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Friday, March 22, 2019

Democrat presidential hopeful took mom to see "Deep Throat"

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden has lost his title as creepiest Democrat running for president.

Democrat John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado, topped all the creepiness of Biden touching girls in photo op upon photo op.

Hickenlooper took his mom to see "Deep Throat."

His mom raised him alone as his father died when the lad was young.

In a staged "Town Hall" on CNN, the question popped up, "What about the time that you went to see an X-rated movie with your mother?"

The question floored me.

I rose.

The answer then floored me.

He said, "I was 18 years old. And so I came home. And I said, I promised —  you know, I promised Jed that we would go to the movie theater and see this new movie. 'Do you want to come?' And it's an X movie... and I was sure that she would say no. I made a mistake. And she said, 'I'd love to go,' because she didn't want to be left alone in the house again.

"So I took my mother to see Deep Throat. And to her credit, the first scene is —  I didn't ask the question. But I will tell you that —  I will tell you that my mother -- my mother was -- I'm sure she was mortified. And I said repeatedly, I think we should leave, I think we should go. And my mother was the kind of person that rarely went to a movie. She thought almost every movie would get on TV. Obviously, not this one. But she was -- she really — when she paid, she was going to stay. And at the end, she knew that I was humiliated. And as we drove home — and you know how the dashboard in the old cars had the kind of green light, and I — you know, she — I asked her, I said, well, that was some experience. And she goes, she says, 'Well, I thought the lighting was very good in the movie.'"

You have to understand the time. There was no porn like today. It was unavailable. Sure, there were magazines like Playboy, but they showed breasts and hid the vagina.

"Midnight Cowboy" was X-rated not because of what was on the screen but because it centered on a male hooker whose clientele included males. Homosexuality was just not discussed.

I don't want to hear Democrats whine about Stormy Daniels ever again. Puh-leeze and thank you.


  1. I can't imagine why any candidate would want to divulge such a story from his/her past.

    1. Only rational explanation I can think of is that Johnny boy is so damn dull that he or his advisors think this story puts colour into his public image.

    2. I am sorry, but going to Deep Throat with your mother is incredibly disturbing. It is not like he had much of a chance anywayy, but holy moly, this is bad.

  2. No wonder Colorado went downhill fast during this lunatic’s governorship. He speaks inarticulately. And this is disgusting. I never even as much as cussed in front of my parents out of respect.

    In the middle of his babbling is one funny line he asked his mother. “Do you want to come?”

    He fits in with the other sick b@stards the communist, I mean democrat party is running.

  3. I think most conservatives don't want these things to be discussed in public.
    I kind of want to able to discuss them, and "Deep Throat" was in theaters in 1974, when I graduated from HS. (made in 1972) It was one of the first porn films "talked about".

    But porn was exploitive of the women, and seems pretty bad for lots of young men now who see too much.

    Yet, shouldn't we be able to talk about it, then, if it's related to real problems?
    I think we should.
    But even with Hickenlooper going first, I'm not quite ready to for me, abut my experiences, or lack of.

    1. Lina Lovelace was unavailable for comment.

    2. Linda was available, but she couldn't comment. She had something in her throat.

      (I will see myself out now ...)

    3. A family in my old church were related to her. she was destroyed by tht movie. drugs and alcohol.She tried to pull out of that morass that consumed her life.
      died before she should have.
      Not fun at all..

  4. The most valuable thing in this stroll down hinkielipper's mamerry lane is that she was gonna get her money's worth for that ticket she paid full boat for.

    THAT is the money shot right there.

    And the genius of making the youngster sit right there, right in the palm of his mom's steady hand, well, what better way for mom to give sonny a lesson in embarassment than this.

    Can't ya just smell the odor of fear sweat still lingering all over hinkielooper's aura?

    The series of thoughts that must have been scurrying swiftly through his barely legal hinkielooper head for the duration of the fuck flick.

    The voices still echoing in his mind, to this very day, when he drifts off to restless nappy time.


    Of the way we used to be.......



  5. If only it was Behind the Green Door.......

  6. I wonder whether they went home and experimented with each other.

  7. Spartacus is horrified that anyone would go see heterosexual poorn.

  8. Well, this would seem to guarantee a real bloodbath at the polls next year.


  10. Why did Richard Nixon watch Deep Throat three times?

    He wanted to get it down pat.

  11. Mayor Hickenlooper promoted the hiring of illegals and hired them for his own restaurant. One of his illegals assassinated Denver Detective Donny Young in 2005 and fled to Mexico until returned with the No Death Penalty-provision. It seems Mexico wants to protect its citizen from untimely death even if we don't.

    When asked why ICE wasn't called, the Mayor said "It's complicated."

    It wasn't complicated for Detective Young, who was laid in the ground by his wife and daughters. Mayor Hickenlooper was punished with the governorship.

    And nobody even mentions it any more, we've grown so accustomed to the carnage.

  12. "Deep Throat" release date June 12, 1972.

    John Hickenlooper birth date February 7, 1952.

    He was not 18. He could not have been younger than 20. This was apparently his idea of a hot date, not a ladies man.