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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Democrat vision of America is in New York

Politico was giddy on February 6, 2017. Just 17 days into President Donald John Trump's first term, the site said, "In New York’s broadest response yet to President Donald Trump’s early weeks in office, Democrats who dominate the state Assembly passed a bill Monday that would make New York a 'sanctuary state,' and members are poised to again pass legislation that would open tuition assistance programs to undocumented students."

44 days later, one of those people Democrats would give sanctuary to "stabbed two women and tried to rape a 2-year-old girl during a five-hour criminal frenzy."

Of course Democrats would give aid and comfort to such people.

The same party in the same state just approved killing babies upon birth. This is a natural outgrowth of abortion.

NBC reported, "An MS-13 member who stabbed two women and tried to rape a 2-year-old girl during a five-hour criminal frenzy two years ago was sentenced Wednesday to 26 years to life in prison.

"Tommy Alvarado-Ventura, 33, pleaded guilty last month to a litany of charges in connection with the March 22, 2017 spree."

The network also reported, "Alvarado-Ventura, an admitted member of the notoriously violent MS-13 gang, according to police, has been deported four times. He was first deported back to El Salvador in September 2006 and most recently in December 2011.

"Police did not provide information on the reasons for the four deportations, but said at least one was related to prior criminal convictions, which include assault, DWI, drug possession, disorderly conduct and false impersonation."

Why do Democrats protect MS-13 members but not babies?

Birds of a feather flock together, don't they?


  1. Yes, they do. Democrats have been ass-over-tea-kettle in love with criminals as long as I can remember. Historically, their excuse has been the poor babies had rough childhoods. Nowadays, they're victims of racial hatred or some such BS. There is no rational explanation. As Michael Savage said, they're mentally defective.

    - Gary B

    1. There absolutely is a rational explanation. The Left hates the West. The West is what stands between the Left and Utopia. They will ally with anyone who hates or is against the West. They will cheer anyone or anything which damages the West. And so here. They cheered, or at least were perfectly willing to tolerate and even defend, Mr. Ventura, until he became such a liability with his latest atrocities that they had to cut him loose. So now crickets. Their only regret is that he got caught.

  2. Where did this "MS-13" gang originate?

    We should sanction that country when we locate the source.

  3. The answer is they make money from " immigrants" by using them to maintain political power. New York is now a single party state like CA. Even old Republican operatives are working for the Democrats because the R have no influence. A single city run by a cabal of rich and the mob holds an entire state in slavery tnrough its majority rule, even willfully impoverishing most of the more distant citizenry for its own selfish ends. Yes, Don is right. NY and CA are the Democrat's vision for themselves. Nor will it ever change. It works for them and that is all that counts. A few dead, or even a pile, don't matter either. The rich leave town to guarded mansions every Thursday and most of the rest have never been more than a few blocks from their apartments their entire lives. They have absolutely no concern for anyone other than themselves. In fact they hate Trump because he does.

    1. Like California, wealthy individuals and companies are voting with their feet. These golden geese are bugging out and depriving New York of much-needed revenue. But, there's no stopping virtue-signalling dumb asses from suffering their ultimate fate: an accelerating nose dive into a hard reality. Every rational person can see it. Strange, isn't it?

      -Gary B

    2. Even more troubling, these fleeing folks are still voting for the socialist, anti-Americans that created the problem in NY, CT, IL, and CA... Just look at how CO is now being destroyed by the same Democrat mobs.

    3. CA native here. I know a bunch of people who have left, and every one of them is a staunch conservative. Like me, they have never voted for a Democrap in their lives.

      Soon I'll be leaving too, as the Gun Show that we've had for many decades in Del Mar is now finished; guess what, no conservative Republicans voted for that! There were hundreds of left-wingers bussed in to the meeting where it was discussed, all wearing identical T-shirts. Our vote no longer counts here, it's overcome by fraud.

      Progressives are still coming into this state, as are bottom-of-the-barrel 3rd worlders, to grab some of the golden eggs that our gooses in Sacramento are sharing around to those like them; but middle-class conservatives are leaving.

      Check out your schools; check out the "immigrants" that are being put in your own neighborhoods; it ain't conservatives from CA that are destroying your towns!

  4. Upstate NY is in the same boat as inland Cali. Still some Americans, hate being lorded over by the big cities. I’m willing to invite the Buffalo/Syracuse/Rochester folks into Best Virginia if they’d like.

  5. That is indeed their glaucomic, cateracted, near-sighted vision. Mr. Magoo should be their logo.

  6. The leftist are destroying their own cities and states for money and power, eventually they will lose it all.


  7. Hard to fault it Don, this is a good time to be an illegal in NY, and do we wonder why so many are charging across the border in numbers that will change America forever.