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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Bezos learns Democrats hate him

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the soul of the Democrat Party. By definition, she is crazy. Take her very seriously.

Jeff Bezos did not. He had, after all, bought off the equally crazy mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, to get the city to pay for a second Amazon "headquarters" there.

Now the deal has fallen through.

Fingers are pointed by the political and media class, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is spiking the ball.

She should.

She killed it.

New York City is a socialist mess with an underbrush of rules and taxes so thick that no one can navigate it without greasing palms.

Voila! That is why they have all those rules and taxes. Think of politician as trolls, and it all becomes clear.

But to sell all those rules and taxes on the people, politicians had to convince people that corporations are evil and the cause of all of New York City's problems.

And guess what? People believe what the trolls in politics said. Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a true believer.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos wanted to expand his political influence. He won Washington over by buying the local newspaper. As the New York Times already has a billionaire sugar daddy, Bezos went to Plan B. Hence, the Amazon second headquarters.

As he buys grease by the barrel, he had no problem getting his way. He cut a deal but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ruined it.

Holman W. Jenkins Jr., an editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal, applied reason to the situation. He sees the situation as splitting Democrats against one another.

"If there’s a downturn between now and 2020, who knows: The U.S. Congress might even have to do without Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now bragging about her success in killing Amazon jobs. How she became the representative of a community that needs opportunity and economic development more than it needs campus lefty attitudinizing was always a bit of a mystery. Except for her ethnic background, she doesn’t fit the district that propelled her to overnight stardom. I bet many of the district’s residents, as they assess what her latest coup has cost them, are starting to feel the same way," Jenkins wrote.

He is projecting his middle class values on Democrat voters.

They do not want jobs. They do not want to work. They want Amazon to suffer.

The welfare state did not go away. Instead, it continues to grow generation after generation. Far from being an outsider, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in tune with her constituency. Her Green New Deal promised "economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work."

Of course, we already have that thanks to the original New Deal. Under Obama, Social Security disability claims skyrocketed as young people opted out of working.

There is no split among Democrats. There are just a few old tired party hacks who do not realize their anti-capitalist rhetoric has indoctrinated the rank-and-file to accept communism.

The death of Amazon 2 in New York City can mean the end of political trolling because no matter how many unemployable nephews of politicians Jeff Bezos puts on his payroll, the politicians still cannot deliver.

The party does not want America to be great again. The party wants financial ruin and economic collapse because the party did so well during the Great Depression.

Bezos has not thought his liberalism through. He is courting people who hate him and want him to die a pauper. This is not a political difference of opinion. This is their core belief. Capitalism is evil. It must die.

Crazy. Be very careful when dealing with crazy.


  1. Jeff Bezos, New York, Bill de Blasio, and everything that happened, ... all of them are "determined" to happen in this modern life. That's a fact. We cannot avoid it, let alone try to prevent it. All we have to do is adjust to that condition, or avoid it, or if necessary, take advantage of that condition. All depends on the circumstances and expectations of ourselves.


  2. For years, I had Elizabeth Warren as the greatest political danger to the country due to her comments about a wealth tax (ie seizing of private property). Taxation of income is necessary and proper to raise funds for the functions of the government. It's bad enough that what should be a straightforward function of raising funds has been corrupted into another hidden welfare program. Roughly 47% of filers pay no tax at all, but rather get money from the government, mostly from the Earned Income Credit. As I mentioned above, seizing private property is altogether different than taxation and I wish more conservatives would keep that a clear distinction. Being anti-tax pretty much puts one in with the anarchists. That's when you lose all your credibility. Every atrocity at the hands of authoritarian regimes (Mao, Stalin, Pol-pot, etc...) begins with "land reform" or different methods of seizing private property. Warren is still a danger in my opinion, but this O-crazy-O woman is ten times worse. I can see her influencing Warren and others now into even more extreme positions. The Green New Deal should be nicknamed the Soylent Green Nightmare. It would kill millions of Americans from starvation, and tens of thousands from "enforcement" actions.

    Eric W.

  3. Replies
    1. Gadfly, have you woken up and smelled the covfeve? That comment surprises me!

      Posting an anti- AOC article might get you banned from the Antifa meetings, you know!

  4. Bezos’ divorce debacle may be the least of his concerns.

  5. They do not hate him, per se, but he is not acting like a rich tech giant should .., groveling on knees as a supplicant to leftist desires on conduct.

    I seriously doubt he is a conservative, but he might soon be.

    As an aside, Acosia lost anywhere from 25k to 250k jobs and their subsequent tax dollars for Queens, New York and New York state. See multiplyer effect.

    1. To lefties the only multiplier effect is Keynesian. You know, the one that doesn't exist in real life. Might as well call it the unicorn multiplier effect.

    2. Bezos, like Trump, knows: Never apologize to an SJW. Ever.

  6. I'll bet the next city chosen gets a better deal--less tax abatement, etc. Bezos has to be afraid of another failure.

  7. after an appropriate cooling off period, amazon will announce that hq2 is going to boston. ge just sold off the site it was going to use for its new hq building as ge is a mess, enter amazon. plus boston has the pipeline of tech talent that amazon needs, i.e. MIT, Harvard, BC, etc. book it, dano.

  8. Seems to me, Don, that you pegged her exactly back when she primaried Crowley. You called her win as being ALL about race. Too bad her voters got a ditz who is slightly left of even Castro.

  9. Whatever can be argued about the pitfalls of tax abatements, the inescapable truth is tens of thousands of lost jobs. (Let that sink in a sec...) And she's taking a Victory lap, and the fake news is largely silent and confused and unsure what to write.

    Most of all the democratic machine is astounded that the media is letting her get away with it. Even they can't believe it.

  10. Just a reminder - only 110,000 people voted for AOC.

    1. And many others have had the corrupt education she had. From K-12 college, and the MAN afterwards, the People's history of the United States is widespread.

  11. The number of hard working productive taxpayers is shrinking. The number of parasites living off the taxpayers is growing (and by parasites I don't mean only welfare queens). As we now know they vote for politicians who will give them more taxpayer funded gibs. How long can this last?

  12. any thought to connection with the effort in seattle to establish head tax on his employees? seems to have influenced the search for hq 2, maybe coordinated socialist punishment for stepping out of line. bezos and schultz seattle billionaires not fairing well with socialists.

  13. Beelzebub Bezos didn't want to locate his new HQs in the logical and obvious places like Tennessee, Texas or Georgia, because those are red states and putting his operations there would be an implicit criticism of the "blue state model." Besides, he probably figured there was more political mileage to be gained by locating in the political capital of Blue America (DC), and the financial/cultural capital (NYC). It's safe to say not even Bezos imagined he could be flanked on the Left by AOC, but there it is. I'm betting he will head for Boston next.

  14. Iv'e lived in Ca most of my life, not born here. Iv'e known a number of people from New York. Most seemed reasonably normal to a guy from Colorado. AOC definitely is not normal. In a sane community she would have been smothered at birth.

  15. AOC crazy is what happens after 2 generations of colleges discriminating against Republican professors, and the acceptance of demonization of them.

    Colleges without Reps should lose their tax exempt status.