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Friday, February 08, 2019

The sheep says....

New meme. Not original to me.


  1. It appears that the taco twit is rapidly approaching her moment of achieving the only greatness destiny + her nature will provide her.

    Namely, joining the ever increasing membership of being added to Don's T-Schlonged list. (Or would she be exempt due to primarily self schlonging herself?)

    Her recent proclamation of grandious intent rivals the absurdities of the clinton cunt.

    The taco twit has no need of hot sauce; she pees her own concoction i to the wind each and every passing day.

    Fancy nancy may not survive the year stroke free.

    So, have the odds makers made a beginning call on taco twit's chances of reelection?

    1. Brandon Straka has declared against her. If he isn't killed it should be interesting.

    2. That part of this proclamation about beneifits to those "not willing to work" gotta be a tip of the moocher hat to bernie....

      These lunatics are now exploding, imploding, unloading, freeloading, upchucking and wet farting at such an astronomical pace, Don is gonna have to run multiple blogs to keep up.

      Lunatic Lefties Update

      Fossilized Democrap Fracktating

      Deep State Shennanigans

      Media Mutts Musturdbations

      State by State Devolving Dementias

      A Formal Updated Presentation of democrat Legislation Going Fucking Nowhere

      And that's just all before the arrival of the flowers that bloom in May!!!!

  2. Is that a Jeff Bezos pic? If so the pointer needs t/b 'UP-dated'....

  3. I went through my LibCommie phase back in my 20s also. I’d bet a lot of Big D’s readers did too. Voted for Fritz in 84. Gawd I was a dumb shit back then. The problem is, fart fones are serving to delay adulthood by about 9 years based on my unscientific observations. So in Old Skool terms, AOC is only 20. She can be forgiven. The 50 and 60 year olds who are “star struck” are in fact only in it for the Three Ps: Power, Privilege, and a slang term for a cat.

    1. I've held that Occasional Cortex is one mugging away from an epiphany...
      "Hmm if I'd only had a gun...Hmmm.."

  4. Thanks, Don! Meme acquired and deployed! =^[.]^=

  5. AOC's time in the sun may not last long, but she's provided plenty of entertainment!

    As her brand of socialism is bringing a magnifying glass to the stupidity of the concept, it's alarming the far-leftists in the Donkey Party who prefer to achieve their goals by stealth. This is causing a rift in the party, and upsetting ̶S̶k̶e̶l̶e̶t̶o̶r̶ Nasty Nancy Pelousi as well!

    So if I were AOC, I would avoid being alone, I'd stick with the crowds, and I'd keep watching my 6; but since she seems incapable of a low profile, I don't expect her to have a long life expectancy!