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Saturday, March 09, 2019

Don't panic about Trump

“If a cat sits on a hot stove, that cat won't sit on a hot stove again. That cat won't sit on a cold stove either. That cat just don't like stoves.”
-- Mark Twain

And so it goes with some supporters of President Trump. Politicians have burned them so many times in the past that they believe Donald John Trump eventually will.

But he is the cold stove. He is not a politician. He did not run for fortune or for fame because he had both.

He ran to save the country.

The latest to panic was Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs, who is upset because President Trump wants to boost legal immigration above 1.2 million people a year.

Breitbart News quoted the president as saying, "We want a lot of people coming in … We want to have the companies grow and the only way they’re going to grow is if we give them the workers and the only way we’re going to have the workers is to do exactly what we’re doing."

President Trump said that at the White House while meeting with business leaders including Apple's CEO and the Chamber of Commerce's Tom Donahue.

Well, Dobbs flipped out on that.

On his show on Thursday night, Lou Dobbs said, "If this White House thinks that listening to the beguiling prattle of Tim Cook, Tom Donahue, RINO Senators like Susan Collins is helpful to this president, then the battle for the forgotten man and woman in this country will be decided by the very establishment this president ran against — an establishment that spends vast sums of money and energy every single day trying to destroy him and his policies and his historic presidency.

"That Mr. Trump would advance the interests of the globalist elites ahead of our citizens would be a tragic reversal on any day. But today … that southern border is being overrun by a record number of illegal immigrants, it all means that the White House has simply lost its way."


I hate the smell of panic in the morning.

But this is what some supporters do. In September 2017, cries of amnesty rose because Nancy and Chuck met with President Trump at the White House and said he had caved on the wall and was going to grant amnesty to millions.

Anyone dumb enough to believe that should seriously consider buying this beachfront property I own along the Pocatalico River here in Poca, West Virginia.

Last month, there was the budget resolution, which some readers insisted included some sort of ban on building a wall. The wall is moving forward, albeit at the speed of bureaucracy.

We have been burnt -- several times. The Republican-led West Virginia Legislature burnt me so badly, I likely will vote only for federal offices next year. I cannot vote Democrat but the caving to two illegal teacher strikes and raising of taxes are just too much for me to support.

But President Trump is cold as ice. He is negotiating. He is wheeling and dealing -- for us, not the special interests.

I would like to see legal immigration halved but that was not the deal. Ending illegal immigration was. And despite lobbying and bribes from the multi-billion-dollar industries of sex, drugs, and cheap labor, President Trump is standing tall on the wall and on ending illegal immigration.

Lou Dobbs knows better than this.


  1. This may or may not have something to do with this post, Big D, but I call total BS on the February jobs number. Knowing the ultra-incompetence of our “public servants,” it will turn out somebody forgot a zero. And the LibCommies of course will not give a shite. Get Lou Dobbs on THAT story.

    1. I didn't panic when I saw that jobs report, because I know there will be a revision UP.

    2. Weather is a factor too. Never ending winter here in NE Oregon..

    3. Yesterday, I saw a bar chart of monthly "new jobs" for the past 3 years. Every 16 months or so, you see a really low number like we got for February. No idea what causes it, but it wasn't predictive of low numbers on months before or after it.

    4. You know, of course, that nobody goes out and actually counts jobs. The numbers are all projections based on secondary indicators, a technique that can easily be spectacularly wrong or deliberately distorted.
      The tallies that provide more direct measures come later. That's why we often see significant revisions in the following quarter.

  2. That's too bad about Dobbs, but I'm not surprised. I stopped watching Dobbs last year. I watched even though he constantly interrupted his guests. He was obsessed with hearing himself talk instead of his guests. When he started telling President Trump what he should do, I turned off Lou's show.

    I trust Trump.

    1. ITT.
      Me too.
      Dobbs is going the Anne Coulter route. I will no longer read a word she writes. I don’t watch much of Dobbs on tv - 5 minutes a month maybe - but it may drop to zero soon.

  3. The reason for the upswing is tech jobs. Our schools turn out too many liberal art majors or business degrees. We need engineers and programmers. I'm at a major car plant 5 days a week. They cannot find American engineering help to hire.

    India does not have that problem. Japan does not have that problem.

    We are not importing McDonalds workers.

    1. There are tons of American engineering grads that are being rejected in favor of cheap, compliant foreign grads.

    2. hold it JG we do need business degrees and salesmen (not order takers BTW) Who do you think sells the stuff STEM people create? Trump is a business major. Engineers work for business majors Nothing wrong with an engineer from Russia,India or Japan. Einstein was a smart immigrant we should welcome more smart educated to immigrants to our country.

    3. Classic rope a dope.

      He does this over and over and over, and all the dopes get roped.

      The uniparty hog puppets scream that he is breaking his promise!!!

      Which equals what, then?

      Why, the uniparty hog puppets are now demanding that he keep his promise!!!

      Well, he says, since you insist......

      Dopes being roped.

  4. Republicans look at immigrants, legal or illegal, as cheap labor with which to displace people who have a higher sense of self-worth, and Democrats see voters, whether citizens or not, dead or alive, over or under age, resident or non-resident.

    This is a fight for average working class Americans against the elites above and the dregs below.

    Both parties take the money of the elites and pander to the sinful desires of the dregs. Our government, popular culture, educational system, and corporate culture are all reflections of this.

    It's time to start changing all of these things to reflect the values of the class that truly keeps this country afloat. Otherwise, you can just write it all off and have gated communities with speech codes written into the HOA surrounded by anarchy.

  5. I think you are right about this as a negotiating tactic. He is inoculating himself against being charged with xenophobia while trying to keep his emergency declaration afloat and looking toward the rhetoric that will be used in the reelection campaign.

  6. Hey Don. Mr. Dobbs needs to come out and visit us once in a while. Please pass this on to Lou from me... "Current Reaction"...

  7. About that Feb. jobs report.
    Those jobs are a reflection of more people working those jobs.
    If I add six new jobs at a transmission shop but can't find but three people to fill them the number goes up by three not six. If one of my guys quits to take a job at the Chevy dealership because one of their employees retired then I have another vacancy and despite hiring three new employees to fill six new jobs the jobs number goes up by just two.
    The US is near or at full employment. There may well be jobs created in Feb. but until filled they aren't reported.

    1. It is not a zero-sum game. New jobs are being created at a phenomenal rate. The guy who started a small business in January needs employees in February.

  8. I'm an engineer, and now a finance guy. Love Lou Dobbs and his 30 year crusade to stop illegal immigration. Cut him some slack, between he & Maria Baritromo, and Varney, they cover the waterfront. There are a lot of dumb foreign engineering students at US universities too. But large US companies should not be allowed to hire/import foreigners to undercut US engineer wages.

    If you want to hire foreign engineers, programmers, telecom engineers, go ahead and do that, but you have to keep them in Mumbai, Suwon and other foreign cities. The US rules to import engineers into the US 'short term' undercuts US wages, and is an effective IP transfer. I saw that working for Samsung Telecom USA - bring in Korean telecom engineers and rotate them. Ericcson didn't do that too much - Sweden had higher employee costs than US.

  9. eliminate all welfare and you will increase "employment participation" nice euphemism for people pursuing jobs or not.End of govt programs will free up those receiving benefits and the administrators as well

  10. Yes, I saw that rant by Dobbs. Had the same reaction: Chill, Lou, chill.

  11. There's probably enough legal immigration at 1.2 million a year, tho the processing seems as bad as the DMV; or worse; or much much worse.

    But if Trump says he wants "more", like 10%? or 20%? (I don't see a quantity increase), it's still far far less than the illegals.

    The illegals coming, and being the country illegally, needs to be stopped. Trump is working on it. I don't quite believe "everything he can" -- the shutdown could have gone on weeks longer, for instance.

    But his law making hand, the now-minority House plus small majority Senate, means those Senators (Rubio??) who oppose him on immigration have a lot of influence.

    Asking for more legals sure does undercut the critique that he's a racist for wanting to stop the illegals. So that's a negotiating tactic he can do, and is doing.

    Dobbs not liking it also adds strength to Trump's position "as a moderate" on the immigration side. We could use more Reps who favor 0.0 immigration now, and faster deportations plus wider enforcement.

  12. The company I worked for brought in foreign engineers because they were cheaper than Americans. Working through them in their own country failed to work out; to high a failure rate on designs because of the limited oversight.
    Foreign, and even American engineers, do not have the overview for some design work. I discovered that an elevated building was self destructing because the equipment, pug mills, in the building because by design produced the equipment's vibrations are greater than generally known for stationary equipment. The design was correct except for the application. Asking questions, thus showing a lack of knowledge, was not in many foreign engineer's cultural background.

  13. A good "adjustment" would be to grant these imported workers a year or so to find another job if they leave their sponsoring company. And to make any discovery of collusion by companies to not hire other company's foreign worker as prima facia evidence of involuntary servitude and imposition of villeinage with life in prison for the CEOs and VPs caught.

    You break the de facto villein regardant, that is annexed to the manor, and these companies will scream.

    Time to repeal the 14th century Statute of Richard II "And here is the historical origin of the important custom of exacting recommendations: servants leaving employment are required to carry a testimonial, and none are to receive servants without such letter — the original of the blacklist."

  14. I watched this show with Lou. I don't like the globalist, but I did think Lou was over the top, and he made zero points. Frankly, I would rather have legal citizens working on the farms and lawns or even package handling and eviscerating chickens, and hogs. BUT we have so many snowflakes in this country who will not work. And a second frankly, welfare in the USA for citizens makes it easy for loafers to loaf and illegals to work. EVerify would help immensely. BUT in some areas, the pinhead, interloopers simply cannot do the work that needs to be done. I.E.: so called college students of today. And there is a short fall of capable workers. Like it or not. Lou and Anne are WRONG

  15. For the economy to continue to expand,
    at some point we are going to need more workers.
    These should be legal workers, not M13
    Real issue is to keep Chamber of Commerce from
    jamming in too many and depressing jobs for Americans.

  16. There will be no wall. But keep hope alive. If he really wanted to stop illegal immigration, he could do it quite easily. He would bring the troops home from Syria, Afghanistan, NATO, South Korea, and 1,000 bases scattered around the world. He would reassign these troops to the border. Actually, there would be too many troops to assign to the border. He could assign a fraction of them to the border. There would be no violation of residents' land rights.

    The troops could use the same high-tech surveillance systems that they use around the world. These technologies are military. They are 100% under the jurisdiction of the commander-in-chief. Nancy Pelosi could suck a pickle for all the power she would have over him. All of this would be constitutional. It would be no more expensive than keeping troops abroad. And they would spend their money here instead of stimulating foreign economies.

    Also, our troops would not get shot or blown up by cellphone detonated bombs. They would live safer lives. They would live boring lives. The number of illegal immigrants entering the country would fall to practically nothing.

    Is Trump too stupid to see this? Of course not. Is he getting rotten advice from his advisers? Of course. Would his military advisers fight this tooth and nail? Of course. Would the Congressional-military-industrial complex lose its reason for existence? Of course. Would Europe collapse? No. Would the Middle East be any worse off? No. Would the fat kid with the bad haircut order an invasion of South Korea? I doubt it. Even if he did, why is it America's business to protect South Korea? We have been there since 1950. In 1950, South Korea had the GDP of Uganda. It is now one of the richest countries in the world. If they cannot afford to defend themselves, tough kimchi.

    Trump could have done all this two years ago. He didn't have the guts to do it. He still doesn't have the guts to do it. He is a political wimp.

    1. That's one pitiful response just like the libbies make all the time. You think calling me names is meaningful because it makes you feel good. Is that really all you have?

      My ideas must have alarmed your sensibilities, so you lash out waving your arms and yelling names just like a child. You're just a snowflake alarmed once you realized you're melting because you're unable to defend your own ideas or engage others rationally not emotionally

      Why not engage intellectually instead of wild emotional name calling like the libbies. Not that I care really at all one way or the other, its folks like you who contribute nothing to the discourse.

      Meanwhile you can feel good about yourself and call me more names. Then you can feel good again. Cause for intellectual lightweights its all about feeling good. Sound reasoning of ideas is beyond their capacity.

  17. When he has faced down the corrupt FBI with their
    little "nice Presidency you have there" arrogance,
    Wimp is not exactly what fits.

    1. He's a wimp. Amazing you think he faced down the FBI! For what firing Comey? Why stop there? he should've fired Sessions too and appointed someone to indict Comey for leaking.

      He didn't. He's a wimp. He is all hat and not cattle. What's truly amazing is how you folks really truly think he's building a wall.

      Its really shocking how naive y'all are. Besides supporting an authoritarian chief executive is unamerican as you can get.

    2. And, with your third attempt at contributing, you go all y'all and give away the uniparty hog puppet mutation that is you.


      Now, put away the smart phone and change your diaper. No, it won't hold another load. Just do it.

  18. Trading the low scoring on IQ, morals, education, and health illegal immigrants, that we don't want, for for high scoring on the same traits legal immigrants, that we also don't want, is a good deal. Not only will the legal types be less likely to dispossess the jobs of our blue collar fellow Americans (black AND white) who desperately need our help, but the legal type might also be less likely to go on welfare, and might even contribute to the overall wealth of the country. The legal types will also be easier to trace and deport if the happy day arrives when we finally elect a political majority that acts in the interests of founder Americans.

  19. The whole pretext for H1B visas is there aren't enough techies. Baloney. There aren't enough techies at the wages the big boys are willing to pay. So they get a foreigner who depends on holding his job so he doesn't get shipped back home, and the corporation holds the visa and can revoke whenever they're unhappy with him. Plus, he's prohibited from finding a better job.

    All the trappings of slavery and none of the liabilities. If you're a CEO, what's not to like?


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