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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Warren apologizes. Now it is the media's turn.

Senator Fake Indian decided to use the attention and focus on the State of the Union address to finally admit she lied for 33 years about being an Indian. She's not. She's 100% white woman speaking with a forked tongue.

The Washington Post reported, "Elizabeth Warren apologizes for calling herself Native American."


I now expect the Washington Post to apologize to President Donald John Trump for calling him a "racist" because he called her out on this falsehood she told for a third of a century.

Through six presidencies, Warren told a lie and the media defended her.

The Post called President Trump's true claim that Warren lied "the new birtherism."

For the last three years, the media (with the notable exception of Howie Carr) has knowingly been a willing accomplice to Warren's false claim.

When President Trump pointed this out, the media attacked him instead of demanding proof from her.

The media never asked Obama for his birth certificate.

His college transcripts.

His means of support between the time he finished college and entered law school.

But I finally figured out what the deal is that attracts the media to Warren.

She is a liar. A cold-blooded liar. Just like Obama. Either Clinton. And John Kerry.


  1. She and Ralph Northam would make a great team. Causing trouble and how.

  2. And the fact that this was brought to light by the Washington Post? Wow! It seems Ms. Warren is not their idea of presidential timber. More like a wooden Indian.

    But now she may be even more dangerous. When you're going down in flames, aim for the biggest building. Mayday! Mayday!

    - Elric

  3. She tells the truth 1/1024th of the time.

  4. Not all the clowns will fit in the clown car. Journo-list has decided on Kamala Harris to be the 2020 D-candidate. They want to get rid of Warren.

  5. "The new birtherism," just like the old birtherism, is true; both parties claimed something for which there is no evidence whatsoever!

    All we really know, beyond any doubt, is that "She is a liar. A cold-blooded liar. Just like Obama. Either Clinton. And John Kerry."

  6. She lies, but if caught maybe cries.
    From GOPe, only sighs.
    Much like too many other guys.
    Maybe it's time voters get wise.