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Friday, March 22, 2019

80-year-old scams liberals

The online plea to liberals was desperate: "Our volunteer attorneys, doctors, nurses and social workers are working day and night to liberate these children.

"Donations will go to help pay our volunteer attorneys', doctors', nurses' and social workers' costs and pay for transportation to unite immigrant families."

Wow. Hand me my credit card.

The online plea to Bernie Sanders supporters was tempered with this caution, "Every time we process your credit card donation, the big banks take up to 40% of the donations just for processing your credit card donation...That is why we are giving you the option...To make your donations in cash or check."

Forget the credit card. Hand me my checkbook.

Who do I make the check out to?


Sounds legit.

And of course it was about as legitimate as Hillary's claim to the White House. Federal prosecutors say John Pierre Dupont (originally John Gary Rinaldo), 80, of California, raised for Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke, and helping illegal aliens -- and kept the money for himself.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said, "Thousands of donors believed their hard-earned money was being used to support the causes described in solicitations, but in reality, the scam PACs had no operations beyond the fundraising itself, and no funds were used to support candidates."

The criminal complaint said he accepted $250,000 across various fraudulent entities since 2015, pocketed it, and used approximately $25,300 to purchase a Mercedes-Benz sedan.

A used Mercedes-Benz? Really? He was not very good at this.

The feds have twice busted him for fraud.

NBC reported, "Then known as John Gary Rinaldo, Dupont pleaded guilty to mail fraud in 1985 in a scheme that fueled investment losses in the tens of millions of dollars, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"After serving a three-year prison sentence, Dupont was convicted again in 1991 after he attempted to obtain a $360,000 mortgage on a home that he did not own, according to the Times. He was sentenced to 46 months behind bars on charges of bank fraud and money laundering."

He escaped from prison in 1992, but was caught in 1997. He was released from prison in 1999 at age 60. Apparently he either went straight for the past two decades or learned how not to get caught.


  1. and kept the money for himself

    After all, no such thing as a poor white Liberal.

  2. Sounds like the perfect fund raiser for the democrat party. Except he has to share the scammed money.

  3. He should have given $2500 to Bernie. Then he would have the same phillothrantic situation as the Clinton crime syndicate. No injury. No foul.

  4. And almost all of Bernie Madoff’s victims were LibCommies. I would say they have a problem with money. Of course, when they get burned, here comes 50 more pounds of financial regulations. Dumb shits.

  5. Peanuts. Hillary's charitable trust got over 100 million dollars for selling 20% of America's uranium resources, and she didn't own them. Nobody can beat that for a scam. Even Bernie Madoff, whose loses were greater, pales in significance. He was only a loser. She'll never go to jail, she's too well loved. No jury of 12 will not contain at least one democrat to vote "not guilty."

  6. He was defrauding people who wanted to fund criminals. They deserve each other.