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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

When caught, blame Trump

To the disappointment of the ladies on The View, President Trump did not suborn perjury.

To the disappointment of the staff at National Review, the boys in the Make America Great Again caps are not the racists.

They were the victims of anti-white racism by an American Indian, who was outed by the Washington Post (of all places) today as a fake Vietnam veteran.

So who do the pundits at The View and National Review blame?

Well, The View blamed President Trump.

It's like the scene in "Forrest Gump" where the abusive boyfriend fakes an apology, saying, "It's just this war and that lying son of a bitch, Johnson!"

According to Newsbusters, Whoopi Goldberg asked why they “keep making the same mistake” in jumping to anti-Trump conclusions.

Joy Behar said, "Because we're desperate to get Trump out of office. That's why!"


"I think that's the reason. I think the press jumps the gun a lot because we just have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy. That we’re basically hoping that Cohen's got the goods and what have you. It's wishful thinking."

Circumstantial evidence? She means false accusations.

Then there is National Review's apology. Titled, "The Covington Affair," the 561-word piece said in Paragraph Four, "In this business, all we can do is own up to mistakes when they happen. We apologize to our readers and especially to the Covington students, who didn’t need us piling on."

The magazine didn't need to be saying a word about the kids who were in Washington to protest abortion, something the magazine claims to oppose.

The magazine indulged in the very same virtue signaling it denounced liberals for.

National Review blamed its rush on judgment on its push to rush to judgment.

The publication said, "A word on the Nick Frankovich Corner post. As longtime readers know, the Corner is our group blog that encourages real-time, unfiltered reactions by our individual writers (it was basically Twitter before the advent of Twitter). There is always a peril in that. Occasionally, we’ll get something hastily and spectacularly wrong. Nick was operating off the best version of events he had on Saturday night, and writing as a faithful Catholic and pro-lifer who has the highest expectations of his compatriots, not as a social-justice activist. As soon as better evidence emerged, we deleted the post."

Why is it running real-time, unfiltered reactions by its individual writers?

A magazine that fancies itself as intellectual conservatism should be more reflective and cautious.

Being Twitter before there was a Twitter should inform its editors that the Corner is a bad idea.

The way to stop the rush to judgment is to stop rushing to judgment.

But in a clickbait world, it is better to ruin the life of a minor and apologize than it is to act like an adult. The Corner generates too much traffic to quit.

Question: Why was Frankovich posting at 2:55 AM?

Nothing good ever comes at that time of day except the birth of a baby.


  1. The head of the nail here is this:

    The repubs/conservs are always wanting, and waiting, to pounce upon MAGA. Not just our MAGA President, but MAGA itself.

    Considering themselves to be "top cats", they look for any moment which appears to be a moment to pounce.

    Alas, these "top cats" fail to recognize that MAGA ain't no mouse. Nor rat, nor rodent of any kind.

    MAGA is the Dragon.

    Pounce on the Dragon and what do ya get?


  2. Ace as always is on to NR.

  3. They did it to the Tea Party. It took a while, but turnabout is fair play and righteous. I hope their rowboat cruise sinks.

  4. "To the disappointment of the ladies on The View, President Trump did not suborn perjury."

    What exactly did the special prosecutor dispute about the story? No details were provided. Didn't you claim the specials prosecutor leaked to story in the first place?

    1. The special counsel (not prosecutor, there is no special prosecutor) disputed EVERYTHING.

      Your grasping at straws is funny but futile.


    3. Huh. Was there any US President who *did* suborn perjury? Let's think back, shall we? But the View was (or would have been) OK with it, no?

    4. If the Democrats were right and Bad Vlad stole the election then he would be the hottest political consultant in the country. According to the Collusion Truthers, Putin took a candidate nobody thought stood a chance and pulled off the biggest upset ever. He beat the smartest woman in America with a dunce He accomplished this feat while spending less than typically gets spent on contested House races. And he did it all without leaving Russia!

      Investigators still haven't figured out how he kept Hillary out of Wisconsin and Michigan.

  5. Now the Indian is trying to spin this so he's a hero and wondering why the white teen hasn't apologized to him. He saw the black racist adults bullying the peaceful white teens and tried to get in between. Of course, he only invaded the personal space of the white teens with his drum beating. He never even attempted to address the racial and homosexual slurs the blacks were yelling out.

    1. If he did confront the Black thugs 'ol Nathan would have consult a gastroenterologist to have that drumstick he shook at the kids removed..

  6. I had my reservations about Shitting Bull from the start.

  7. The MAGA hats are catnip to the pussy hat wearing crowd. It drives them stark raving mad.

    They react like Curly Howard did in The Three Stooges movie “Punch Drunks”. Pop Goes The Weasel has been replaced by the MAGA hat.

    1. Curly also goes crazy as a wrestler in “Grips, Grunts and Groans” from the smell of Wild Hyacinth perfume. So maybe the MAGA hats may be scented with wild hyacinth.

  8. Drum beating hippies in your face should be knocked the hell out!


  9. Sure, blame President Trump. Is there anything he CAN'T do? He's living rent-free in their heads. Obama was bad enough, but I don't recall anybody obsessed with attacking him for anything and everything. Trump Derangement Syndrome, indeed. - Elric

  10. --On Tuesday, Nick Sandmann, the student from Covington Catholic High school who was at the center of the controversy with Native American Nathan Phillips last Friday near the Lincoln Memorial, confirmed to The Daily Wire that the White House has reached out to host the students. Sandmann said, "The President wants to send a plane down to get us."--

  11. 'We just have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy.'
    I just had to pull that quote out, because... HUH?

  12. Wait a second ... the best way to stop the rush to judgment is to ... stop rushing to judgment?!

    Sounds hard. It’ll never work.

  13. Big Bigot-UPDATE: 100% Fed Up: "Now…the Catholic News Agency is reporting that the night before Phillips and his group of leftist agitators confronted the group of young Covington Catholic High School boys, security at the Washington D.C Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception was forced to stop them from entering and disrupting their evening mass.
    The group of 20 demonstrators was stopped by shrine security as it tried to enter the church during its 5:15 pm Vigil Mass, according to a shrine security guard on duty during the Mass."...….

    Democrats just hauled the Little Sisters back into court despite their victory.
    Kamala Harris is trying to label the Knights of Columbus as a hate group--something she would never do to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Note the recent attack on Mrs. Pence and Christian schools.
    And now this Professional Race Hustler is bullying Catholic kids and invading their worship services.

    This is starting to smell like an organized Democrat attack on the civil rights of Catholics, aimed at Catholic judges.

    Which is fitting--Jack Kennedy wouldn't recognize this bigot thug party.

    1. They are going after religious rights in many ways. Here in Wilhelm von de Blasio's NYC, where they have have threatened to destroy the value of the merit-based high schools (, the rights of Catholic and Jews to decide the curriculum of their private educational institutions is under attack. A new group is advocating that "for the good of the students," private parochial schools--somehow, I doubt that this diktat will be applied to Moslem madrassas-- should have 7 hours daily of liberal secular studies, so that they will be adequately prepared for the rigors of life after high school. No matter that public schools here don't have that many hours! Ok, so they reduced their demands to 5 hours. My children already have a very long school day (and year) to accommodate a double curriculum of religious and secular studies. BTW, Orthodox schools are overwhelmingly pro-Trump. Gee, could that have anything to do with this campaign? Our children are in these private schools partly to avoid the unkosher indoctrination the public school students are subject to. This latest attempt on religious freedom has hit a minor roadblock, but they will keep trying to destroy it however they can. (See;

    2. Just a string of HUGE coincidences, probably.

  14. 2:55 am is smack dab in the middle of when most bar-closing booty calls take place. Although I suppose a man who has been happily married for over 40 years would say that is not a good thing.

  15. I still haven't heard an explanation about why this whole kerfuffle was "news" in the first place. After all, no one was killed. No one was even physically assaulted. Unpleasant encounters take place in the streets of America every day. Unless Alec Baldwin is involved, 99.999% of them never make the news.

    The blunt truth is that the only reason this was "news" was because the MSM thought it could make President Trump and his supporters look bad. End of story.

  16. NR, Cuckservative Inc., Prog tyrants, and all the rest ought to be thanking the sky profusely that they have not spawned MAMA. Well, not yet, anyway.

    Manly America won't tolerate for long the bipartisan D&R coalition through which some strange, alien mafia rules us with the cooperation of Cuckservatism, Inc., and its stupid little brother, Libertarianism. MA won't tolerate using the military to do bully work in MENA for precious Jewish mama's boys while our society is subverted and sabotaged. There will be punishment, much punishment, meted out to apologists for the vile deeds carried out by the military under the rubric of "United Nations", the alliance so named in the early 1940's and set to the task of a great genocide. Remember the Wehrmacht convoy at Stettin Harbor that was given a scratch while eager tools of The Greatest Generation burned Dresden for democrats, communists, corporate capital, and "JUDEA".

    "Back the Badge"?? The badge protects and serves the aforementioned mafia.

    MA will preach, and dometards (Gen. 1, NABRE) will fear and loathe, a religion of transcendance which rejects secularism, cosmological presentism, and the fondness for lawless willpower shared by secular humanism and Abrahamic theocracy alike. MA won't fear subjecting young sons to ritualized, yet trivial, hardships like a weekend fast with water alone for sustenance. Yeshua's ministers will be given a spanking over their cry, "freedom of religion!", and their flocks will be dispersed.

    Good night to you, rootless, wandering, corporate capital. Farewell ye circuses (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) for alcoholic little boys. Tschüß, secular feminism; to your rightful place in a cold desert, go.