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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Trumpenfreude hits Sarah Silverman

On March 10, 2016, Sarah Silverman appeared on the Conan show dressed up as Hitler, who complained about being compared to Donald John Trump.

A giddy Hollywood Reporter reported, "On Thursday's episode of Conan, the comedian donned a Nazi uniform — complete with a fake Hitler mustache — to make light of the comparisons between the two public figures made by both celebrities and the media, including Louis C.K. and the NY Daily News (it splashed 'Trump Is Hitler' on a recent cover)."

That actually was a funny bit.

But then we elected Trump president, people got serious about calling him Hitler, and the bit got trite.

Silverman got stuck in the mire. She began believing her own jokes were facts.

"Sarah Silverman recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame! Yeah, they're giving them out to just about anyone these days," Tony Katz and The Morning News on WIBC reported last November 12.

"Anyhow, the alleged comic made an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher shortly after the ceremony, calling President Trump a 'douche bag' and comparing his presidency to the leadership of Hitler during Nazi Germany.

"Hey, that's some fresh and original comedy right there.

"Here's what Sarah said: '"In a time… where anti-Semitic crime is up 57 percent since this douche bag has taken office, it is not lost on me that I am very lucky that I get a star and I don’t have to sew it on my clothes.'

"Waka, waka!"

When a comedian starts taking herself serious, she stops being fun or funny.

Breitbart reported today, "Comedian Sarah Silverman may have loved America — but America apparently didn’t love her back. I Love You, America, a political talk show hosted by Sarah Silverman on Hulu has been cancelled after just one season of 21 episodes."

MMM. MMM. Good.

That's what Trumpenfreude is.

MMM. MMM. Good.

I added her to the Trump Schadenfreude List of people who feuded with Donald Trump and wound up worse for the wear.


  1. Time for an honest comparison between President Trump and Hitler.
    1. Both are male.
    2. Both are white.
    3. Both have at least one testicle, literally and figuratively.
    4. Both express love of country.
    5. Both are choir boys when compared to Barry Soetoro and the Congressional Democrats.

    1. where are the camps?
      if Trump is Hitler, where are the camps?

    2. Quiet, if the warden finds out what I done while cleaning his office, I'll hang.

    3. According to Stormy - Trump has two balls and well endowed. Barry is bisexual and loves the pleasure of men.

  2. I am shocked that a political show hosted by Silverman didn’t make it. It was probably too fair and balanced.

  3. Silverman is one of too too many Uber-liberal Jews who embarrass my religion.

  4. No, I read awhile back somewhere that Maher is ex-Catholic, not ex-Jewish.

  5. Ah, Sarah Silverman. She was best seen in the opening of "The Way of the Gun," where she used her verbal talents to achieve a most satisfactory result. I can watch it over and over again, just to see her get what she wanted so badly!

    Warning: the language is rough, just like Sarah Silverman; this is not for the easily offended.

  6. Not funny, and an irritating bitch.

  7. She's comparing Trump to Hitler as if that's a bad thing ;-)