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Friday, February 15, 2019

Hispanics put New Mexico in play for Trump

Brad Parscale was Donald Trump's digital media director in 2016, and is his campaign manager in 2020. He is based in San Antonio and he had good new from the rally in El Paso.

President Trump drew 30,968 people signing up online.

Parscale said every ticket was scanned and that 7,950 people were inside the El Paso Coliseum venue and another 10,000 watched it outdoors.

Parscale tweeted, "The El Paso rally had thousands of people from New Mexico. 70% Hispanic. 50% Democrat. 25% Independent. 25% Republican. 25% Didn’t vote in 2016. The left’s narrative isn’t working, Latinos support @realDonaldTrump in epic numbers."

New Mexico went with Bush in 2000 and 2004, but Obama flipped it in his two elections. Hillary carried it by 8 points.

Parscale is a numbers man. He had every ticket scanned both inside and outside the arena. That gives him pertinent information such as name and address.

For example, 23.2% said they have not voted in the last four elections. Only 20.4% voted in all four of the last election.

If you are Democrat who drove from New Mexico to El Paso to attend a rally for President Trump nearly two years ahead of the election, chances are you will vote for him.

With President Trump, actions speak louder than words -- and his words are pretty darned loud.


  1. Large majority of LEGAL hispanics are hard working, religious and family oriented. I never understood why they voted democrat.

    1. I grew up in N Fl and never saw a Republican running for statewide office until I was grown. The election was actually the Democrat Party Primary.

      The description - hard working, religious and family oriented, described my family and our neighbors very well. Now we vote Republican. Period.

      The same change may be going on with Hispanics.

    2. You are looking at why right in front of your eyes; you said it: hard working, religious and family oriented.

      Where but America, United States of, does hard working pay off? Bigly.

      Where, but America, United States of, does Christianity flourish?

      Where, but America, United States of, do the family oriented know is the best place for family to be?

      Thus, the past support for the demcrats, since the republicans were seen as too restrictive a political party to make it possible for all the hard working, family oriented mexicans to do what the family oriented do, help their own family.

      Then came MAGA.

      And the ones here, plus those they've helped be here, lawfully, and even unlawfully, having experienced being economically undercut by the quantity of illegals, being victimized by the scum illegals, being stigmatized as if they are illegals, are seeing that the flood must be at least slowed, if not halted, for the best place to be to remain true.

      In other words, they do not want America, United States of, to turn into fucking mexico, let alone the shithole countries south of the mexican border.

      Thus, MAGA is, to lawful immigrants, as needed as it is to all true Americans.

  2. Too bad Beto's numbers crushed Trump's.


    1. Precisely how did the numbers for Robert Francis O'Rourke's event "crush" Trump's?

      If you talking about numbers of attendees at the the competing events, you're delusional.

      If you're being sarcastic, nicely done.

    2. Beta's numbers are reliably estimated at 7,000. Hard to place since he did not have tickets or any form of roster. 7,950 people are shown to have entered your president's rally and another 10,k stood outside and viewed it on the jumbotron.
      Some how that does not add up to a crushing number no matter how the enimedia spin it.

    3. Uh oh. Did Beto grow up in East Virginia?

  3. They probably couldn't help but have noticed that the only hispanics the dems seem to care about are illegals and others outside our borders. The Dem party is the party of feminists, homosexuals and blacks, and most of the hispanics that make it to the top are either okay with all the other crap or are fake, like O'Rourke (funny name for a latino).

    The Republican Party is becoming the default party of the working class whether the party leadership likes it or not. Trump saw this before anyone else seemed to. More and more working class people are seeing it now, too.

  4. I think what attracts Hispanics to Trump is his machismo. You know, what feminists call "toxic masculinity".

  5. USA great again!.. but,.. without trouble.

  6. New Mexico went to Bush in 2004, but it went to Gore in 2000, by a margin about as close as Florida went to Bush that year.

  7. I live here. New Mexico has rampant voter fraud where it matters. Until that is addressed, Dems will win everything

    1. Republicans seem to have extremely tepid responses, if any, to even the most egregious examples of voter fraud.

  8. Closing the border is the best way to help ALL legal citizens to get higher wages.
    No economic policy is as important as higher worker wages, by peaceful agreement. By successful companies bidding the wages up -- because they need to, if they want to get the workers they want ("need", to make their local profit/ revenue numbers).