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Monday, February 11, 2019

Democrats work to destroy ICE

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the soul of the Democrat Party. (My explanation is here.) She wants open borders and the elimination of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Democrat budget negotiators will accommodate her.

The Washington Post reported, "The delicate negotiations collapsed over Democrats’ insistence on limiting the number of unauthorized immigrants who can be detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The breakdown in talks made it unlikely that lawmakers will be able to finalize an agreement on Monday, as they’d hope to do so it could pass the House and Senate before Friday night’s deadline."

Republican Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard C. Shelby told Fox News, "I think the talks are stalled right now. I’m not confident we’re going to get there."

Democrats loathe ICE under the excuse that it enforces immigration laws -- laws passed by Democratic Congress and/or signed into law by Democrat presidents.

But ICE also enforces customs laws, as well as laws against sex trafficking, child pornography, illegal drugs, and gang violence. Increasingly, it looks as if the Democrats' real objection is ICE cracking down on MS-13 and pedophiles.

The Washington Post said, "The Homeland Security Department along with State, Agriculture, Commerce and a number of other federal agencies are currently operating on a stopgap spending bill that Trump signed January 25. There’s little appetite for another short-term funding extension, but without some action by midnight on February 15, those agencies will run out of money and begin to shut down again.

"Another funding lapse could impact many Americans within days, because one of the agencies that would go unfunded during the shutdown is the Internal Revenue Service, which is processing tax returns for millions of people. During the shutdown that began in late December, thousands of IRS officials refused to show up for work without pay, backlogging the tax filing process."

Democrats helped pass the 2006 authorization of a wall along our Mexican border.

Now they oppose that wall, and want to end ICE (and even Homeland Security).

Just where do their loyalties lie?

Ask Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


  1. AOC lives rent-free in the minds of the Trump cult. She must have plenty of room in there.

    1. Occasional Cortex is a joke.

      But it's Trump who lives in the heads of Lefties. And he is there to stay.

      If this were 130 years ago, they'd all shriek, "curses! Foiled again!!"

    2. Probably get this drugs from MS-13..
      You would have to be on drugs to support the"Green Raw Deal"..

    3. The MAGA butterfly flutters to and fro amongst the Uniparty minions.

      Scattering her MAGA magic, concealed so effectively by the lovely butterfly flutterings, enticing the Uniparty into more and more absurd proclaimations, greater and greater baring of the Uniparty puss filled butt holes, ever increasing in fetid fulminatngs, bubbling babbling blatherings, and accomplishes her task with her innate persuasive presentation.

      No Uniparty creature can resist her tantilizing tippy top tauntings!!!!

      No useful idiots can fail to heed her call of seductive stupidities!!!

      As the MAGA butterfly wends her ways, so, thusly, are the Uniparty and it's minions induced to enthusiastically dive ever deeper into the cesspool of their own assinine desires.

      That's our MAGA butterfly!!!!

      She's such a cutie pie!!!!

    4. The funny thing is that the Dems are gonna take her out themselves.

    5. Ah.

      The equation.


      Democrat party division.

      Sub division, baby boomer class.


      Democrat party dvision.

      Sub division, millenial class.

      The legacy and languid swamp vs. the raw and frisky recruits.


      Odds makers, begin!!!!

  2. Based on AOC's tweets, Trump has a loft apartment in her vacant cranium.

    - AZ

  3. Actually, anon, our worry is that you are one of her followers.

    1. Lots of different anons. Got to be sure which one you address.

  4. The steps the dems will go to to protect william jefferson clinton from prosecution.

  5. Is there any true investigation (governmental or media) going on to see how the Dems benefit from open borders and allowing so many illegal aliens into the US?

    Anybody hear of any?

    1. It is called elections. Los Angeles just purged 1.5 million "voters" as result of a lawsuit. Many counties in california have more registered voters than eligible voters. That's why they fight ID laws.

    2. It's the Uniparty.



      The democrats are just the mutt troops.

      The useful idiots.

      The fodder.

      The Uniparty is the minds behind all of it.

      The dc swamp, the deep state, the bureaucrats, all are mere servants of the Uniparty.

      Try to keep up.

  6. Supposedly, an agreement has been reached. I've always thought the Federal slugs would turn on Pelosi Galore eventually and eventually may be here.

    ICE also enforces customs laws, as well as laws against sex trafficking, child pornography, illegal drugs, and gang violence. Increasingly, it looks as if the Democrats' real objection is ICE cracking down on MS-13 and pedophiles.

    Take that, Choom Gang.

  7. AOC: one bitchschitt crazy broad.

    1. She is only batshitcrazy on her good days. Most times it's worse. MUCH worse.