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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Trade deficit narrows. Tired of winning yet?

4% unemployment or less for each of the last 10 months.

The Dow up 37% since we elected Donald John Trump president.

5.3 million jobs added since that election.

And now CNBC has reported, "The U.S trade deficit with its global partners fell in November for the first time after five straight months of increases as the shortfall with China and several other countries declined.

"Tightening the balance between imports and exports has been a major goal of the Trump administration, which last year started levying tariffs in an effort to close the gap.

"A release from the government Wednesday showed the gap had closed in November, the most recent month for which data was available, to $49.3 billion from $55.7 billion in October, representing an 11.5 percent decline. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for a deficit of $54.3 billion."

Wait, wait, wait.

Stop the music.

I thought nobody wins a trade war.

But here we are, winning a trade war.

CNBC reported, "The decline was largely due to a slide in imports, which fell 2.9 percent to $259.2 billion. Exports edged lower to $209.9 billion, a 0.6 percent drop."

It is difficult for other nations who have been sponging off us to retaliate. I mean they haven't been buying from us, so how can they hurt us?

It would be like asking me to boycott Starbucks. I already don't pay $5 for a cuppa Joe.

Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at MUFG, said, "America's trade fight with the world has finally started to slow global trade and only time will tell whether this is a good thing for the economy in the long run."

Let's see, more jobs for us and more work for our factories.

Time will tell, but let's look at the record, shall we?

  • Won't win a primary.
  • Won't win the nomination.
  • Won't win the election.
  • Won't win the trade war.


  1. The downside for other countries is that their workers will lose jobs, so they will be less able to buy US goods. However, they weren't buying US goods when they were in work, so there won't be any difference. Americans will buy goods built in the US instead of China and EU etc, thus supporting other Americans.

  2. I ain't no ways tared.

  3. There have been some of the usual suspects complaing about the intention of our MAGA President to increase the quantity of lawful immigrants welcomed into our nation.

    Mostly this complaining is based upon the sense that Americans would, present the past preference to big business craving for indentured foreign workers, be a continuation of Uniparty policies.

    What if this is not the intent?

    What if the intent is to emphasis, by redefining the qualities of said lawful immigrants as highly qualified, capable and motivated in nature, that the education cabals have failed to provide practical value to their graduates?

    If an American college graduate cannot compete with a lawful immigrant upon the basis of capabilities, knowlege, skills, dedication, determination to quality, etc., who would be the primary cause of their handicap? If not the very costly education enterprises so adept at selling shit to the witless?

    The education cabal emphasis upon practically everything BUT the practical is the fraud most harmful to those Americans in peril of having to compete on an honest, quality basis.

    To believe one is competent is not to BE competent.

    Reduce to eliminate the indentured immigrant attractiveness to the common cravings of business and what factors remain, if not the best, the brightest, the most dedicated to excellence and most capable of achieving it?

    Maybe this is the intent of this call for greater lawful immigrants.

    To expose the frauds of education cabals which have been ongoing for decades now.

    Only the consumers of said frauds can effectively demand quality for every penny they are required to pay.

    Quality most practical, as in, I am capable and earn every penny I am paid.

    The mere lack of willing workers does not automatically equal workers capable of doing the job. And the job must be done and done to a standard of excellence. After all, who wants to pay for shitty work? No one. Not anyone. Thus, business, faced with absence of barely adequate, but cheap, labor, of whatever natures, is motivated to quality and quality + availibility does not care about nation of birth, nor belief in non existent capability.

    Students dumb enough to pay for useless shit educations are way too dumb to be trusted as employees worthy of reliable work.

    Reduce cheap labor and compel quality.

    American students pull their heads out of own asses, and get busy getting capable. Competitively capable.

    The real world.

    1. If our education is soo bad, why do foreigners come here to get one?

    2. They don't invest in Women's studies degrees and Hate whitey degrees. They get computer and engineering degrees and then go out and make a boat load of money. Someone needs to tell Americans the key to success when getting college degrees.

    3. … See also AOC's Degree in Economics from Boston University. She was highly educated, She IS highly educated. "It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant," Ronald Reagan quipped. "It's just that they know so many things that aren't so."
      She ain't alone.


  4. You’d have to be either terminally lazy or seriously on drugs - or retired, like me and Big D - not to find a job right now. Personally, this is better than Ronaldus’ economic golden years. The Train has found a new gear!

    1. I live in a small town, and there are very few job openings here. There are a few for specially trained people, but other than that, no jobs within 60 miles of here. I guess this is because the economic boom influences the smallest communities less or perhaps more slowly.


    2. Move.

      That's what Americans have always done since the beginning of the republic: move to where the opportunities are.

      You have to pursue happiness. It will not often come to you.

    3. ...or, Don't Move. Stay there and Open your own business. If there are few opportunities, creat your own. That's the other thing that Americans have always done since the beginning of the republic.

    4. The fastest growing state in the US since 2011 was North Dakota. The oil boom brought loads of jobs and people looking for work.
      Most growth in 2018 is attributed to people escaping tax hell holes.

    5. One of the things that has always impressed me about so many of the Floridians who grew up in the Carribean is that when there were few jobs to be had they make their own. I suspect that growing up in places where finding a job working for large and medium sized corporations is not the norm as it is here has exposed them to more entrepreneurship than is common in the U.S.

    6. BTW Anne, my Great Grandfather did both in 1898 when the town he was living in blew away in the depression. He left West Virginia as a Italian' baker with his large family and arrived in Paterson NJ as an 'Irish' plumber, [Paterson was a difficult place for minorities to get work if they weren't Irish back then.] His daughter (my Grandmother) never understood why he changed his name from Nicolo Episcobo to Mick Ryan. Hey, even in the land of opportunity, ya gotta do what ya gotta do to eat.

    7. Rich, this is beautifully American. America is a place where we can reinvent ourselves and nobody gives a damn.

    8. That didn't seem to work so well for fauxohauntus.

    9. … maybe if she learned the plumbing trade? (Just askin')

  5. Finding a job - easy. Finding a high paying job in a small town -- not so easy.
    Starting a small business in a small town - easy ... but usually doesn't pay very well in the first few years.

    The "global trade" is a reasonable number to go with the US trade deficit, because it is "globally good". However, because a good amount of it is based on foreigners selling too much to the US, with unfair tariffs (& barriers) against the US, the "goodness" of the global trade is partly the job-giveaway by Americans.

    Trump favors Free Trade, No Tariffs -- most "agreements" are to agree on the non-free trade tariffs. Previous ones were worse for the US producers than the ones Trump's been successfully negotiating.
    Why doesn't the news report the old tariff rates, and the new tariff rates? That's the real news which is the basis of the analysis, and is usually not fully reported.