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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

They do not want amnesty

Mickey Kaus and Michelle Malkin have fought the good battle against amnesty for illegal aliens for many, many years.

But after watching the uni-party whiff opportunity upon opportunity to reform immigration, I realize the last thing Official Washington wants is to turn illegal aliens into legal residents because so many people rake money off illegal aliens.

This is a skin game that provides many penthouse apartments for those who exploit illegal aliens.

First, there is El Chapo who represents the drug industry which exploits the open border between Mexico and the USA.

Yes, we have open borders.

Today's occasional wall is a Lepetomane Toll Booth.

In San Diego, they put up a wall not to keep illegal aliens out, but to protect them from being run over on the freeway.

Next, there are the coyotes who bring the illegals here. The illegals pay them. Maybe they smuggle drugs as well. And the pedophiles and other pervs among the coyotes can rape all the women and children they want along the way.

Then there are businesses that hire illegals. Many if not most big-city restaurants have illegal aliens working for them. They pay them under-the-table and avoid taxes.

The illegals meanwhile can get welfare aid because their wages go unreported. So too do their on-the-job injuries. If an illegal dies in a vat, does he make a sound?

The push for $15 an hour also is a cynical push against competition that plays by the rules. Cities are cleansing themselves of businesses that are on the up-and-up.

Mind you, not all these illegals are Mexican or even crossing the southern border. They come here from everywhere through many other passageways.

Then there are the wealthy liberals who exploit illegal aliens as nannies, landscapers, and sundry other tasks. Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnated one of his.

Do you think she was the only one he had? Do you think he is the only employer who does that? Do you think that sex is all consensual?

Living here illegally puts you at the mercy of many predators in many different ways.

Finally, there is the politics. The House of Representatives and billions of federal dollars are allocated to the states via the Census. Counting illegals fluffs the congressmen and money given sanctuary states.

Teacher unions support open borders because schools are funded by enrollment. Teachers need illegals to offset the drop in population as abortion takes its toll. It's as if liberal women are outsourcing childbirth.

Too many people make too much money exploiting this situation for the uni-party to change it.

They call themselves liberal as they eat at a fancy restaurant, discuss their nannies, and prepare to do a line of cocaine or whatever is the substance to abuse of the day.

Kaus and Malkin are on the side of the angels. Eventually, America will have to crack down, or America will not be America anymore.


  1. "Non-profit" and so-called "religious" organizations are slopping at the taxpayer trough as well. The taxpayer gets stuck with the bill up front for taking care of the illegal aliens when they arrive, then pays in the long run when the illegal aliens receive benefits. To top it off the taxpayer has to pay for the societal upheaval caused by massive illegal immigration in the schools, healthcare, and the costs in lives and money of illegal alien criminality.

    Illegal immigration certainly is a big business, and it has permeated our country on just about every level. I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better.

    - Elric

  2. "Then there are the wealthy liberals who exploit illegal aliens as nannies, landscapers, and sundry other tasks. Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnated one of his."

    Nice glass house. Trump exploited illegal immigrants in his employ. Haven't they reported that over at Fox & Friends?

    1. MAGA roars.

      The gerbil squeals.

      MAGA builds.

      The gerbil breaks a wet fart.

      MAGA provides.

      The gerbil mooches.

      Poor gerbil.

      Relegated to exploring the wonders of has been actors' ass caves.

    2. Trump Enterprises employs over 22,000 people, but there were some illegals in there, but Donald...

      But, I agree, it is exploitation, so why do democrats fight against border security with every fiber in their body.

    3. The 12 illegals found to be working at Trump's golf course all used fake documents to claim citizenship. They'll get away with it.

      Innocent people have their identities stolen every day. IRS knows when multiple people are using the same Social Security number but they don't notify the victim and nothing ever happens to the thieves.

  3. Illegals are the new plantation labor for the Dems. Its really that simple they always prey on the poor.

    As for drugs its none of anyones business what another person ingests unless you contend the State owns our bodies. Everyone has their drug of choice: many are legal like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc.

    The feds cornered the illicit drug market in Vietnam sending home 50K vets with heroin addiction. It was the Golden Triangle for opium. then they moved to Iran Contra. Now in Afghanistan using troops to protect poppy fields where the worlds heroin comes from. War follows drugs everywhere to establish turf.

    Drugs are the religious obsession of conservatives. No wonder they cannot keep power they love to legislate morality inside our homes. Its a repulsive ideology.

    1. The Uniparty has a not so clever troll here.

      1st, present troll ass as in sympathetic agreement with the obvious.

      2nd, pontificate upon pet peeves of the past, plus assert the blame be spread to deflect from the actual targeted issue.

      Then, release pressure in troll ass and finish with the actual purpose of troll comment.

      If the troll wants easy access to the dope, move to fucking mexico.

    2. Yeah. His whole schpeel is that drugs are bad, but I want mine.

    3. There is one valid point concerning the controlling, via criminal law, the "drugs", aka, substances consumed by, you guessed it, the consumers.

      Human nature.

      Someone wants it, will pay for it, someone will provide it.

      Produce it. Distribute it. Sell it. To those who want it and will pay/buy it.

      The criminalization merely increases the value, aka, the price paid by buyer.

      Because the criminalization increases the costs of producing, distributing and selling.

      No demand, no market. No market, no purpose n producing, distributing because, no buyers.

      Try to invalidate human nature.

      Try to invalidate the free market of goods and services.

      Keep trying and the profits for these business enterpises just increase.

      To discourage, if desired, the consumers, just deny any but personal funded payments for any effects undesirable from the usage of currently controlled substances.

      If any insurance business enterprises choose to provide coverage, have at it. Free market.

      If any employer chooses to employ users of currently controlled substances, liabilty laws still apply and good luck, employer, getting liability coverage.

      Same concept applies to many other civilized activities.

      To try to discourage both the consumer and the business enterprises that provide product in demand, by mere criminal penalties, is akin to trying to bail out a boat with a hole too big to plug, using a tea cup.

      The boat may not sink quickly, but it will sink.

      But, people will die?

      When have people not died?

      But, people will commit violent crimes?

      Are they not now? Have they not always? Will they not ever?

      The criminalizing of desired goods and/services is always only minimally successful within a very, very, very, very small population clustering. Think Mayberry. Think Petticoat Junction. Think anywhere except most of everywhere.

  4. It should be painfully obvious after the "demanding and difficult" negotiations and the resulting pile of garbage no one but the president wants to tackle illegal immigration. It was obvious to many when amnesty was declared in 86 and then lame duck Kay Bailey Hutchinson a republican introduced legislation to strip wall funding and supported by both parties. No daca, deport them all, build the wall. Or we can
    in the words of Seth Rollins "Burn it Down!" and take to the streets. It will make the yellow vesters look like pansies and Ferguson a cakewalk if Patriots take to the streets in force to support OUR duly elected president.
    Primary every GOP wall negotiator they all need to go!

  5. Reps should be pointing out, over and over, that the Dems could have gotten Amnesty now, for Wall money now. But they don't want a Wall, now or ever, and they hate the idea of "Trump winning" a budget fight.

    So the full Wall has to wait until Trump wins in 2020, with Reps, not RINOs.

    1. The Democrats passed on amnesty when Obama was president and they had both a House and Senate majority. The Republicans passed on funding the border wall when Trump was elected president and they had both a House and Senate majority. The UniParty is firmly in control of Congress and illegal immigration is going to get worse before it gets better. - Elric

  6. I blame the lack of wall funding on Paul Ryan and to a lesser degree Mitch McConnell. Two years to get something done. TWO YEARS.

    We do need to make sure E-Verify is used. We need to investigate, arrest and prosecute if appropriate, employers with illegal alien employees.

    We also need to pull welfare, AFDC, EBT, whatever, from those who can't prove their legal status. No Earned Income Credit unless you can prove the kids are legally residing in the US (or have other US legal status).

    We need to tax remittances sent outside the US. It costs more for me to send 1000 bucks by Western Union to Ohio than it does to send the same amount to Mexico, India, or the Philippines. At least make up the difference with a fee payable to DHS for border security (of all types).

    We also need to detain and deport scofflaws (like the illegal alien lawyer in California, illegal aliens that show up on TV news show panels, etc.). Same-o same-o visa overstays. shouldn't be that hard to chase a bunch down. Just look in NYC and Silicon Valley. By not doing so, we're just giving tacit approval to illegal status.

    We also need to pull funding from "sanctuary" cities and states.

    We also need to pull tax exempt status from NGOs, including (especially) religion-affiliated ones, who provide aid and comfort to illegal aliens.

    And that's just for starters.

    Now get off my lawn.

    1. If BOTH parties hadn't stripped funding for the ENTIRE wall and followed through on immigration reform in 86 none of us would be having this conversation today and daca wouldn't exist. Deport them all and build the wall!

  7. I’m guessing illegals can also vote for democrats multiple times.

    1. Of course, using multiple identities.

    2. In California they certainly do. Who's going to say they can't?

      Anyone who even questions this is, of course, a racisss bigot who hates brown people!