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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Ford to invest $1 billion in Chicago factories

It's Magic Wand time in America again.

Ford just announced, "Ford Motor Company is investing $1 billion in Chicago Assembly and Stamping Plants and adding 500 new jobs as it prepares to launch three highly anticipated new SUVs that go on sale later this year.

"The transformation at the plant, which will begin in March, will expand capacity for the production of the all-new Ford Explorer – including the Explorer ST and Explorer Hybrid – the all-new Police Interceptor Utility and the all-new Lincoln Aviator. The work will be completed in the spring. The additional 500 full-time jobs bring total employment at the two plants to approximately 5,800."

I love it.

President Donald John Trump now has officially done more for Chicago in two years than Barack did in eight.

Mind you, Chicagoans blocked Donald Trump from campaigning there when a gang of thugs led by Bill Ayers -- Barack's political mentor -- bullied and threatened those who wanted to attend Donald Trump's rally. The Donald canceled to avoid violence.

Now thanks to President Trump's America First policies, Chicago is adding 500 manufacturing jobs -- the very jobs that Barack gave up on.

A booming economy and an actual free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico make the investment feasible.

Ford said, "With the Chicago investment, Ford is building an all-new body shop and paint shop at Chicago Assembly, and making major modifications to the final assembly area.  At Chicago Stamping, the company is adding all-new stamping lines in preparation for the 2020 Ford Explorer, Police Interceptor Utility and Lincoln Aviator. Advanced manufacturing technologies at the plants include a collaborative robot with a camera that inspects electrical connections during the manufacturing process. In addition, several 3D printed tools will be installed to help employees build these vehicles with even higher quality for customers."

Now for the punchline, courtesy of CNBC: "Ford is undergoing an $11 billion restructuring that will shrink its salaried workforce of 70,000. It is also cutting thousands of jobs in Europe, where Ford has struggled to maintain solid footing."

Europe's loss is our gain.

Never forget what Barack said at a townhall meeting on June 1, 2016:
“When somebody says, like the person you just mentioned who I’m not going to advertise for, that he’s going to bring all these jobs back, well, how exactly are you going to do that?
“What are you going to do?
“There’s no answer to it.
“He just says, well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.
“How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have and usually the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.”
Today, Ford answered that silly question by a president so petty he would not say Donald Trump's name.


  1. Iran's 100 or so Billion was 0's answer to negotiation..
    Or capitulation.

    1. Barry's took it in the shorts AND paid for the privilege.

    2. Don't worry Madigan's Illinois Combine will get most of the Unions bribe money and spend it on the glorious Barry S out house

  2. This is good news and you can bet another like story will emerge in a few days. Pity the donkey brain party refuses to get behind all this success...America would blow its own sox off!

    Its gotta be a touch of Trumpian schadenfraude that this is happening in Obama's stomping grounds.
    Maybe Ford can donate some trunk space in one of these new models for the great one to display his Presidential library.
    It won't take much space.

    1. Three coloring books can fit in a modest back pack. Why use anything more than a "smart" car?

  3. The REST of the story - which the media refuses to report - is that the only reason GM was making small cars in the US (which Americans weren't buying) is due to Obama's increased CAFE standards. When Trump overturned them GM had no reason to build profit draining cars in the US thus closing those plants and laying off 4,000.

    Now, due to Trump's successful negotiation of the USMCA it is more advantageous to build popular selling SUV models in the US where electricity is reliable, relatively inexpensive and the political environment more predictable. Even BMW has decided to build SUV's in the US and ship them to Europe.

    I wonder if GM will want to be in Trump's good graces as much as Obama's or if they'll continue to thank the American people for bailing them out by poking us in the eye.

    1. You expect gratitude? From leftists? Fuggedaboutit!

  4. Barry did NOT "give up" on those jobs, he worked tirelessly to drive them away.

  5. Obungler - "What magic wand do you have and usually the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.”

    Trump - "Abra Cadabra, bitch!" - GOC

  6. Trump has the big magic wand, Obama the pin PRICK.

  7. Not a peep from Lester Holt during the run-up of "tonight's major stories". Making the list: Bezos vs National Enquirer, Acting AG on testifying, some lady murdered in CT, TSA finds more guns on passengers, Northam (15 seconds), Gucci blackface turtlenecks (huh?), Venezuela, etc, etc...

    Pretty much what you'd expect from NBC.

    1. I no longer watch the boob tube, but let me guess. NBC talked about Venezuela but made no mention of socialism.

  8. barry absolutely disgusts me,.....visceral hatred for that traitor

  9. It doesn't take a "magic wand" - it takes COMMON SENSE and GREAT LEADERSHIP! I'm sure the POS oblama knows more about "magic wands" than he does ANYTHING else! I always said he had that "toilet touch" - everything he touched turned to sh(t!!

    1. I didn't know fairies carried wands.

  10. Magic Wand equals: low taxes, low regulations, and a tolerable administration of justice.
    Like Adam Smith said.
    In 1776.
    True then. True now. But power hungry politicians don't like that magic wand, which works. They want some other magic. They keep failing; like Venezuela.