Sunday, February 24, 2019

Trump's Iran policy works

Canada cut a free trade deal. Ditto Mexico. Ditto South Korea. Red China will at Mar-A-Lago, the president just announced.

North Korea cut a peace deal. Kim Jong Un hit the rails and headed to Vietnam this weekend. (Sadly, not on the Seoul Train.)

Iran may be next because its economy is collapsing thanks to President Donald Trump's trade sanctions.

"As Iran marked the 40th anniversary of its Islamic Revolution, a white-turbaned Shiite cleric at one commemoration targeted President Hassan Rouhani, a fellow clergyman, with this sign: 'You who are the cause of inflation; we hope you won't last until spring,'" the Associated Press reported.

"Already lashed by criticism over his collapsing nuclear deal and renewed tensions with the U.S., the relatively moderate Rouhani faces anger from clerics, hard-line forces and an ever-growing disaffected public that now threatens his position.

"Iranian presidents typically see their popularity erode during their second four-year terms, but analysts say Rouhani is particularly vulnerable because of the economic crisis assailing the country's rial currency, which has hurt ordinary Iranians and emboldened critics to openly call for his ouster.

"Though such a move only has happened once in the Islamic Republic's four-decade history, the popular discontent heard on streets throughout Iran now could make it possible."

To be sure, in June there were plenty of protests that failed to ignite a revolution.

But President Trump tore up the Obama Nukes For Iran deal, which means problems continue for this regime. They ain't dealing with Obama no more.

"It's been a long fall for Rouhani, who secured the 2015 nuclear deal after two years in office and won the praise of Iranians, who flooded the streets to celebrate it. Under the deal, Iran limited its enrichment of uranium in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions," AP reported.

"But the benefits of the deal never reached much of the Iranian public. Even before President Donald Trump pulled America from the accord in May, uncertainty over its future caused the rial to crater, fueling sporadic, nationwide protests.

"Now the rial is dropping again, down to 133,000 to $1. It had been 32,000 to the dollar at the time of the deal. On social media, hard-liners share price lists showing food staples like beans, rice and tomato paste rising as much as 238 percent."

President Trump understands how the world works. The people in Washington understand how Washington works.

On August 7, President Donald John Trump tweeted, "The Iran sanctions have officially been cast. These are the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and in November they ratchet up to yet another level. Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States. I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!"

The tweet got scant attention in the press. I noted it. He has a strategy known only to him. It is working.

America has military might. The last four presidents tapped into that.

But American economic might is better for this situation.

Kim Jong Un is chugging to Vietnam to meet President Trump. Kim wants a McDonald's. By that I mean he wants to rule a normal country. He will get one for his nukes.

Rouhani can get a normal country as well. He must give up his terrorism.

If not, the next man up will.


  1. I love it when a plan comes together.

  2. The law of nature vs the plans of man.

    Nature trumps all.



    Sufficient safety to breed.

    Continued sufficient safety for progeny to breed.

    The commonly considered to be lesser creatures know this so well.

    What, prey tell, is the humanoid's excuse for ignoring the obvious?

    Oh yeah, we're smart. Not stoopid, like people say!!!!!

    We are fucking Fredos.

    And Mother Nature is the Godfather.

    Ifa Iyatolahya once, I yatolahya twice, ya gotta take da offa ya cant refuse!!!!

    Now go get yer shinebox....

  3. "Under the deal, Iran limited its enrichment of uranium." The AP is fake news covering for Obama, as usual:

    --But in reality, the administration repeatedly lied to the American public by misrepresenting the deal and the nature of the inspections Iran agreed to. The robust inspections referred only to Iran's declared nuclear sites. Other sites that the IAEA has suspicions about, including all military sites and undeclared nuclear sites, fell under a separate cheating-friendly procedure.--

  4. And there was this:

    --In other words, the Obama administration: (1) told Congress it would not allow Iran access to U.S. financial institutions; (2) issued a special license allowing Iran to do exactly that; (3) unsuccessfully pressured U.S. banks to help Iran; (4) lied to Congress and the American people about what it had done; (5) admitted in internal emails that these efforts “exceeded” U.S. obligations under the nuclear deal; (6) sent officials, including bank regulators, around the world to urge foreign financial institutions to do business with Iran; and (7) promised that they would get nothing more than a slap on the wrist for violating U.S. sanctions.

    How bad is this? Remove the words “Obama” and “Iran” and replace them with “Trump” and “Russia” and imagine the outrage that would ensue over the same revelations. Democrats would be holding news conferences, and the story would be front-page news.--

  5. I keep singing in my head “Another One Bites the Dust” hoping and waiting for Venezuela, Iran and North Korea freedom crushing policies to crumble. Maybe Cuba will join the chorus.

  6. "Relatively moderate Rouhani." LMAO.

  7. It is impossible to look at Obama's policy toward Iran and not come to the conclusion that he was getting some kind of payoff from them.

  8. The entire obamanation.

    All of them.



    Dictator wannabees.

    Typical politicians.

    Precisely of the natures which our Founding Fathers knew would be spawned with every succeeding generation.


  9. i still hold that NorK tunnel collapse took a bunch of Iranian Nuke people out-they are hurting..

  10. Obama payoff is fostering, nurturing, aiding, spreading jihadist terror, no less.

    That has been his lifelong goal since atleast his time living as Barry Soetero.

    He is the supreme exemplar of taqqiyq in modern times; perhaps ever, but for his 'ideal man' Mohammed.

    Obama was born to live his entire life as the foremost practitioner of taqqiya in his lifetime; assured his'sacrifice', (of living as an infidel and claiming to be Christian), in this life gains him eternal glory in the paradise of his god Allah for his taqqiya successes in weakening Western Civilization, and Christianity, throughuot the world.

    He accomplished @ 90% of the goals his handlers set at least a decade before his conception and birth for whomsoever might be the individual filling the slot Obama filled in jihad against all things Christian, especially all things American Christian.

    Really eye-opening to take a moment when considering Obama presidency; his lifework, his public statements re islam and Christianity, his very obvious racism and bigotry, his efforts to wreck not just our American economy, but the very structural underpinnings of finance in The West, and ask yourself how his presidency, his life, look to those hostile to The West,and especially hostile to America, (9/11, anyone?), as -the- scion of Western Civilization, his worship of Allah is obvious.



    It is that simple, Folks:


  11. The guy who everyone said would set off World War III seems to be doing a good job of bringing peace to the world.