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Monday, February 04, 2019

Virginia chaos reflects Democrat dilemma

On Friday, the blog Big League Politics broke the story that Democrat Governor Ralph "Coon Man" Northam ran a racist picture on his medical school yearbook page 35 years ago. The calls for his resignation were instant as the Angry Mob of virtue signaling tweeters storms the Internet.

Today Big League Politics broke the story that Democrat Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax may have sexually assaulted a woman 15 years ago. Fairfax is next in line for governor, which has thrown Virginia politics topsy-turvy.

This drama pits two Democrat strategies against one another.

The first is politely called Demographics, which is a euphemism for Democrats re-positioning itself as a party of people of color, as Democrats await that day when white people are a minority in the country.

This is a racist strategy that requires constant agitation about racism, both real (racist pictures in a yearbook) and imaginary (coal miners covered in soot are the same as Al Jolson in blackface).
Throughout his gubernatorial campaign in 2017, Northam played to the grievances of black people as he courted their votes. That's how white Democrats do things 50 years after they hung up their hoods. (Well, 35 in Northam's case.)

The second strategy for Democrats is to court the female vote by playing up their grievances against men. From setting the air conditioner too low to leaving the seat up, the list is endless and tedious.

The creation of the Me Too hashtag seemed to be a good election strategy as it copped a Senate seat from Alabama for Democrats -- the first Democrat to win a Senate race in Alabama since Democrat George Wallace left the Governor's Mansion.

But now the movement has bit Fairfax in a tender spot. Fairfax accused Northam of outing him on this allegation.

In two stories, Big League Politics has revealed the problem Democrats have; they keep playing with fire. That is what happens when you offer nothing but hate.

The fire of racism has burned Northam. The fire of sexism has singed Fairfax.

If Democrats don't dump Northam, they alienate black voters.

If Democrats promote Fairfax to governor, they alienate women voters.

Good job, dummies.

By the way, Big League Politics now is more influential in Virginia than all its newspapers combined -- because it is breaking news stories instead of spinning them.


  1. God bless BLP. And if you’re not lawyered up already, do so. Soros and Steyer are licking their Commie lips.

  2. Caught in a nasty dilemma of their own making. Pass the popcorn! Out of curiosity, who is third in line for governor of Virginia? - Elric

    1. And no doubt it's turtles (Democrats) all the way down. - Elric

    2. Elric:
      No turtles any farther down that the third in line, the AG. Next after that is the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Kirk Cox, an R.

    3. Thanks for the info. A light at the end of the tunnel? - Elric

  3. Gov. Coonman: "I checked with my staff and they tell me that the line of succession here in Virginia is as follows:

    Lieutenant Governor
    Michael Jackson
    Attorney General
    Speaker of the House of Delegates"

  4. We all knew this would happen. The different constituencies start eating each other.

    '20 is looking more like '72 every day.

  5. Maybe the Attorney General has prior incidents of homophobia, cratering his succession plans.

    This would be like a joke - A racist, a sexist and homophobe are sitting in a bar. Ooops. It's the Virginia Statehouse.

    1. Schlongy wins the comment contest for yesterday

  6. Virginia is for Black Face and black dique..