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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Democrats begin their 57-car pileup

Of course, Democrat Congreswoman Ilhan Omar spewed antisemitic hatred. What do you expect? Democrats have courted antisemitic voters for decades under the facade of being pro-Palestinian.

Democrats booed God and Jerusalem at the 2012 convention.

Omar apologized for saying what she meant. Candor was her sin.

And of course Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes in open borders. She has been taught that America belongs to  Latinos. She does not believe immigration laws apply to them.

Indeed, equality before the law no longer is a Democrat principle.

Ocasio-Cortez is merely a down-market knockoff of Justice Sonia Sotomayor who truly believes that Latina women are wiser and better than white men. How many times does she have to say it before it sinks in that it is what she believes?

Democrats transformed their bifurcated party of segregationists and socialists into a bizarre socialist, white inferiority party.

Black leaders openly want to confiscate property from white people to give to black people in the name of reparations.

For what? No white person in America today owned any slaves, and no black person is a slave. White males -- not Latina women -- banned slavery in 1865. That came after 600,000 of them died in America's bloodiest war.

Democrats are playing the skin game. Their demographers tell them that by mid-century, white people will be a minority.

And so, to get votes, Democrats are erecting this Tower of Grievances with a floor for every aggrieved person. The trouble is, who gets the top floor?

African Americans -- who represent 25% of the Democrat vote -- consider themselves the top dog in this Underdog Olympics. They have faithfully re-elected a congressional black caucus that now has enough seniority to finally gain clout in the House.

And yet Nancy Pelosi is House speaker, not Jim Clyburn who ranks below Steny Hoyer, a white man.

But Hispanics can say not-so-fast. They are the fastest growing minority in America and the No. 1 reason whites will be a minority.

Women are a key component of Democrats but Women of Color -- as Michelle Obama calls them -- want white feminists to take a back seat.

Meanwhile, transgendered women -- men -- are demanding feminists include them.

As Democrats build their Tower of Grievances, please bear in mind the tale of the Tower of Babel.

Al Gore once got E pluribus unum backward, saying it meant out of one, many.

Bad Latin aside, Gore nailed what Democrats are today: a 57-car pileup of aggrieved people who are identified not by character or creed but by such small stuff as race and sex. The small stuff is a diversion from what is really being imposed.



  1. I am amazed that Jews still overwhelmingly vote democratic in view of the anti Israel position of the party. It is almost as if they want another holocaust.
    Similarly, how many years will it take blacks to figure out they are being used by the democrats?
    I believe President Trump is making some slow headway with the blacks, but, what about the Jews?

    1. So spot on, Jim. My only explanation - which may in fact be true for black radicals as well - is PAYBACK. Gonna put the white man, the patriotic white man, in his place, once and for all. Culpability doesn’t matter. They want Bergen-Belsen and Simon LeGree to get his, once and for all. They LOVE death.

    2. I don't believe the majority of blacks are radicals. I grew up in Philadelphia. Most of the young blacks I knew at the time had the same family ties and aspirations as me.

    3. The majority of Orthodox Jews vote for Trump. The majority of less religious, more liberal Jews don't. The more liberal, the farther away from Torah (Bible) values they are, the more anti-Trump they are.

    4. rbbr, that's true, but I think there's at least one other angle too.

      To less religious Jews, the Holocaust occupies an outsized place in their worldview. And since (a) the Nazis are often thought of as "right-wing" (never mind the "Socialism" part of their name), and (b) they certainly were nationalistic, then anything that (rightly or wrongly) is seen as anywhere near that - is automatically rejected.

      Whereas religious Jews have a longer historical memory than that, and know that the Holocaust is part of a much longer pattern of anti-Semitism, not something unique to one part of the political spectrum. Also, they remember (and, for some, personally experienced) the anti-religious anti-Semitism of the left (in the USSR and its satellites). They therefore are able to look at both sides more objectively, see that at present (and going back at least to Reagan) the right seems more in tune with their (Torah-based, as you said) ideals and values, and vote accordingly.

    5. Yaron Brook - why are jews so liberal?

  2. Replies
    1. LOL. Cars soon to be banned in favor of Obama's intercontinental railway.

    2. And AOC's high speed Green Train to Hawaii.

  3. As an aside, disagreeing with Israeli policies is not anti Semitic. No more than criticizing Obama's policies was racist. Although of course the Left tried to paint it that way. Are we going down that same road with Israel?

    1. Questioning Israel's policy is one thing, calling for their destruction quite another.

  4. So far, we've got one hopeful Democrat Candidate from each state. Amirite? :-)

    1. West Virginia's Ojeda dropped out so we are down to 56

    2. wait - oh: the "57" minus The One. Well played! At about the time the "57" was a thing, do not mis-remember the "Pigford" cash reparations payout to "farmers" slush fund. Sheesh: the looting ... Also, w/o a budget for 10 years so the $1Trillion each year replenished without accountability. Is that it?

  5. Something that is never mentioned by our honest & impartial news organizations is that Latinos and Blacks don't mix well together.

    In California this has led to a lot of violence; whole neighborhoods that were once black are now Hispanic, a trend that is continuing.

    The Left's coalition is filled with haters, each group hating some other group, but the one thing they have in common is they all hate whites- who created the rich nation that they all want to loot; South Africa being the template.

    Black people may not realize it, but they have bigger problems facing them than white supremacy or whether they can shake down white men for reparations, as they're next on the list to be shoved out & replaced by the newer imports.

    This won't end well for anyone.

  6. Hanson has a piece up today about victimhood competition.

    Also, this may be a repetition, but I wish that Greenfield would update his Minority Victim Value Index....

  7. Way to go, Don-- you nailed it at the end: "The small stuff is a diversion from what is really being imposed. Communism." I totally agree.

    You can't have a revolution in a country where people are contented. So Communism has been engaged for a long time in trying to create division and discontent. Pitting one type of person against another. The entire focus of "identity" politics is to create grievance and division. (And it's such a small, petty concept of "identity"-- physical characteristics like dermatological pigmentation and genitals, not character or creed, as you say.)

    Funny how the Democrats have for years denigrated the Right as "stupid" (and racist)-- when they are themselves so dumb as to not realize how they are being manipulated by the Communists trying to implement their "socialist" revolution in America.

    And speaking of "dumb"-- how can the party that prides themselves on being "intellectually superior" possibly nominate Joe Biden for President??? Isn't Biden the poster-boy for "not-too-swift"-- he's the Dan Quayle of the Democratic party. How ironic it would be if they nominated Biden.