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Monday, February 11, 2019

Bob Woodward grovels

Four decades ago, Bob Woodward was the King of Journalism in Washington. He was the brave soul who spoke truth to power. He had brought down a president. Robert Redford had played him in a movie.

This weekend Woodward shucked and jived for the richest man on Earth to keep his job.


Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, owns the Washington Post, which employs Woodward.

The National Enquirer exposed Bezos's extramarital affair, which is leading to a divorce. As this will cost him $70 billion, you can see why he is upset.

Bezos blames President Donald John Trump because Bezos is crazy. The media is lousy with crazies who blame everything on President Trump (the Rams losing the Super Bowl) while giving him no credit for the things he actually does (lowest unemployment in nearly a half-century).

As he is about to lose $70 billion over a woman, Bezos is angry. He has convinced himself that somehow President Trump used the government to expose the affair because the guy in charge of National Enquirer is friends with The Donald.

Surely, Woodward knows this is loony. Woodward has been the PR firm for the Deep State since he joined the Post in 1971. When Nixon passed Mark Felt over for FBI director, Felt gave Woodward Watergate.

The Deep State hates President Trump more than it hated Nixon. I cannot imagine them lifting a  finger to help President Trump.

Nevertheless, Woodward sent Bezos a groveling email on Friday: "Jeff:  Proud of you for stepping forward in such a difficult situation. Very gutsy and definitely right. This period reminds me of 1972-1974, perhaps Watergate Redux. So many assaults on constitutional government, common sense and privacy. Let's hope we all get it right — aggressive but careful and fair. Cheers and best, Bob Woodward."

Note to Janet Cooke: That's how you keep a job at a newspaper.

Careful and fair. When the heck has the Washington Post been fair? Has to be sometime before 1971 when it hired him.

And when did Bezos care about privacy? He gave the world Alexa, which spies on anyone dumb enough to buy one.

No doubt, Bungling Bob Mueller will get right on it. His investigation will last until he finds some way to ruin The Donald and nullify the 2016 election.

But the real story was posted by the Daily Beast, which reported, "The brother of Jeff Bezos’ mistress, Lauren Sanchez, supplied the couple’s racy texts to the National Enquirer, multiple sources inside AMI, the tabloid’s parent company, told The Daily Beast.

"Another source who has been in extensive communication with senior leaders at AMI confirmed that Michael Sanchez first supplied Bezos’ texts to the Enquirer."

The mistress wanted to be the wife. Step one: divorce.

We shall see how this plays out.

Watching Woodward grovel, though, is sad but also amusing. I doubt in 1979 he would ever imagine having to do this to keep his job.


  1. Bezos publishes a tabloid that invents lies and conspiracy theories to overthrow a duly elected president but is SHOCKED by a tabloid that publishes pictures actually taken by him.

    Sounds legit.

  2. Perhaps Hillary was not the only one who got schlonged.

  3. Bezos is right; the President did use the government to spy on his political opponents--President Obama, that is.

    And the Washington Post assisted!

  4. Woodward must know his employer has become the "toy" of its new master, just as Trump said it would be. Perhaps he wants to be recognized as First Slave to add to his other jouranism honors, get out front.
    Yesterday Stephanopoulos spent almost 20 minutes of his show on this topic, clearly trying to implicate Trump as the hidden persuader. But consider this: How did the brother get the texts and pictures? How would he even have known they existed unless his sister had told him and probably shared them with him. Beezlebub picked the wrong skirt to chase, it seems. Bob must know this too so he figured he would try and use his fabled Journopower to reshape his master's image from idiot putz to struggling savior of the nation state. He wasn't very effective but look for others to pick up the Beezle's baton, so heavy with gold.

  5. Well, Bozo now knows how to piss off the wife in the middle of great sex... And he didn't even call her.

  6. at least jeff "weiner" bezos second divorce will only cost him $35 billion.

  7. Cui bono?

    "The mistress wanted to be the wife. Step one: divorce."

    Its Journalism 101. Follow the money. Great post, Don.

    1. She's married.

      Bezos is a Bozo ...after Weinergate how could any adult male email penis pictures?

    2. My phone doesn't have a telephoto lens so I'm out.

  8. And no prenup!?

    Please tell me he lives in a community-property state!

    Yes!!!!! He lives in the state of Washington!

    Most. Expensive. Affair. Of. All. Time.

    $70 billion!!!!!!

    You go, girl!

  9. I wonder what Bezos will conclude after he overcomes the denial of the fact that his girlfriend orchestrated all this. Or perhaps remaining in denial has benefits greater than the benefit of acknowledging the truth?

  10. That dipschit, Woodward, grovels every day on MessNBC. He is absolutely pathetic on that show. He cannot possibly be the person who exposed Nixon, not as bad as he now sounds. What a stinking piece of refuse he has become.

    1. He's gone from exposing a corrupt wiretapping president to protecting a corrupt wiretapping president. Sad!

  11. Q: What's the difference between an ass kisser and a brown noser?
    A: Depth perception. Either that or he needs to get his eyeglasses prescription changed.

    In his servility, Mr. Woodward seems to have deftly combined the two.

    - Elric

  12. Q: What's the difference between an ass kisser and a brown noser?
    A: Depth perception.

    In his servility, Mr. Woodward seems to have deftly combined the two. Either that or he needs to get his eyeglasses prescription changed.

    - Elric

  13. If Nixon had been a democracker, we never would have heard of this asshole.

  14. Wow, this keeps getting better and better, President Trump is not destroying the leftist press or politicians, they are doing it all by themselves and a damn fine job too.

  15. Woodward's reference to his own glory days bringing down Nixon reminds me of Capt Queeg re-living his glory days as a new Ensign whoi solved the case of the missing food with the strawberries episode on USS Cain.

  16. Capitalism proves once again that it's the idea that matters, not the lamebrain mind the idea comes out of... Leaving aside of course, the coexistence of thieves like Gates.

    Hey Bozo, yeah you... you are merely another "Bozo on the Bus of Life" where money does not count.

  17. Woodward and Bertstein were pretty much one-trick ponies. Without the unhappy FBI guy, they wouldn't've gone far, it seems.

    Also, Bob Woodward seemed to have a bit of imagination, claiming to have interviewed CIA Director Casey while he was comatose and guarded in the hospital.

  18. Lets be real. Photos of a man's junk is so queer.

  19. Great article. I object only to the idea that Woodard ever had any integrity. He was always a bum. The more time that goes on the better Nixon looks and the more Watergate looks like a set up.

  20. Bezos could have done a lot worse: He could have married Lorena Bobbitt.

  21. Knowing what we know now.
    Watergate. Ha Ha

  22. If Woodward were a true journalist he would be all over the FISA abuse and the spying/set up of Trump. Evidence has been out there for 2 years. Thank God we have Solomon, Carter, Herridge and Sundance exposing this. Woodward is a big, biased pussy. Low hanging fruit Bob. Can you reach it?

  23. Does Lauren Sanchez care about Jeff Bezos because he is:
    A. Short
    B. Bald
    C. A multi-billionaire