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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Why are people in DC such pigs?

The shoe is on the other foot in the shutdown, and EPA workers do not like it. Regulators who have to put the screws on businesses and force factories to close find themselves laid off.

They do not like it, and they are not happy. Nor should they be. I once was laid off on Christmas Eve.

The Guardian did a story on the plight of EPA workers, "'It's ruining people's lives': federal workers count cost of shutdown."

The story went as expected. White-collar workers face blue-collar blues.  Randy Erwin, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees, said, “This shutdown isn’t funny anymore. Right now, it’s ruining people’s lives.”

Not having a border wall ruined a few lives as well. Ask the Angel Moms.

The shutdown is over a genuine policy divide. Do we maintain an open border or not?

That is the real issue lost in a story that tells us being laid off sucks. We already knew that.

What struck me most was one of the two photos that illustrated the story.

The photo showed a woman with a young child bicycling along the closed National Mall. The fencing that keeps people out (ironic, eh?) is lined with trash.

People are still walking by the mall, still drinking latte, and still tossing the containers away. And if the trash bin is full? They throw it on the ground, and just walk away instead of carrying it out.

Littering is a crime in Poca, West Virginia.

Apparently, littering is OK in Washington, DC.

The idea of individual responsibility or of community seems foreign in our nation's capital. Instead of taking their trash with them, government workers and lobbyists just throw it on the ground.

Like pigs.

Where are the city crews? Does City Hall have no pride at all? Surely they send a crew to collect the trash that has accumulated. This is their city. The national mall is a tourist attraction in season. Why not protect it?

I get that people resent the shutdown and resent the president.

But 379 miles away in Poca, West Virginia, I see a resentment of the nation that they are supposed to serve. The government worker stereotype becomes a little more ingrained with each cup tossed in the pile.


  1. Maybe people will start taking a dump on the street there, too, just like in San Francisco...

    1. Now that it's snowing, I hope they freeze their fannies!

    2. They get away with pooping in the street in San Francisco because a judge decided pooping was a form of "free speech". I always thought speech came out of the other end...
      - Ticked off in NorCal

  2. I see a resentment of the nation that they are PAID to serve. (And paid quite well.)

    There. FIFY. - Elric

    1. (And OVERpaid quite well.)

      There.FIFY.- Earl

    2. In case you missed it: Fed workers average 41% higher pay for the same work, as their private sector counterparts! Another difference is the Fed workers don't have to "work" to earn that pay!

  3. I don't read the mainstream media, except for links from Drudge, or Whatfinger, or Instapundit, or the like. All the shutdown stories from the mainstream media that I'm seeing penetrate my conservative bubble talk about the horrible effect the shutdown is having on government workers.

    Serious question: are there any stories in the NY Times, or Wa Po, or being broadcast on CNN or MSNBC or the broadcast networks about the shutdown having an actual tangible effect on the lives of real people? I mean a real impact, not theoretical, not something like "You might eat poison meat if Trump doesn't back down!"

    I've seen a little about TSA lines being longer, but that was in the context of the poor, put-upon TSA workers having to call in sick because they are so frightened about lost paychecks. That's not the same thing. I don't want to have to go on a legacy media site, or watch CNN, so someone who ventures outside the conserva-bubble please tell me:

    Any stories in Mainstream Media World about the shutdown affecting anyone other than government workers?


  4. As a show of solidarity, all media should refuse pay until the shutdown is resolved. Better yet, stay home.

  5. The last few times we had shutdowns the Fed employees not only returned to work but they also got back pay for the days they were laid off, and it did not count against their vacation time.

    I don't recall any media stories about how they were spending their windfalls. Nor do I recall any MSN stories about infamous federal employees like Lois Lerner and Peter Strzok who continued to draw pay for months after their wrongdoing was exposed.

    They did do a bunch of stories about poor Andrew McCabe losing his pension though.

    My sympathies are with guys like Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown whose life was ruined for wearing an Obama mask.

  6. Liberals are slobs as evidenced by the mess they leave after their protests. The little people can clean up after them.

    Good point - where the hell are the sanitation workers from D.C.?

    1. What else can we expect when they're all feeding from the government trough? - Elric

  7. they can get unemployment-quit whining .
    been there done that in the private sector.
    Not one bit of sympathy from me..too bad you can't make the BMW payment..

  8. The USA is like the Cleveland Browns who were huge losers under Obummer. So they drafted new blood to lead them.

    And right away they nearly avoided a losing year. In fact they nearly became winners right away. And nobody thinks they will be losers in the forseeable future. Not everyone likes winning so much because they wanted another QB. It proved how wrong they were and they hate half the nation just for that.

    Now they will have to live with hating their own neighbors for years.

    1. President Trump is Baker Mayfield. Everyone said don't pick him. Manziel 2.0.
      I watched him beat the Mountaineers a few times. Dangerous

  9. That garbage looks terrible. It reminds me of pictures taken after Obama rallies.

    1. Right! Trump should have pictures of how the Dems accept garbage after protests, and want normal Americans to clean up after them.
      He's trying to empty the Giant DC Garbage Dump.
      I'm hoping Trump refuses to accept back pay (tho I'm assuming he'll cave on back pay). Tho he should be talking up how they can try unemployment -- like so many unemployed normal have had to contend with so often.

  10. I could not care less about the "plight" of federal workers. The jobs of most of them is to make our lives as difficult as possible.

  11. CBS had a story about a woman who worked for the TSA for 20 years ( TSA hasn't been around for 20 years )
    . HEY IF YOU WANT MY SYMPATHY, don't run any stories about the lardass TSA employees.

  12. Illegal immigrant has been having an effect on American workers for decades.

  13. No local jail trustys to pick up the trash?

  14. All government does is steal money and ruin lives. Is there a country in the world where their own government isn't public enemy number one?

  15. I'm sure that the EPA employees and other Federal workers shed tears when tens of thousands of people lost their jobs at Arthur Anderson due to Federal Prosecutors' breach of law and ethics. I don't wish them ill, but neither is their situation more important than the border or the people who die because it isn't enforced. Federal employees need to suck it up and act like responsible adults not adolescents.

  16. You all DO realize that our country is hanging by a THREAD. There is only one way it is ever going to get fixed, and God help us if we have to take that route AGAIN.

    The activist judicial branch is one of the biggest problems. Hopefully, and soon, we will be rid of .....

    Ruth (master)Bater Ginsbugger.

  17. My two cents worth is that long term government "service" leads to entitlement and laziness, and lack of creativity and initiative.

  18. Reps should be proposing "Public Service" limits on gov't employment: 10 years and a pay freeze; after 12 years a 10% decrease each year ... until they leave.

  19. A complete shutdown of the coal industry was a price Washington was willing to pay so they could virtue-signal about saving teh environment!

    It's quite alright when the little people lose their jobs.

  20. Have they missed ONE check yet?

    ONE check, so far, right?

    And they are facing imminent financial ruin?

    No credit cards?

    No savings?

    No investments?

    No cash on hand for emergencies?

    They live check to check, just barely keeping ahead of the process servers?

    Just a layoff short of forclosure, eviction, homelessness, starvation, the fucking apocalypse?






    Welcome to my world, assholes.


    Joe Taxpayer

  21. No one said it better than Joe Taxpayer.

  22. Show me a Democrat city that ISN'T populated by "pigs." Look at Detroit...Frisco...the examples (as we KNOW) are endless...