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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Brad Pitt Trumpenfreude

Trumpenfreude (pronounced Trumpənˌfroidə) is that feeling you get when some dumbass celebrity who has been ragging on Our Beloved President finally gets his.

And it does not get much better than when something bad happens to Brad Pitt. Nobody likes him.

True story. I was in a hospital emergency room and they had the TV on. It was showing the film "Fury." As the final credits rolled, a nurse came by and asked what the movie was. I said it was a good film. Brad Pitt dies at the end.

Everyone laughed.

Now we get to laugh again.

Brad Pitt spent the last presidential campaign trashing Donald John Trump.

The Herald Sun reported, "Brad Pitt Slams Donald Trump in New Interview."

Yawn. How ordinary.

On August 8, 2018, Pitt became news for not taking care of his children.

NBC reported, "Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of shirking child support in new court filing. Jolie alleges Pitt hasn't paid her any meaningful child support for a year and a half during their ongoing, and at times contentious, divorce proceedings."

Because nothing quite says Real Man like a coward letting his kids starve because he is fighting with their Mom.

The story said, "Under California law, each parent is responsible for providing for the children based upon the agreement reached between the couple. It is not clear what, if any, agreement Pitt and Jolie have reached."

Um, don't you go to jail if you miss child support payments?

Oh wait. California. Celebrity justice. I forgot.

But fear not. Pitt may be in legal trouble because his Make It Right Foundation built it wrong in houses provided for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Two years after a levee gave way under the stress of the storm and flooded New Orleans, Pitt started his group to build houses.

The New York Post reported, "To great fanfare, Pitt announced the commissioning of 13 starchitects, Frank Gehry among them, to design homes that were not just affordable but technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable. As the founder and face of MIR, Pitt gave interviews to the New York Times, CNN and Today among others.

"He walked a gushing Ellen DeGeneres and her camera crew through the Lower Ninth, and threw a star-studded gala called A Night to Make it Right, which raised a reported $5 million. He appeared on the cover of Architectural Digest, doffing his cap in front of a newly constructed home. 'Brad Pitt Makes it Right in New Orleans,' read the headline.

"Today, many of these homes are not just falling apart but could be fatal hazards. Page Six recently reported that the city of New Orleans has warned all 109 MIR homeowners that their natural gas meters may have been improperly installed, potentially causing their houses to explode. Residents are again desperate. Some say Pitt, once a presence here, hasn’t been seen in years. Last July, an abandoned Make It Right home was completely demolished after neighbors complained that it was a safety hazard and an eyesore."

Residents filed a class-action lawsuit against Pitt and his foundation. Pitt's lawyers are working to get his name removed from the list of defendants.

It is all lawyer stuff now. It does not matter if he wins or loses the lawsuit. The legal team's meter is running. A thousand billable hours here, and a thousand there, and pretty soon we are talking serious money.

And then there is deposition, the legal industry's version of colonoscopy.

This is more fun than watching the ending of "Fury." And that was a lot of fun.

So Mister Pitt joins The Trumpenfreude List, now at 112 and climbing.


  1. Didn't watch Fury. Even knowing he"dies" isn't enough. Maybe if he really died.

  2. "it was a good film. Brad Pitt dies at the end.

    Everyone laughed." That, right there, is "Laugh Out Loud" Funny. After the 'Victor' morning meditation, it's perfect.

  3. Fury was good, but could have been much better had some bizarre and gratuitous segments not been added. I thought Brad Pitt did an admirable job.

    Having said that, actors are like salesmen - talk politics or religion and you poison your well.

  4. Brad Pitt can now party with these Trumpenfruede victims:
    Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, John Kelly, Nikki Haley, James Mattis, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Raj Shah, Nick Ayers, Donald F. McGahn II, Thomas P. Bossert, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster,
    John McEntee, Gary D. Cohn, David Sorensen, Rob Porter, Omarosa Manigault Newman, Tom Price, Dina H. Powell, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, Anthony Scaramucci, K. T. McFarland, Sean Spicer

    1. To name a few. Best and the brightest.

    2. Some incompetent does not understand the difference between incompetence and Trumpenfreude. Maybe double check your George Soros squalking points.

  5. You all are nuts - “Fury” was an inane movie: the whole concept falls apart with the truth that no seasoned, veteran Waffen SS unit is going to hold up their advance to frontallynassault a knocked out tank in waves. In,reality,mother unit would have bypassed the tank & sent one guy with a Panzerfaust or two with a Panzerschreck to take it out.

    Dumb. Stupid. Concept. The director - David Ayer - is also responsible for another real prize: “U-571”. The. Brits got the Enigma machine , not us.

    Want to see a good war movie? Go watch Sam Peckinpah’s incomparable “Cross of Iron”.


    1. I agree. the scene where he committed war crimes was an insult to every Amderican.

      My comment was a joke.

  6. Pitt is the pits.

    Now he must be thinking that the first rule of Trumpenfreude Club is you do not talk about Trumpenfreude Club.

  7. To be fair, are we really going to believe anything Angelina Jolie or her lawyers say about the divorce proceedings? Those kids aren't going to starve and both parents have millions. Trashing the ex-husband publicly is a time honored technique for improving the divorce settlement.

    As for the other stuff, I've finally learned to ignore all celebrity media if I want any chance of enjoying movies today. That said, the last 3 movies the wife and I watched were 1960's vintage including one with Audrey Hepburn - hubba hubba!

    1. Criticizing Pitt for not giving Angelina another few hundred grand a month to avoid "starving" his super-privileged kids is kind of silly really. As for New Orleans he tried to help but like many rich actors he thought adding his name to a complex project was enough. I don't see him having much fault in all the pompous blowback. Fury was not a great war movie but, given the script and the fact Spielberg had already pillaged the countryside of reality before it, Pitt was actually pretty good. What other American actor today would be even watchable in such a low budget film? I had only one relative who was in actual combat,a machine gunner with Darbys Rangers in Italy. He was captured there by the Germans and after the war married my aunt. His character with its focus on the task at hand mixed with concerned detachment for those around d him reminded me of Pitt's character in the film. I'm not sure Pitt deserves the Trumpenfreude list myself given his heavy competiton for the honor.

    2. Anon - adding Pitt to the list doesn’t keep anyone else from their spot. There is room for everyone.

    3. Anon: I agree with you, but Schlongvester Lardmaster is correct. Lots of room on the list.

      Jolie is also pushing her daughter to transition so I don't think she has her kids best interest at heart.

      I don't like Pitt because he's good buddies with Clooney...

  8. Aside from Pitt dying, there is one more amusing thing about Fury...they added so many 'tracer' rounds that many of the fights looked like laser battles out of Star Wars!

    Don't believe me, Don? Check out the following YouTube link where someone redubbed a battle scene with music and FX from Star works so well!

    - AZ

    1. Was that really how the movie looked? If so that's horrible

    2. Yes, the visuals were unaltered from what was shown theatrically. It's...odd. The gunfire ends up looking more like the blue and red laser guns from the 1980's animated GI Joe.

      (GI Joe was more fun though and not meant to be a gritty, 'realistic' war movie.)

      - AZ

  9. Thanks for the star wars clip AZ... great laugh with coffee this morning.

  10. When Tom Jones was at the height of his career women would take their panties off and throw them on stage.

    When Brad Pitt was at his peak women would take their panties off and throw themselves on the stage.

    My second ex was a big Pitt fan. I told her that celebrities could be jerks too, and she said, "Yeah, but spending their money makes up for it."