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Monday, February 11, 2019

Cartoonist drops F-bomb. Newspapers drop him

In his Sunday comic strip (do they still have those?) cartoonist Wiley Miller sneaked in a hidden message: “We fondly say go f*** yourself Trump.”

Add him to the Trumpenfreude List.

This was not an editorial page cartoon.

This was in the Sunday section aimed at children and families. Granted that section is a relic of the 1920s before homes had televisions, but newspapers still run them.

He thought he pulled a fast one on our Roadrunner President.

Well, meep meep.

The Butler Eagle in Pennsylvania became the first newspaper to drop Wiley's comic strip. He uses his first name as his pen name.

Ron Vodenichar, Eagle publisher and general manager, said, “A reader brought to our attention that one of the syndicated comic strips which appears in the Sunday Butler Eagle may contain a hidden message which was apparently placed there by someone in the creative department of the creator of the comic strip or the syndication which controls it.

“Neither the Butler Eagle nor any other newspaper that includes this strip had an opportunity to remove it even if they had discovered it before distribution.

“We apologize that such a disgusting trick was perpetuated on the reading public. The Butler Eagle will discontinue that comic immediately.”

Newspapers are in decline. Wiley gave readers a reason to cancel their subscription. That's real genius.

UPDATE: The Columbus Dispatch cancelled the strip. And the Joplin Globe. And the Dallas Morning News.

A Washington Post story on Wiley's F-bomb noted it carries the strip, and said, "A spokesperson for The Post did not immediately comment."

Jeff Bezos will find a way to blame President Trump.


  1. I had to go back and look again. It was a nearly illegible scrawl that I missed the first time. Whether Wiley penned it himself or some other TDS infected moron did it, it is his name on the byline. The strip was directly addressed to children to color in the "Wiley Bears". His addition to the list is well deserved.

  2. lyn5

  3. Fyi, it's a minor detail, but Mr. Vodenichar should proofread his work: it's "perpetrated" not "perpetuated."

  4. "...a hidden message which was apparently placed there by someone in the creative department of the creator of the comic strip or the syndication which controls it."

    Yeah...I went and looked at the cartoonist's Twitter Feed. Among other things he calls PDJT 'President F--- Wit' so my guess is that he's the one who put it there in the first place.

    This guy is a piece of work.

  5. Maybe I'm remembering a different cartoon, but Non Sequitor used to be somewhat conservative--for a non-political cartoon.

    1. Everybody is a conservative at birth.

      Exquisitely aware of the needs to survive being tough to get.

      It is only after having these true needs reliably satisfied, that some succumb to the acceptance of allowing the obvious to mutate into their oblivious.

      Thus, the democrat emerges. A mutation caused directly by prolonged comfort of full belly + innate fear of their oblivious being blasted by the return of the obvious.

      Mutants aghast at the mere thought of restoration to normal perception of reality.

      The Uniparty creatures, grifters all, see the opportunity most luscious in using the thusly mutated oblivious to the Uniparty greedy ends.

      Ya gotta give the Uniparty some credit here; sucking blood from the turnips of oblivious.

    2. “The course of every intellectual, if he pursues his journey long and unflinchingly enough, ends in the obvious, from which the non-intellectuals have never stirred.”

      ― Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell


  6. I won’t even try to hide it: Fuck you, Wiley Miller.

  7. Regarding political cartoons, I'll always remember Senator Krupt in the Frank and Ernest series.

  8. He could have done better to imitate da Vinci and made it readable only after holding it up to a mirror. Maybe he and his readers aren't up to that, which only makes sense.

  9. Hilarious how the Trump cult falls so quickly on the fainting couch over "vulgarities", while they support an immoral piece of filth like Trump. "Oh dear, I believe I shall succumb to the vapours. "

    1. Oh dear, I do believe his employers--none of whom could be branded members of "the Trump cult"--so quickly fell on their fainting couches and succumbed to the vapours, that they fired him posthaste, before most readers could even call in their complaints.

    2. Groupings that oppose MAGA:

      Greedy Uniparty creatures.

      Well fed fools used by greedy Uniparty creatures.

      Frightened toddler thinking brats fearing their comfortable delusions threatened by MAGA truth.

      Muslim conquest fanatics, not substantially different than fervant communist lunatics. Fascists all.

      Bored by dependably full bellies, comfortable environs and luxuries unappreciated, those craving for the thrills of reality without the risks of consequences. Yeah, the pussy hat posse.

      The desperate to grab the American experience, their despair rooted in the nature of their birth nations' being shitholes. The Uniparty creatures adore these so easy to exploit.

      The babblers, blatherers, putz pontificators, mumbo jumboists, mutt mouthed clowns so prolifically employed by the msm.

      All are fucking hilarious, muck minded knucklehead op, with the duplicitous use of "immoral" being totally fucking absurd.


    3. Upset? Not hardly, we are laughing our asses off at him. The ones who are upset are the folks with small kids who read the comics.

  10. Speaking of newspapers, I hadn't seen a copy of our local paper, the Billings Gazette, for a while. I no longer read it, but a copy was sitting in the waiting room of the oil change place today. They have downsized it yet again. The crummy rag is now the same size as one of those weekly shoppers they hand out for free.

    1. Downsizing seems to be a visible death knell.

  11. I don't read newspapers sins the last colunist worth my time and I gave up "comics" for the most part,

  12. The Atlanta Urinal and Constipation just dropped him and apologized to all of its readers for not catching the vulgarity and running the strip. Wiley's excuse was pathetic. He put the vulgarity in in response to sumpin' Trump did and meant to white it out but "forgot". Yeah. Sure. That's the ticket. - GOC

  13. Years ago, my favorite political cartoonist "Thornhill" finally retired, & that was the end of my newspaper subscription. All the cartoons I liked had already been deep-sixed, and that was the last straw.

    Thornhill's last cartoon showed a group of our Founding Fathers in Congress: the caption read, "A bunch of right-wing, politically incorrect, religious gun nuts stirring up trouble."

    If this Wiley stuff is what passes for cartoons these days, doesn't look like I've missed anything.

  14. Isn't this about the same as that silly Congressperson?
    Of course, she's not a writer.