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Saturday, February 09, 2019

44 reasons to love Lindsey Graham

Thursday is Valentine's Day.

How about a big smooch for Lindsey Graham?

This week, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee forced his colleagues to approve 44 judicial nominees by President Donald John Trump in one big vote.

The Washington Examiner reported, "The 44 judicial nominees passed out of the committee marks the most approved in a single markup since 1981."

That 1981 event came after Republicans took over the Senate for the first time in 22 years, which meant unlike Nixon and Ford, Reagan did not have to compromise with Democrats on judicial appointments.

When you get power, fulfill your campaign promises.

In his first two years in office, President Trump got 85 judges approved.

Obama got 62 approved in his first two years.

Both men appointed two justices, but Obama had only 16 appellate judges approved.

President Trump got 30. That stops the move to make all the circuits like the Ninth.

The 44 new appointments now go to the Senate for confirmation. There are six appellate judges in the mix.

Although a Republican Senate confirmed 85 judges in two years, they did not act on confirming 51 of them because of Fake Conservatives like Jeff Flake and other obstructionists.

The Flakes are gone now. The party added two senators giving Republicans a 53-47 majority.

President Trump re-nominated the 51 left over from last year, and Chairman Graham moved 44 of them for confirmation.

A key appointment is Paul Matey to the Third Circuit. President Trump has one more vacancy to fill on the court. If he does, Matey and the new judge would flip the circuit, which covers Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Virgin Islands.

We need to do that and to flip a few other circuits.

Senator Graham did his part.


  1. Perfect photograph. Some anti-Kavanaugh screamer in the background breaking blood vessels, while Graham seems to be saying, "Nice weather today." Hilarious.

  2. AnazAma how fast he grew a pair. He has gone from being the third most hated republican to one of the better ones, all because McInsane is gone.

    1. Amazing. I have no idea how my phone created that first crapola.

    2. St John of Hanoi seemed to have a hold on some people.

    3. JeremyR? It seems that your phone is demonstrating from where the enigmatic word 'covfefe' came. It's done it a couple of times now.

  3. No matter what you may have said about mcconnell and gramnesty in the past, they are having a positive impact on the courts. Thank goodness gramnesty stepped out from under mccain's thumb!

  4. If you're gonna have an affair with Lindsey, I'm outta here. Oops. Sorry. I should have read your post first.

  5. Please please please please please, we desperately need more strict Constitutionalist judges on the 9th C̶i̶r̶c̶u̶s̶ Circuit Court of Appeals!

    California is already Mexico Norte; here there is no God-given right to defend ourselves nor a 2nd Amendment guaranteeing that right, and it's getting worse all the time!

  6. Great! And now for his next trick, he can prove that RBG is still alive and is actually working from home, in between gym workouts and rehab.

  7. Whatever Lindsey Graham has been on for the last six months, we need to start putting it in the nation's water supply like Ra's Al-Ghul in "Batman Begins".

  8. Lindsey 2.0 is a boss. He has to be feeling the love from conservatives.