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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Teacher may be expelled over Covington Catholic

A school superintendent in Colorado has recommended firing Michelle Grissom after she tweeted and misidentified a Covington Catholic High student -- and called him a Hitler youth.

His father understandably was upset with her tweet.

As you recall, a group of students from Covington Catholic attended the March for Life. They visited the National Mall where they were accosted by black nationalists and an Indian who taunted a boy by beating a tom-tom in his face.

These are the kooks one encounters in the city.

Press accounts libeled the boys.

As did Miss Grissom, who teaches civics to seventh graders.

The NBC affiliate TV station in Denver reported, "The superintendent of the Douglas County School District has made a recommendation to the school board to fire a teacher who is accused of derogatory comments directed toward a Covington Catholic school student following an incident in Washington, D.C. last month.

"Mountain Ridge Middle School teacher Michelle Grissom was placed on paid leave following online comments where she called a Covington Catholic school student Hitler Youth."

My advice to the teachers union is not to fight this one.

I oppose firing people over opinions expressed in tweets and whatnot.

This case was libel. The school board would be the deep pocket if the Jackson family sues. It would be irresponsible of the board not to fire her.

She ought to just resign and find another occupation.

UPDATE: In comments, a reader pointed me to this story, "A teacher at St. John Vianney High School has resigned because of a tweet harshly criticizing the boys in the video, who had come from a pro-life march and were accused of harassing and mocking participants of the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington D.C. in January."

The 24 Hour Rule would have saved her.


  1. Plenty of strip joints in the Denver area. Since she already lacks morals and restraint.....

  2. SJW self-righteousness burns, overcoming common sense and civility.

  3. Dr dawn Finley "resigned" her teaching position at a catholic school in st louis when she retweeted a comment that the Covington kid should be "lit up" (shot)


    John Henry

    1. Shame on her. A Catholic school teacher doing that.

  4. She ought to try to find another brain, as well.

  5. "Michelle Grissom was placed on paid leave..."

    Why are these people never FIRED but always given a vacation in these cases?

    - AZ

    1. For the same reason the cops can't execute a killer they catch in the act. Due process. That said, she should get swift justice.

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  7. There is a line between opinions and libel, tho not so much for "public Republicans". So it's easy to libel any and all Reps -- and many hate filled PC-Klan members do have a habit of slandering Trump, Kavanaugh, any known Rep. Hard habit to break, for some. It's a very bad habit.

    But libel against a private person; who is also a minor? I suspect the courts will be awarding damages, if any cases go to trial. I hope the amounts demanded are so huge that some do go to trial. I hope that slander loses in court.

    America could use more civility, but needs to stop the libel. Losing big lawsuits will likely help do that. (now with less typos, I hope)

  8. If she's making snap judgements about schoolkids elsewhere, she's doing the same at home.

  9. "As did Miss Grissom, who teaches civics to seventh graders." probably sleeps with some of them, too, since she seems to have no morals or scruples.

  10. The Left is always trying to get anyone, that is anyone to the right of Marx, fired from their job for any actual or perceived transgression. I've long been against this practice as it's not American, but smacks of fascism.

    Now I've decided that we need to fight fire with fire. So sack this sorry creep, we don't need fascists teaching civics to our children!