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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Democrat complains it is hard to convict Trump without a crime

In two months we will celebrate the second anniversary of the appointment of Bungling Bob Mueller as a special counsel "to investigate Russian interference with the 2016 election and related matters."

Those "related matters" now include Paul Manafort selling expensive rugs, a hooker named Stormy Daniels, and Michael Cohen's cheating on taxes.

Mueller still has nothing and Democrat lawyer Renato Mariotti blames President Trump for making the public think that an investigation triggered by media tales of Russian collusion is supposed to find Russian collusion.

Mariotti investigated white collar crime for the federal government.

His piece in Time magazine began, "After endless hype, special counsel Robert Mueller may be about to submit his report. It is impossible to know what his conclusions will be. But after so much speculation, one outcome seems likely: Mueller will disappoint just about everyone — especially President Trump’s critics. And it won’t be his fault.

"This is due in part to Trump’s successful disinformation crusade, which has worked to raise a nearly impossible and definitely illogical bar for Mueller to clear: proving 'collusion' and charging a grand criminal conspiracy involving the Trump campaign and the Russian government. But it is also due to Trump’s critics, who have responded to Trump’s 'No collusion!' mantra by shouting back, 'Yes, collusion!'"

Nice try, but it was all about collusion.

That is why Mueller investigated meetings at Trump Tower between a Russian lawyer and Trump's son and son-in-law.

Let me make this plain. I said it two years ago and I say it again now: they have nothing on Donald John Trump. As I predicted, Mueller would fail — and fail spectacularly.

Now Mariotti — who is running a PR campaign to salvage the reputation of those running this charade — says the criminal investigation is not a criminal investigation at all.

"If 'links and/or coordination' also don’t sound like crimes, that’s because they aren’t. While Mueller is directed to charge and prosecute crimes he discovers, his is primarily a counterintelligence investigation — not a criminal one — the purpose of which is to identify threats to our national security, potentially including the President of the United States and his associates," he wrote.

If it is a "counterintelligence investigation — not a criminal one," then why are there prosecutions? Indeed, why has this continued past the point of determining there was no collusion between President Trump and Vladimir Putin to rig the election.

Counterintelligence Investigation is a cover-up to hide Obama's illegal spying on the Trump campaign using — abusing — our national security apparatus.

Bungling Bob Mueller and the media have spent two years trying to overturn the 2016 election. They cannot.

But an honest investigation would focus on Obama, Clapper, Brennan and Susan the Unmasker Rice.


  1. Its all the defendents fault that the poor prosecutor is forced to prove his case?
    That orange man really is bad

  2. I think at last count Cohen detailed at least 14 felonies.

    He's already an unindicted co-conspirator.

    The snail's pace of Mueller's investigation is his masterful seeding of evidence throughout the investigation to circumvent Trump's obstruction of justice. Trump admitted to obstruction of justice to Lester Holt. Crimes are still crimes if committed in plain sight.

    As some point Trump will need to start handing out pardon's like candy. Manafort's legal "strategy" has shifted to arguing for a pardon.

    Why is Trump's shifting story the one consistent thing in all of this? Why so much lying?

    1. At some point, the prosecution may require witnesses to testify who are NOT convicted perjurers.
      Snap, that one hurts

    2. Mueller "masterful"? His whole career has been one incident of stepping on his d*** after another. "Bumbling Bob" is an accurate description.

    3. masterful as an SS Oberfhurer..
      why the CNN/FBI arrest of Stone?
      You lefties scare me ..

    4. Trump's obstruction of justice.

      The most egregious example of obstruction has to be when Trump had his personal email server professionally scrubbed after he knew they were going to subpoena it. Having his old cell phones wiped and then smashed with hammers was pretty bad too. And all those incriminating emails and texts they claimed we mysteriously "lost."

      Jeez, what a crock of sh*t.

    5. All we need now is for Melania Trump to meet with Bob Mueller on an airport tarmac to exchange pictures of their grandkids a few days before Mueller announces he has no evidence of collusion and is recommending that no charges be filed against Trump.

  3. An honest investigation would also focus on Hillary Rodham.

    1. An honest investigation would conclude the clintons are ground zero and the obamanation pushed the button.

  4. Mueller was originally appointed on May 17, 2017. So there’s more than 18 days until the two year anniversary. Seems like 10 years, though.

  5. The difference in the way the Aswan Brothers have been treated vs Muellers victims is a huge stain on our justice system.

    Much less Clinton vs Trump.

  6. “You guys need to ACTUALLY DO something racist and then we can call you racists and make it stick!”

    Satan is strong in today’s LibCommies. Pray up before you go into spiritual battle with them.

  7. The good news is it established the Demos were the bad guys and the Donald is clean.

  8. If it is/was a counter-intelligence investigation then there was no justification, and therefore not legal authority, to appoint a Special Counsel. And the report should be going to the President, in charge of national security and foreign relations, instead of the Attorney General, in charge of overseeing violations of federal law.

  9. Yoo Hoo Mr Gubmint man, I gots duh white wimmens over here boy, over here.> Yoo Hoo !!!


  10. Now that the Democrats have retaken the House, they're drying their tears from the 2016 election, starting to see clearly that there was no collusion, and finally listening to their legal advisers tell them collusion isn't a crime.

    1. And moving on to other duplicitous, deceitful, contemptable conniveries.

      Maggots roiling in their own bucket of absurdity.

      Kinda like a work of modern art in motion.

  11. It is no wonder that lawyers are ranked a long ways down from dog catchers, this guy double speaks as well as the rest,which reminds of a story a friend told us about a well known Gonzaga U graduate attorney whose drunkin cadilac hit his car, the lawers excuse was "our friends car shouldn't have been in his way".
    Oh yes, this lawyer was a Dem too, so there you are 2two strikes against him right there.

  12. I'm with Conservative Treehouse' conclusion here. The Mueller enquiry is a gigantic sludge pit designed to kill any attempts to expose the wrong doings of the previous administration and the ongoing villainy of its officials.

    In that the enquiry has been a smashing success.. all evidence against the real villains is received by Mueller and is thus hidden under his legal protections and cannot be followed up.

    In one brilliant maneuver Comey and Dem pals have buried a decades' long pile of rottenness from public purview and stand a good chance of looking clean in the runup to the next Presidential election.


  13. “Those "related matters" now include Paul Manafort selling expensive rugs, a hooker named Stormy Daniels, and Michael Cohen's cheating on taxes.”

    Wasn’t that an episode of “All In The Family”?

  14. I have said from the beginning: Try to imagine, the morning after the Watergate break-in, Richard Nixon going before the nation and announcing, "I am appointing a special prosecutor to find out what George McGovern and the Democrats knew about this." And all of Washington nodding its collective head vigorously in agreement.

    I know, I know. But hey, I can dream, can't I?

  15. Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, head of Stalin’s secret police and a right bastard told Stalin, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” This is the way the investigation of President Trump was founded. Not said enough in the media.

  16. I hope for more investigations against the guilty deep state gov't criminals, Dems and RINOs both.