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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Trump does Reagan

U.S. President Ronald Reagan spoke at Westminster on June 8, 1982, when the West looked weak, and the Soviet Union owned half of Europe. Fear not, Reagan said.

"The march of freedom and democracy will leave Marxism and Leninism on the ash heap of history," he told a skeptical parliament.

Sovietologists -- Western experts on the USSR -- were appalled by his language. Evil Empire? What? The Soviet Union would always be there. We must coexist.

Within a decade the Soviet Union fell without a civil war, U.S. intervention, or a peep. It was all a facade. Its Politburo was a bunch of old drunk men who suffered decades of intellectual atrophy. The collapse was sudden and complete.

President Donald John Trump on Monday tapped into his Reagan side as he grapples with a Western Hemisphere long neglected by the United States as we abandoned the Monroe Doctrine of staying on our side of the Atlantic.

His America First foreign policy will develop into The Americas First. Already he has consigned to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Israel security in the Middle East. Call us if you need backup.

The two Koreas are working their problems out. They will field a joint team at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

But with communism failing in Venezuela, President Trump has plenty of troubles to deal with on our side of the planet.

The Miami Herald reported, "President Donald Trump declared 2019 as the 'twilight of socialism' in the western hemisphere Monday during a speech in Miami and cast impending regime change in Venezuela as a harbinger of things to come in Cuba and Nicaragua."

The report from his appearance at Florida International University surprisingly was positive for President Trump.

For example, politicians in Florida want him to extend temporary protected status visas to Venezuelans. Democrat Congresswoman Donna Shalala said, "He simply shouldn’t come to South Florida this afternoon without extending TPS and ending deportations."

The Miami Herald reported, "If that message is resonating, it wasn’t apparent at FIU.

"Trump cast himself as the leader of the Americas before an enthusiastic crowd. And, in an arena not far from Doral — home to thousands of Venezuelan exiles — and Sweetwater — home to thousands of Nicaraguan immigrants — he promised that the freedoms they enjoy in the U.S. will be returning to the countries they left behind."

The president said, "We know what freedom can do in Cuba because we’re seeing that future right here in Miami. We’ve seen that future in Sweetwater … We are going to see what the people will do in Caracas, Managua and Havana."

President Trump is taking on socialism at just the right moment. Since his election two years ago, he has worked tirelessly to boost the economy by bringing back manufacturing.

With unemployment at near-50-year lows, a generation taught to hate capitalism is seeing the benefits of capitalism.

Championing the people of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua bolsters his credibility when it comes to the wall.

The experts get The Donald wrong. Always.

The experts 30-plus years ago got The Ronald wrong.


  1. Contrary to that graphic, there is nothing MORE Democratic than Socialism.

    OTOH, Socialism is very undemocratic.

  2. Better than a strong cup of coffee to get the day going. Excellent post.

    Don, I realize you're probably not good looking enough for tv but I wish you had a radio program. Broadcast from right there in WV.

    1. I’d listen! Plus, having had the great pleasure of meeting him in person, he is a GREAT storyteller.

    2. What do you call a group of two or more white men?

      A podcast.

    3. Mr Surber, You DON'T have a face for radio?

    4. probably not even good looking enough for his wife, lol!

    5. For the record, Don was terrific on the Teri O'Brien podcast

  3. We may be seeing some big stuff happen in South and Central America.

    I'm not big into getting us into more conflicts and not excited about a ton of refugees from down there, but one thing to consider is that people who have suffered dearly at the hands of communists for long periods of time do not make for reliable Democratic voters.

    Turning the tables on the Dems in this way could end up being a real game changer.

    1. Just remember, in the cases of Venezuela and Nicaragua, these people voted for the rat commie bastard gummints they suffer under. After what Ortega did the first time he ran the gummint, the idiots voted him back in. Almost as dumb as California voting for Governor Moonbeam again. - GOC

    2. Just remember, when you post as stupid a comment as presuming that any election results in these default dictatorships is the will of the population, you embarass, as in, bare you ass, yourself.

      Plus, as an added bonus ass baring, you refer to california, the poster child of election frauds.

  4. We've still got nukes on the Korean peninsula. We still have zero agreement to remove nukes from the Korean peninsula. Donny got played.

    Unlike Reagan, Donny tried to use his campaign to make crooked gains in his crooked business. Why else would Donny's campaign manager lie so much? Trump tower penthouse for Pootie? Sure. Nothing to see here.

    1. what did he give up, exactly?

    2. So far, there is no proof for any of this and even Mule Ears has conceded no collusion.

      I'll bet you're one of those over the hill hippies still wearing tie dyed T shirts with a bald head and a long white pony tail, still belching all the old Commie platitudes.

    3. Uniparty cunts abound.

      To default to erroneous assessment of intent of the assinine is to assist in concealing the uniparty cunt cabal conniveries.

      ALL criticism not specific, verified and proven factual is the slime of the uniparty.

      The uniparty intent is NEVER emotional, only the manipulation of the emotions of the useful idiots is perceived as such, by some less inclined to thoughtful observation.

      The word, uniparty, being the cabal of cunts, should be the vile profanity descriptive word of choice.

  5. Occasio-Cortez’s rise may be the downfall of the socialist movement in the USA, with major help from Venezuela’s failure.

  6. You got it.The same people who said we couldn't wind 40 years ago are the ones saying it now.

  7. While Trump is right about "socialism" being about power for the rulers, that's not why voters support it.
    Socialism is also about the big Free Lunch lie.
    You can have free college, free healthcare, free retirement, free houses, free cars, free chickens!
    Voters like free stuff.
    There's no such thing as a Free Lunch? Not globally, but locally -- everybody has had a lunch paid for with Other People's Money.
    An OPM paid lunch is like a Free Lunch.

    Most gov't spending is a form of Free Lunch bribery to the voters -- getting more in specific benefits than they are willing to pay for, but happy to get them if it's with OPM.

    Like Thatcher clearly stated, it seems fine UNTIL you "run out of Other People's Money".

    Power over your money, and OPM, is what the socialists want.


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