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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Liam Neeson provides NRAenfreude

A reader suggested I add actor Liam Neeson to the Trumpenfreude List, but his life is a serious mess right now, he was not foolish enough to feud with The Donald.

To recap the situation, BBC reported, "The New York red carpet opening of Liam Neeson's latest film has been cancelled amid a row over his comments that he once wanted to kill a random black man after someone close to him was raped."

Given that Neeson played a vigilante in a series of "Taken" movies, his threat should be Taken seriously.

The outrage and condemnation are justified.

He told the Independent that a black man had raped a loved one.

He told the newspaper, "I went up and down areas with a cosh, hoping I’d be approached by somebody – I’m ashamed to say that – and I did it for maybe a week, hoping some [Neeson gestures air quotes with his fingers] ‘black bastard’ would come out of a pub and have a go at me about something, you know? So that I could kill him."

A cosh is a bludgeon.

A Liam Neeson is a 66-year-old menace to society.

He also is a hypocrite who makes millions off portraying gun violence in movies (he got $20 million for "Taken 3") while at the same time denouncing guns.

The Guardian quoted him as saying, "There’s too many guns out there. Especially in America. I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a disgrace. Every week now we’re picking up a newspaper and seeing, ‘Yet another few kids have been killed in schools.’"

If he does not like it he should stay in Ireland, where terrorists eschew guns for bombs, which kill more people faster.

The company that supplied the guns for his "Taken" movies vowed not to supply them again.

The Telegraph reported that Neeson made a distinction between movie guns and private ownership of guns.

He said, "A character like Bryan Mills going out with guns and taking revenge: it's fantasy. It's in the movies, you know? I think it can give people a great release from stresses in life and all the rest of it, you know what I mean? It doesn't mean they're all going to go out and go, 'Yeah, let's get a gun!'"

Now the star has crossed over into Fantasyland.

And crashed.

Hypocrisy has a way of catching up with people.


  1. I like Neeson the actor. Neeson the political commentator has stopped me from spending anymore money on Neeson the actor.

    I understand his anger at the rape; I don't understand why he would ever admit that out-loud. Probably thought his 'liberal actor privilege' would shield him...

    1. Your liking is, thus, feeble in quality.

      Since your politics is valued more by you, as a standard by which you determine your entertainment choices, the essence of virtue discriminating, you trump yourself out of much worthy entertainments.

      "The Grey". 2011. Just to name one

      Run thru the list.

      Don's T-Schlonged list of entertainment individuals on it.

      You will fnd many who are not now, nor have ever been, nor will ever be entertaining in the authentic definitions. As buffons, Uniparty putz pooties, absolutely. As authentic entertainers, not for any but the trained Uniparty putz puppets.

      You will also find some who have not the talent in practical knowing the world as it is, and choosing, as MAGA does, to not submit to the world as it is on bended knee, belly scratching dirt, face up Uniparty ass or any other manner of pitiful, YET do have the talents to entertain.

      You will NOT find any who are smart enough to strive to keep their personal seperate and private from their business.

      You will also NOT find any who choose to be MAGA at all times. Being MAGA was once a given natural quality of, if not all, most of Americans, lawful immigrants yearning to be American and lawful immigrants who succeeded in becoming American citizens.

      The very nature of our Constitutional Republic creates the vulnerability to Uniparty pestulence AND the Immunity to same.

      Uniparty is the disease, the infection, the pestulence.

      MAGA is the vaccine, the disinfectant, the cure.

      Petty decisions concerning choices of entertainment is a symptom of less than MAGA quality.

      Are you experiencing this symptom?

      Self diagnosis on this is easy:

      Assess Don's T-Schlonged list.

      Delete all non entertainment individuals.

      Delete all msm knuckleheads. All.

      Who should remain will be entertainment only.

      Then delete all who stink at being entertaining, whatever category of entertaining each claims as their profession.

      Any remaining names?

      If none, you are infected, beyond recovery.

      If any, to many, you are not infected.

      And if you still choose to shun the work of any remaining, you are infected, and may be way beyond recovery, since you just tried to lie to yourself.

    2. Blah blah blah


      I still watch Schindler's List, Taken, and Darkman. Not going to see anything new from him cuz his trolly has gone off the rails. Why go out of your way to insult half your audience?

      Freedom of choice, dontcha know? MAGA allows that

    3. Free to be feeble.

      In deed and in criteria of your choices.

      When insulted

      What resulted

      You dismiss

      In feeble bliss

      Yet say you still

      Assert your will

      And view the ones

      You choose to view

      Still, alas, a feeble thing to do

      That is one tough titty

      Said the kitty

      When the milk ran dry

  2. Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you're a fool...
    What did he think the outcome of talking about his revenge fantasy would be?

    1. It is so funny.

      The presumed to be MAGA criticizing the absence of self censorship.

      Fucking pathetic.

      Yeah, I went out hoping some asshole blackie, like the one who hurt and harmed my loved one, when I was a young, strapping lad, and was not present to protect her, to fucking beat to a bloody bloody pulp.


      Been there.

      Done that.

      The "hoping for someone alike to fuck with me" part is the crux.

      Not just spotting anyone, but one who starts the shit. That is the difference. Between randomly hunting based on race and drawing out the predatory.

      Have you any idea just how many violent shits have been removed, permanently, from any given part of Creation, by this simple drawing out procedure?

      Think tethered goat, tied to stake, enticing predato to a seemingly easy meal.

  3. When you're mad, with justification, you want some measure of justice.

    I can't condemn him.

  4. More tellingly, he said that when he was told about the rape his first question was " Was it a black man?" And I am willing to bet he did not say black man. Given the "troubles" I was surprised that he didn't ask whether it was an Englishman. Racists gotta racist, I guess.

    1. Time, place and circumstance.

      Now he'd ask, was it a moolie?

      And be'd be right to ask.

      You just made a comment, expressing your opinion, that a common alley rat would never ever think of thinking.

      Was it a cat, momma, that got my dear, sweet sister Sadie????

      The usual suspects always come to mind first.

      As you, presumably, have no fucking clue about his time, place and actual circumstance, you are the racist.

    2. Karnak the Magnificent strikes again!

  5. No one on the right should be paying money for anything coming out of the lefty entertainment industrial complex. Why give money to people who hate you? It's something only an insane person does. And that goes for movies that are intended for us as an audience.

    1. Ah.

      You be a..... Pirate!!!!


      A torrenting beast!!!!

      Welcome aboard, Mate!!!!

    2. Doc nailed it here. Voting with your wallet is far more powerful than any ballot box. And you get to hit them right where it hurts most.

      Take the IRA in Ireland for example. That didn't end until the mothers had had enough.

      If conservative mothers would stop patronizing the public school system and start their own that would decimate the liberals agenda in one generation.

  6. "If he does not like it he should stay in Ireland, where terrorists eschew guns for bombs, which kill more people faster."

    How many bomb deaths in Ireland for 2018?

    40,000 gun deaths in the United States for 2018.

    1. Should've been 40,001.

    2. Tobacco leads to the premature death of death of 250,000 a year and alcohol leads to the premature death of 100,000 a year . Why don't we ban them first?

    3. The simple minded see everything simply.

      Death = Bad


      No body ever seems to like it.

      At least from the perspective of the bodies not experiencing it.

      No body ever appears to sincerly beckon it.

      At least that's the opinion of those not yet to experience anything inducing said beckoning.

      No body ever welcomes it.

      Until they experience what inspires said welcoming.

      And many bodies, simple in mind, dread the simple thinking of it's certain arrival.

      Thus, the recurring bleatings of:

      We must save lives!!!!!

      By denying the means, for those whose lives we must save, of them saving their own lives!!!!

      The simple minded.

      Striving to render all belly up victims of the violent for fucking ever.


      Bleat, bleat, bleat.......

    4. Majority of gun deaths in the U.S> are intentionally self-inflicted. Look it up if you don't believe me.


    Trumpenfreude indeed.

  8. Simplistic answers on gun violence are useless. The leftie mantra of "first, take away from the responsible and lawful users" is ... rubbish.

    Start here.

  9. Confession, it has been said, used to be good for the soul. Not these days...certainly not in public. Best keep that between you and your maker.

  10. Don, this is not one of your best columns. You have placed two different situations together, muddying the water on both. First, Neeson's friend's rape was over 40 years ago and he was in his early twenties and he said after a week he calmed down and realized he was wrong to have that attitude. He said he would have acted the same had his friend's assailant been white. Keep that in context. Is that racism or is that a normal reaction of any male when a female close to him is attacked and raped? Then his comments about guns in America were made in 2015 after the Charlie Hedbo attack. The two comments were 40 years apart, both after serious incidents. CDM

  11. I like Liam Neeson movies, he's a good action actor.

    Most simplistic actors, like much of their audience, wants a simple, easy answer to stop the violence.

    Violence by free people who are free to buy guns, and do sinful, illegal, harmful stuff. That's part of the price of freedom.

    It's a failure of our culture of raising young men that too many seem to mix fantasy movie-land with actual reality.

    Most of the gun deaths are part of drug war turf battles; and that's another set of social choices. To make it illegal, thus use cops with guns to stop, otherwise peaceful drug buyers from buying drugs (and ruining their own lives). Take out drug related deaths and gun deaths go way down.

    Maybe lower than swimming pools: "There are over 7,000 drowning deaths nationally each year."

  12. Gun debates bring out some of the worst thinking don't they?

  13. Surber knows gun control would never work. Yet he cherishes drug control even after 50 years of complete failure, he still expects it to work. Just give 'em more money! That's a classic liberal argument and its a sign of the weak minded.

    1. Two parallel categories:

      Prescription regulated substances

      Prohibited controlled substances

      Overlaping in lawful, controlled uses & illegal uncontrolled consumptions.

      The former being an approved cournering of the market.

      The latter being a desired basis of the black market.

      All founded in financial relevant interests.

      The moral/ethical basis arguments merely provide social/political leverages for the relevant financial interests to use.

      The consumer of illegal substance wants total legality.

      The producers, distributors and retail sellers want illegalities maintaned and enforcement elusive.

      Ditto on lawful, regulated substances.

      Consumer seeks market force lower price and ample supply.

      Producers, distributors and retail sellers want highest price, lowest cost and control of all stages of the business.

      All is based upon financials.

      Everything else is leverages.

  14. Once I enjoyed Liam Neeson's movies. Then he opened his big mouth and "do what I say, not what I do in my movies" came out, and I couldn't unhear him; he pronounced himself a hypocrite and someone who is ignorant of the history of the 2nd Amendment.

    This makes it impossible for me to suspend my disbelief, so I don't watch his films anymore, nor do I watch Schwartzenegger's and for the same reason. The feet of clay distract me from the cracked plastic hero figures.

    Once it is abundantly clear that these "heros" are pure fakes, who seemingly don't have morals or good judgement, I just don't enjoy their films like I did when I thought that they had a strong character of their own.

    All that said, I don't see what Neesom said about wanting to kill a black man as racist: he wanted to kill the person, a black man, responsible for the rape of his friend. Charles Bronson did a whole series of films based on that idea, and they weren't racist either.

    1. Except he said he wanted to kill any random black person he came across, not the actual perp, which would have been understandable.

    2. Any who fucked with him.

      Any who displayed the qualities of the one who harmed his loved one.

      Any who was of like mind of rapist.

      The nature of Creation is a conundrum. Way past a concoction of contradictions.

      To apply the principles of not of this world to this world, whilst in this world, will never alter the naturr of this world as designed, created and implemented.

      To be better than the nature of this world is go be unsuited to be in this world.

  15. Yeah and 2/3 of those were suicides