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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Trump wins so bigly, critics don't see it

"Someday this White House will face a sudden, immediate and severe foreign-policy crisis. It’s almost a miracle it hasn’t happened already. George W. Bush had 9/11 less than eight months into his tenure; John F. Kennedy had the Bay of Pigs three months into his presidency and the Cuban missile crisis the following year. In two years Donald Trump has faced some turbulence, but not a full-fledged crisis," Peggy Noonan wrote in the Wall Street Journal.

I laughed.

I tweeted and then deleted (why give Twitter free content?):
@realDonaldTrump faced one with North Korea, and it resulted in denuclearization.
The reckless young JFK met with Khrushchev, who sized him up, found he was no Nixon, and a month later the Berlin Wall went up and Cuba got missiles.
Go back to writing for @DanRather
This is a woman who is supposed to be informed and educated. But comparing President Donald John Trump to JFK, well, President Trump is no Jack Kennedy -- thank heavens. President Trump's skirt-chasing days are over. He was 27 years older than JFK was when he assumed office. He has negotiated with people for decades, including foreigners.


He had a summit with Khrushchev, an older and wiser man, in Vienna in 1961, and got his clock cleaned.

Kennedy said afterward, "Worst thing in my life. He savaged me."

This was the opposite of Nixon's "kitchen debate" with the Soviet leader. Nixon's defense of capitalism embarrassed Khrushchev. We know who he rooted for in 1960.

JFK's summit was a disaster because he failed to do his homework, Richard Reeves said. He was a journalist and JFK-phile.

Khrushchev told his interpreter, "This man is very inexperienced, even immature. Compared to him, Eisenhower is a man of intelligence and vision."

But Khrushchev, 61, made a mistake in publicly shaming Kennedy, 44 -- a mistake President Trump at 72 avoided when he met with Kim Jong Un, 32, at their summit. Trump let Kim save face and even raised him to be his equal because President Trump just wanted to get rid of the nukes.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was JFK's revenge.

It almost led to a nuclear war because of the oversized egos of Kennedy and Khrushchev.

Kim is no Khrushchev.

But Chairman Xi is, and President Trump has him on the trade war.

He holds Chairman Xi's economy hostage. Deal or no deal, President Trump wins. The USA no more needs Red China than heroin needs a junkie.

Noonan's assumption that Donald Trump cannot handle a crisis is junk punditry.

Add it to the woodpile of wrong predictions: can't win a debate, can't win a primary, can't win a nomination, can't win an election, can't bring jobs back, can't get a tax cut, can't get NATO to pay, can't get a nuke deal...

Mind you, President Trump accomplishes all this with a witch hunt tying an arm behind his back.


  1. Replies
    1. No shit. I used to read her every week in the WSJ online opinion pages almost twenty years ago. She wrote President Reagan's speech for after the Challenger mishap.

      The best I can say for her now is what you said, "Peggy who?"

    2. That can be said of all those old conservative and Republican pundits. Just a bunch of con men who sold out their supporters and nation for money. Now look where we are.

  2. Trump, either you see it or you don't. I see it, and I like his grasp of reality and common sense. Who would start a war against him ? Only a democrat.

  3. "Trump wins so bigly, critics don't see it"

    Just like a flea sucking a drop of blood from a dog's butt doesn't comprehend that we have been to the moon and back. All the flea is worried about, it's entire world and reason for existence, is to suck blood from a dog's butt. That pretty much explains a lot of today's "political pundits."

    - Elric

    1. If you are comparing ENM journalists to blood-sucking dogbutt fleas, you are being really unfair. To bloodsucking dogbutt fleas, obviously.

    2. I use the tick analogy, but flea works just as well.

      Difference between a tick and a Washington DC swamp dweller?

      One's a cold-blooded, blood-sucking, amoral parasite, and the other is an arthropod.

  4. I know we do it too, but they really seem to believe their own propaganda about Trump.

    1. They are shaping public opinion. They are and have always been all propaganda all the time with a few facts thrown in to anchor it all and a few attempts at light entertainment.

  5. It's called "Proaction" not "Reaction"

  6. Im beginning to wonder if the relentless, constant democratic/MSM/swamp resistance hasn't actually made Trump a better president. Like the way the Spartans used heavier swords to train with and then switching to the lighter ones for battle? After dealing with Washington I would think dealing with Kim Jong Un would be refreshing change of pace.

  7. One of the left's weakness's is that they believe their own bullsh*t and think everyone else thinks like them except for the handful of racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist, Nazi, old white males who voted for Trump

  8. Noonan is an establishment insider and a hack. I don't bother to read her anymore.

  9. Does she say anything about The Black Jesus? Cold day in Hell before I subscribe to the Wall Street Urinal. If not, perfect Swamp Creature pontificating. Soetero avoided conflict by paying out YUGE sums of our money to our enemies. Profiles in Cowardice. That’s right, Peggy - I called him a coward. Sorry to hurt your snowflake feelings.

  10. All you need to know about "conservative" Peggy Noonan (and Kathleen Parker) is that she voted for Obungler. She's been dead to me ever since. - GOC

    1. Aunt Peg will never be any better than a third-rate Camille Paglia. And that's being generous.

  11. Piggy Nooner also giftys with "a thousand points of light." This was during the election where Poppy Bush was portrayed by the media as being a wimp.

    After the election Saddam Hussein decided to test GHWB's testicular fortitude by annexing Kuwait.

    Reagan's first test came from PATCO. They went on strike for more money. Reagan told them "you made your point, now get back to work or you're fired."?

  12. What is weird about people like Noonan is that Trump is Reagan. In my view, I think he is better than Reagan.

    Obama is the antithesis of Reagan and even the conservatism of HW Bush.

    Her continued derision of Trump is irrational and that is why she has to use emotional arguments.

    1. Trump is easily the best president since Reagan. But saying he's better than Reagan? That's a little too much of a leap for me. As of right now. Reagan led the fight against the existential threat of Soviet Communism, and he fought the fight to victory. Trump is fighting a few existential battles right now and while, for now, he appears to be making all the right moves to get us to victory, we're not there yet. So, as of right now, Reagan is better.

      I look forward to Trump winning these existential battles he's fighting and having to re-assess my ranking.

    2. Don should do an article addressing everything that is assinine about your pov.

      A review of all the huge differences between what President Reagan had to deal with, and what he had to deal with, and the immense quanties and various qualities of the many assholes our MAGA President has to deal with, has dealt with and will continue to have to do, in great part because of assinine perspectives such as yours.

      So many things not remotely comparable, between then and now.

      In every possible category.

      Hope to see Don do this, sooner or later.

  13. I know who Peggy Noonan is and that's why I don't bother to read her columns anymore. She has the ability to string words together, but unfortunately has lost the ability to think cogently. One without the other is a waste of time.

  14. To understand Peggy Noonan, you have to imagine the growth into maturity of a bright young woman who was a whiz with a typewriter, who was fortunate enough to catch on at high-level journalism outlets and made her career by writing speeches for two presidents.

    All of that requires resourcefulness, tact, good judgment, great observational skills, and solid writing talent.

    But it does not require analytic skill. Peggy is not a very deep thinker. She is no Richard Fernandez. She is no David Goldman. She is no Victor David Hanson.

    She sees a lot, but a lot of what she sees, she gets wrong. The old paradigm is broken. Oddly, she predicted that, sort of, but she doesn't see it now.

    I wish I could put my hands on a column she wrote back when GW Bush tried to appoint Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. Bush, as you'll recall, chided the angry conservatives by calling them anti-women. And then he caved in, as soon as he realized he needed their support.

    Peggy saw this, and commented that the Republicans were losing their base. This was long before the Tea Party. She wrote, this is bad. Political parties need to fear their base. Instead, in so many words, she said GW Bush was rubbing their noses in it, and warned, bad things happen when your base decides they're being had.

    As I said, she's a solid observer. She saw it coming. She just didn't recognize it when it got here.

  15. What gets me is the assumption that this guy whose been wheeling and dealing all his life; made a fortune, went bankrupt, then made another fortune etc etc - he's a dummy; and the people who maybe got elected a class officer in high school and have never held a real job (except maybe at a sleazy law firm ala Hillary), they're the really smart people.