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Friday, February 08, 2019

Va. case shows media double standard

I live in West Virginia, which is a separate state from Virginia, where Democrat Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax faces a second allegation of rape.

NPR reported, "Lawyers for Meredith Watson released a statement Friday alleging that Virginia's No. 2 politician raped her in 2000, while they were both attending Duke University."

Heavy reported, "Kaneedreck Adams, an attorney who attended Duke with Watson, corroborated the allegation in an interview with the Washington Post."

Previously, Scripps College professor Vanessa Tyson said Fairfax forced her to fellate him after they went to his hotel room for a nightcap at the 2004 DNC convention in Boston.

As far as I can tell, no charges were filed in either case. Without a police investigation, you do not have a crime. Even a Democrat is entitled to due process.

Readers recall that a week ago America learned that Virginia's Democrat Governor Ralph Northam posted a picture of a man in blackface and a klansman on his page in his medical school yearbook.

Instantly the Richmond Times-Dispatch and a horde of virtue signalers demanded his resignation.

Then we learned about the first rape allegation about Fairfax.

Then we learned that the next in line for governor of Virginia, Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring also wore blackface.

As the next person in line for the governorship is a Republican, the virtue signalers stopped demanding resignations.

The second rape allegation brought on demands for resignations, while people in the media suddenly are having second thoughts about demanding resignations over blackface.

Me? I am eating popcorn and enjoying the show.

The first rape allegation against Fairfax was known last year by the Washington Post. The woman remembered the time, date, and place. The Post asked Fairfax about it and never published it.

At the same time, the Post went full-throttle on the false allegation against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh even though she did not remember the time, date, or place.
The media is biased and too stupid to hide it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...


  1. Democrat Party membership card: Hypocrite License.

    They want to monitor our thoughts and ban us from society for wrongthink while doing all manner of evil themselves without consequence. You can have your life ruined by uttering a bad word, or betraying a prohibited thought that has no consequences outside your head, but they can kill babies and everything's copasthetic.

  2. They all want to kill born alive babies, I don't give a damn about what costumes they've worn or bad things they've said. Murdering babies and raping women pisses me off.

    1. so you are just ticked off? it is murder and democrats are OK with that?? How much lower can it go many thanks to our Supreme Court who gave abortion their blessing years ago.

  3. 5 will get you 10 the only one who ends up resigning is Fairfax.

  4. If it's true (and after Kavanaugh I'm not believing these things without pretty good evidence), then it means that none of these fierce empowered feminist women believes in reporting rape to the police.

    What's that about?