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Saturday, February 02, 2019

Apologizing her way out of the presidency

Senator 1/1,024th's apology to the Cherokee Nation on Friday illustrated liberalism at its pettiest.

Elizabeth Warren apologized not for lying her way into tenure at Harvard by being a Fake Indian, but for taking a DNA test.

Her false claim of membership did not bother tribal leaders because she did not hurt anyone except the mythical Indian law professor whose job she took. Where is he? Where is his lawsuit?

He does not exist. Harvard set this position aside for publicity purposes. Lo and behold, someone showed up for a similar position at Penn. Harvard did not rest until it wrested her from Penn.

The tribal leaders are practical. They don't care about her being a Fake Indian. Warren's professorship cost them nothing.

But taking a DNA test threatened their existence because the fact is not all Indians are genetically Indian. The fear is some "Indians" may flunk the test, so they oppose the test.

Which explains the statement by Cherokee Nation spokeswoman Julie Hubbard on Warren's apology for taking a DNA test.

Hubbard said, "Senator Warren has reached out to us and has apologized to the tribe. We are encouraged by this dialogue and understanding that being a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen is rooted in centuries of culture and laws, not through DNA tests."

By apologizing for the DNA test, Senator 1/1,024th showed again why she would make a terrible president.

Democrats smell blood in the water in 2020. They want a hammerhead. She is a minnow.


  1. In every campaign the majority of candidates have no chance of electoral success and they know it. What they really want is money,for themselves. Unspent campaign cash can theoretically be keep for ever as long as they are in office and probably beyond. In my state the money is usually given to get favors for local "help" and no national issue is involved, even though the claim is the opposite. The bribe is thus laundered with painless ease. For people like Warren, presence on various committees confers potential influence during mark-up. Many a president has had to embrace theses shadowy powers to get his own way,but The lobbies know where to invest and it is always cheaper before power is siezed. In Warren's case that is going to be never but should some Communist lie his way into national power, she could hope for some suitably destructive job to hasten the country's ruin. She is not without expectations.

    1. Or you could do like Mad Maxine Waters and hire your child to run your campaign.

      Ever wonder how politicians burn thru so much money during campaigns, even when they are running unopposed? In the immortal words of Mark Felt, "Follow the money."

  2. It’s amazing how sophisticated liberals like Warren repeatedly tell us how dumb Trump is but continually keep stepping on rakes of their own making. I wouldn’t want her running a lemonade stand much less the country.

  3. They only think they do.

    I think the Demos' sense of smell next year will be no better than it was in '16.

  4. What a maroon. She tries to sound like an elitist member of the intelligentsia. She is a fraud on many levels. Typical democrat.

  5. Well, I give heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth Warren for showing what a total scam affirmative action has been all these years. Only a college hiring committee would be so corrupt as to pass her off as a minority and stupid enough to think that it wouldn't catch up with them eventually.