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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Reaction to the wall amuses me

National Review, the Washington Post, and every celebrity in Hollywood condemned President Donald John Trump last night.

That means he's drawing blood.

It is green and smells swampy, but trust me, it is blood.

The president finally declared the mass invasion from Mexico a national emergency. The wall will go up.

This has been an emergency for decades. The refusal of Washington to react has led to violent crime, welfare fraud, depressed wages, and a deterioration of the American culture.

Fed up, Americans elected Donald John Trump president.

The next day, the stock market immediately soared. I never saw such a thing in my life.

The economy then shot up. Unemployment fell below 4%. Wages are rising faster than inflation for the first time in memory.

The reaction to the wall going up is stunning.

Please understand the fear in Washington, Hollywood and Manhattan? Who will work in the restaurant kitchens? Who will mow the lawns? Who will nanny the kids?

National Review clucked its tongue.

Its editorial began, "President Trump may be right in his legal analysis of his declaration of emergency — lose, lose, lose, then win, maybe."


I doubt the Supreme Court wishes to be in the position of being a backseat commander-in-chief.

National Review insisted it is illegal and bad form, ending its piece, "This is no way to run a railroad, or to preserve what are supposed to be the guardrails around our constitutional structure."

No way to run a railroad? The presence of a cliche shows how much thought went into the effort.

Captain Kristol aboard his new boat, the SS Bulwark (having sunk the SS Weekly Standard), was just as prissy.

The Bulwark editorial said, "Now that President Trump has declared a national emergency to circumvent Congress and build his wall, Republican legislators face a time for choosing: Support Trump or the rule of law."

The rule of law? The emergency powers act was written and signed into law in 1976. Lawyers can argue its interpretation but you cannot argue that the president acts lawlessly.

Let us talk about the rule of law for a minute. For two years, Washington has refused to accept the results of President Trump's 30-state triumph.

Official Washington has thrown every roadblock possible at the man and saddled him with a taxpayer-funded witch hunt by power-mad staffers at the FBI who would use the Constitution as toilet paper if it were not written on parchment.

Build the wall. Toss out the illegal aliens in our midst. And re-elect The Donald. He has earned it if only for tolerating these infidels.


  1. Trump shouldn't have to be fighting the Democrats as well as the Republicans. A bunch of these guys need to be primaried in upcoming elections.

    1. Was that a fraudian slip there, booboo?

    2. I think that cynical comment is all too true, Doc.

    3. Ryan was the reason the Dems won the house-that and cheating by the Cali dems-that no one has called them on except Judaical Watch..
      Ryan is the Unitparty..

  2. Uniparty.


    Grafters, grifters, schemers, connivers, exploiting as their very purpose of existence.

    The democrats have their useful idiots + their feckless, duplicitous, deceitful co-horts, aka, career repubs, effectively rinos all, by their actions, + the propaganda cabals of all deceptive flavors, (Hi, annie skinny fannie!!!), and even the wimps deluding themselves into believing they are MAGA, whilst leaving actual MAGA actions loaded onto one single man's back: President Donald J. Trump. Fucking pussies.

    The mid terms proved the feeble natures of the self claimed MAGA limp dicks.

    Oh, no!!!! It was all that democrat fraud!!!!

    Ya fucking putz pukes. Overcome the democrat fraud, with MAGA.

    Overcome the Uniparty repub fucks with MAGA.

    Quite your bleating and fucking get it done.

    If ya don't, bend over, spread cheeks and brace yourselves.

    1. In some case, like Yoder in Kansas, we had to make the switch to donk to get rid of him. While I hate seeing a comie in the seat, he was no better, so it is no loss, and 2020 is only nineteen months away.

    2. MAGA is finding a way.

      MAGA is not wetting panties at the slightest apparent setback.

      MAGA is the long haul.

      Everything in life is a situation, specific and, thus, requiring thoughtful consideration + sincere MAGA intent.

      Thoughtful consideration is not at all the same as scheming, conniving, plotting, etc., all the purvey of the Uniparty cunts.

      Salt of the Earth feeds all.

      MAGA is Salt of the Earth.

    3. First, PDJT is pointing to an Obama EO about Mexican cartels as a reason to build the wall. Second, I almost gave up on Twitchy yesterday due to the ultra progressiveness of an author called Sarah D. Finally did give up on Brietbart and their 'immigrant' stuff.

  3. The democrat snakes have always been known. The republicans continue to unmask themselves. Build the wall. Primary the snakes.

  4. Kristol's latest attempt at #NeverTrump journalism (and I use that term loosely) is The Bulwark? HA HA HA!

    bul*wark: a defensive wall. synonyms: wall, rampart, fortification

    1. Irony. Ain't it? (I know, the correct form is 'ironic' but then the opposite wouldn't be 'Wrinkley' would it?) I chortled when I read "The Bulwark". Self awareness seems to be a very rare thing these days.

    2. Bill Kristol: Lots of bull worked out on his new thrown.


      Published by a real piece of work.

  5. "Please understand the fear in Washington, Hollywood and Manhattan? Who will work in the restaurant kitchens? Who will mow the lawns?..."

    More work for me.

    Actually, it's almost impossible to run an illegal crew here in CT. Couple local high school kids had a decent route until they got busted last summer for not collecting sales tax on the lawns they were cutting.

    More work for me.

    1. Your particular area of CT may be secure but New Haven, Bridgeport (33% spanish speaking) and Hartford (40% spanish speaking) have massive populations of illegals - particularly from the Dominican Republic. Somebody's turning a blind eye.

    2. That is correct. I don't get out of my little enclave much. Here in the Land of ESPN we are not so labor diversified.

  6. The argument against declaring a National Emergency because a Democrat might do it is pure bullshit.

    The last Democrat president illegally

    * declared a One-Man Arms Treaty with Iran
    * decreed another One-Man Climate Treaty (by calling them by another name)
    * Unilaterally decided to suspend Immigration Law ("Deferred Action") and write his own.
    * appropriated $7 billion for insurance companies
    * used the IRS as a political bludgeon
    * allowed his Sec/State to run a worldwide Bribery Empire out of the State Dept.
    * perpetrated a criminal and seditious coup attempt on voters using the entire government as a weapon.

    But we're supposed to worry they might misuse Emergency Declarations, too? Democrat, please.

    By contrast, President Trump is using his lawful powers properly to defend the nation--indeed, the very concept of nationhood.

  7. Group think, in place of thoughtful consideration, is the reason millions of Jews died.

    1. What is the basis of thoughtful consideration?

      What is the basis of group think?

      What is the basis of your comment?

    2. Wow. That’s STILL all you’ve got. You’re fired.

    3. Utilizing the mocking of even that which is mockable, let alone that which may be mockable, to put a tingle in your dingle is a desperation move.

      Indulged in for any length of time, it becomes habitual.

      A form of combining group think & self soothing.

  8. Does a National Emergency mean he will send troops into Northern Mexico to protect USA?

    1. Has the mexican government requested assistance in this matter you post a question about?

    2. Only a retard would ask a question like that, Original Nony. I told you: You’re fired.

    3. It is an interesting question, since it leads to actually interesting questions, answers when availible and even more questions.

      Thus, has mexico requested assistance from our MAGA President in light of the utter, historical failures of any mexican government to enforce it's own laws concerning criminals committing heinous crimes upon mexican soil?

      Which also raises the question, is mexico a civilized, law abiding nation or a shithole?

      This question is most interestinhly answered by mexicans.

    4. On the Northern Border it is a shithole

  9. The donks are not the least bit worried about the nannies and pool cleaners, what they are worried about are the stream of socialist voters. Like our children, when they begin voting after college indoctrination, they vote communist, then after they catch on to exactly what the donks are about, they switch to conservative unless they, like nonny he ninny, remain safely in mommy's basement. (I Know her place is a single wide on a lonely dirt road.)

  10. President Trump should be given 2020 as a gift because of all these rat bastards who have tried to take him down.