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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Trump is the Aya-troll-yah


  1. I see a bevy of neocons in the oval office saying, "pick a card, any card, but Mr president," and they all say war when you turn them over.

  2. The "but" shouldn't be there. I even have autocorrect turned off.

    1. You must be using voice to text.

      App likely has it's own choice set rules.

      Maybe it's own spelling auto correction, unlikely grammer auto correction, but, still, it's essential functioning is to convert any sound input into text, aka words.

      It has no mind reading capability.

      Thus, you made a sound, the app chose to convert that sound, no matter hoew brief into the word you did not intend to be.

      Be thankful you are not a mumbler.

    2. TPDoc- out of curiosity, are you using an iPhone?

      I never have any similar trouble with my Android phone, yet I'm always hearing about people with autocorrect problems which seem insoluble. If I ever replace my phone I'd like to know what to avoid!

  3. I loathe autocorrupt as one commenter has called it.

  4. Corruption.



    Sounds like islam, the whole package of religion, social rules, government authority and laws, and add a dollop of obession with conquest.

    Not unlike the mid evil times.

    Or any other historical attempts by humans to impose total control over others.

    The ambition is to be god, whilst confined within meat, blood and bone individual containments.


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  6. The Iranians need some new ideas ... how about:
    Make Iran Great Again?

    (or would the Iranians prefer to revert to Persian?)

  7. For the Iranians to admit to 40+ years of failed governing, they must also admit, to themselves, the failures inherent in their religious faith, islam.

    Tough thing to do, when the result is being beheaded.

    Even tougher when their faith declares eternal damnation after said beheading. And they believe this.

    The extreme nature of islam is islam itself.

    Fascism in the form of religion.

    Utter disdain for even the limited concept of individual free will.

    The envy of the power of the Creator, all in one nasty fascist package.