SCi majors in the deep state will STILL not know what hit 'em when they are run over by the Trump Train.

  9. gutless phony gop were wrong to criticize Steve King and so are you Don.

  10. There was another reference to chickens Jesus made. In Matthew 23:37: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing!"