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Friday, February 22, 2019

Prosecutors let billionaire rape girls

UPDATE: A reader pointed out the FBI does not decide who to prosecute. That is true. I should have been more careful in the original headline, which was "FBI let billionaire rape girls." I cannot imagine FBI headquarters not knowing the man walked.

THE ORIGINAL POST: Long before Jim Comey let Hillary Clinton walk for putting classified material on her private server, the FBI let billionaire Jeff Epstein walk despite his raping 30 girls.

Bungling Bob Mueller headed the FBI then. This was in 2008 when Bush 43 was still in office.

Miami Herald reported, "Federal prosecutors, under former Miami U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, broke the law when they concealed a plea agreement from more than 30 underage victims who had been sexually abused by wealthy New York hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

"While the decision marks a victory for crime victims, the federal judge, Kenneth A. Marra, stopped short of overturning Epstein’s plea deal, or issuing an order resolving the case. He instead gave federal prosecutors 15 days to confer with Epstein’s victims and their attorneys to come up with a settlement. The victims did not seek money or damages as part of the suit.

"It’s not clear whether the victims, now in their late 20s and early 30s, can, as part of the settlement, demand that the government prosecute Epstein. But others are calling on the Justice Department to take a new look at the case in the wake of the judge’s ruling.

"Marra, in a 33-page opinion, said prosecutors not only violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act by not informing the victims, they also misled the girls into believing that the FBI’s sex trafficking case against Epstein was still ongoing — when in fact, prosecutors had secretly closed it after sealing the plea bargain from the public record."

30 underage victims.

They were raped. Statutory rape is rape.

He was worth billions and politically connected.

He walked.

Under "By The Book Mueller," as the nincompoops at the Washington Post now call him.

The Miami Herald story said, "Brad Edwards, who represents Courtney Wild — Jane Doe No. 1 in the case — said he was elated at the judge’s ruling, but admitted he is troubled that it took 11 years to litigate. He blamed federal prosecutors for needlessly dragging it out when they could have remedied their error after it was brought to their attention in 2008."

It quoted Edwards as saying, "The government aligned themselves with Epstein, working against his victims, for 11 years. Yes, this is a huge victory, but to make his victims suffer for 11 years, this should not have happened. Instead of admitting what they did, and doing the right thing, they spent 11 years fighting these girls."

We have given the FBI and federal prosecutors powers that go well beyond the intent of the Constitution. I doubt this can be reformed because of the corrosive nature of power. Police matters should be local. Officials in Florida should have investigated and prosecuted this case.

Meanwhile the FBI wants to jail Paul Manafort for the rest of his life for selling a few rugs and not filing a form no one in Washington files.

They sent Martha Stewart to prison for not being truthful to investigators. They let Epstein walk after he raped 30 girls.

The only cure for this is to shutter federal prosecutors and scale back the FBI.


  1. Strangely, Acosta is Secretary of Labor under PDJT. He may be the most liberal member of the cabinet.

    Very strange appointment and very strange that he is still there.

    Maybe this will force him out, either by resignation or firing.

    1. It's important to remember that when Trump won all of Washington was warned that if they worked for Trump they'd never work again.

      You have to wonder about those who came forward - were they plants to undermine the administration? I certainly had/have my doubts about Sessions, Kelly, Priebus, Cohn, Coates. Acosta is one more.

    2. Add Wray to your list.

  2. Has anyone followed the money trail?

  3. Hey, how about not naming the person responsible to Secretary of Labor?

    Nahhhh, that's silly.

    "Only the best people." Too funny!

    1. Much better than the obamanation appointing only the worst assholes.

    2. SeekingRationalThoughtFebruary 22, 2019 at 3:56 PM

      Never thought Trump was the best possible choice, just that Hilary and other "progressives" were the worst possible choices. They make Trump look like a choir boy. Oh, I forgot, choir boys =Catholic=deplorable.

    3. Srt, you appear to be, not seeking with sincerity.

      Not a career politician. Check.

      Not a belly up rino. Check.

      Not a uniparty grifter snoutfuck. Check.

      Not a snooty, snotty, snob putz. Check.

      Not a pussy. Check.

      Not a twit, nor a twat, nor a whatever gets me pampered cunt. Check.

      Not a lazy bum named bernie. Check.

      The not a fucking politician had me. The rest was a bonus.

  4. trump relys on insiders to recommend to him who to hire in certain posts...he is not a politician and is not connected ...bill clinton is onethe queen son andrew is one and many others...sick world

    1. "only the best people" is what he promised.

      Stop making excuses.

      Add it to the list of lies.

    2. So, numbnuts here expects perfection from our MAGA President.

      Just as numbnuts here expected, and got, perfected assholes from the obamanation.

      Is numbnuts complaining, now that MAGA is methodically exposing and dumping the lingering, bitterly clinging assholes?

  5. Best people...for the job in question; it’s amazing how progressives suddenly have become so passionate about character...after Bill Clinton. Hypocrisy.

    1. Speaking of worthless Willie, Epstein has some pretty serious ties to him and the slinky.

    2. Epstein taught Bill how to say “Unzip this, darlin” in Russian. Also, “Now suck.” Good ole Bill...Speakin for cash, Bangin underage gash when it comes to the Russkies.

  6. So, does this mean the DOJ is going to go back and prosecute Epstein? And if so, what does that portend for Crooked Hillary? Just sayin'.

  7. Epstein has billion$ of reasons to walk free. He can buy anyone he hasn't already purchased. No one will ever bring him or his un-named co-conspirators to justice. Too much money in the equation.

  8. The girls should all sue Epstein for civil punishment, and at least get $$$ millions.

    The DOJ folk should get formal reprimands in their files.

    The Civil Service laws and regulations need to be changed so as to allow more to be fired for such gross obstruction of justice.