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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Trump wins because he isn't screwing anyone over

Today's earworm: "And The Donald was Sun Tzu fighting..."

Democrats have 19 days to decide if they want to be relevant. Either they fund the next section of the wall, or The Donald uses his emergency powers and builds it all.

He is not playing around.

It is a done deal.

Sadly many of our friends do not get this.


"Now the only likely outcomes are bad."

Earlier, Glenn Reynolds wrote, "SO IS THIS A CAVE? IT KIND OF FEELS LIKE A CAVE TO ME: Trump announces temporary end to partial government shutdown; vows to build wall despite no funding deal."

That is loser talk.

That is the result of watching politicians try to beat the devil on his own terms. Republicans always let the Democrats write the rules and umpire the game.

President Trump is not a politician. He is a wheeler dealer.

The president is having the time of his life. This is what he lives for. He loves negotiating, and he loves making a deal.

Unlike the politicians in Washington, he is not trying to vanquish his enemies. He just wants to get a deal done.

Oh, he plays elbows out, but his goal is peace. He let Kim Jong Un save face. He will do the same with Chairman Xi. Nancy, too.

Nancy spent Friday afternoon strutting her stuff and pushing the spin that he caved. This is what she does when President Trump beats her.

Fakes like Ann Coulter fall for it.

President Trump has the authority to build the wall. All he needs is the money.  Congress thinks it has the power of the purses, but money is fungible, isn't it?

Congress passed a law in 1976 that allows the president to declare a national emergency and get this done. The law was passed by a Democrat Congress and signed into law by an Establishment Republican president.

In 2006, Congress passed a law that authorized the wall.

Meanwhile, in Central America, 12,000 illegal aliens are gathering to try to swarm our border again, which creates the emergency needed to get this going.

Democrats think they can sue and stop President Trump. How? It is an emergency and the law says there should be a wall.

Besides, who cares if they sue? They sue all the time. They will lose. In the end, the president will prevail.

Establishment Republicans will say this will establish a dangerous precedent. They always say that. Again, who cares? Democrat presidents do whatever they like anyway.

President Trump tried working with these fools but they do not want to cut a deal. They want him to fail, die slowly, and be buried upside down facing away from the sun.

He is not trying to screw over anyone. He is willing to give them something in return for the wall.

No. They would rather starve than let him eat.


  1. I'm with you Don. All of the gnashing of teeth reminded me of a previous occasion when everyone on the right was saying that Trump had caved to Schumer and Pelosi (who was then minority leader). I think it was when they came away from the Oval Office crowing that they had a deal on DACA or something.

    Trump has used this same strategy several times: give the opponent one bite of the apply only. He shows his reasonableness and willingness to compromise. But he also says "this far and no farther." And means it.

    The short reprive allows the federal employees to get their back pay and stops the flood of MSM sob stories about that.

    Of course they'll all be singing the same tune when everything shuts down again, but it will be more obvious that the Dems are the cause. The MSM won't admit it, but it's the Independents who matter--and they will.

    1. The "shutdown" existed because Congress failed to act, to do their job.

      The Congress did not act because the Executive announced he would veto, and was believed.

      That the Executive would veto meant that, having not the ability to override the believed Executive's declaration that he would veto, the Congress did not act, aka, do their job.

      Who's the Boss?

      (Miliano, baby, even now, still got that magic. Brains, not so much. But, who needs that?)

  2. There is one thing everyone can take to the bank: Trump WILL build the wall. No question.

    It's this knowledge that Dems and media fear most.

    The wall/barrier will be a permanent monument in history to Trump's victory over the swamp. It will probably be referred to as the Trump wall.

    They are willing to fund an ephemeral technology based observation line so it can be erased as soon as Trump is out of office, be ineffective while he's in office and pay off the Silicon Valley donors in a big way in the interim.

    The more permanent a barrier, the more like a Trump Memorial to MAGA it is. The benefits to ordinary Americans' well being will be obvious and measurable year after year in crime reduction, welfare theft by illegals, reduced wage effect of illegals, drug deaths and voter fraud.

    This prioritizing of Americans over foreigners must not be permitted if the swamp is to consolidate their power and control who fattens at the taxpayer trough.

    Their fear is revealed in the snarky Trump bashing comments and premature declarations of victory.

    It's intermission. The dumb money thinks the show is over and is off celebrating. The smart money is buying popcorn for the exciting second act to come.

  3. President Trump will get the wall built. In the end, Schumer and Pelosi have cost us taxpayers much more than the cost of the wall. If only they had just given him the money in the first place:

    A new report by a statistics professor at Washington University in St. Louis estimates that the 35-day partial government shutdown cost seven times more than the $5.7 billion that President Donald Trump requested for a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. …. In total, Vittert estimates that the shutdown cost the American public approximately $40 billion, which she notes would have paid for "the entire wall to be built and maintained for 40 years."

  4. I believe many ppl are hoping this is true. Probably many of the same ppl declaring Trump caved and it's all over.

    What's going on is that past Presidents have reached a similar spot in the dance that's been going on for 50 years. And the President's either get snookered or cave so this looks like all the times past to many. I have questions myself.

    However I've now learned after 2 years to wait and see what he actually does. He said it himself that he wishes ppl would listen and read what he's saying; 3 weeks then we're back to a shut down or an Emergency Declaration.

    I forgot about the wall already being authorized and all the problem is getting the money appropriated. This gives Trump the wedge in the door to make and Emergency Declaration. He can go to court and say that Congress already authorized a wall. He just needed to call an emergency to get the funds shifted and make it happen. This looks good to the common man on the street also. Trump does need to explain himself more. But not until he's sprung the trap.

    20 days folks.

    1. 18 days. Can Congress do anything this fast (except screw the taxpayers?)

  5. Sad to say Insty has become the new Hot Air. Ed posts people I quit reading 15 years ago. Sad, it was one of my first, with Clueless and Cold Fury.

    1. Instapundit was one of my first too, back in the days when the pixels were delivered in small packages (I think by the Pony Express;) these days I seldom visit, since Glenn has those annoying co-bloggers.

      When I see a link with Ed Driscoll on the byline, I avoid it like the plague. He's solid Establishment, and I don't mean that in a good way.

      Once I used to visit Hot Air, not for the columnists but their excellent commenters; but they changed their comment system so that site's dead to me now too.

      I'm so glad we have Don Surber's blogspot instead!

  6. Surber never addresses the fact that any wall will have to be built on private property involving hundreds of owners. Is eminent domain the only way?

    Is that how he will build the wall using eminent domain to acquire the land? Imagine all those court cases that could easily arise from that, it would take years to resolve.

    Maybe there is a way around that but if so why hasn't anyone brought it up? Instead everyone assumes the feds can grab the land at will. Then what happens to property rights after that?

    1. Is it possible the government has an easement along the border? It would make sense. After all our country's security is at least as important as a common utility easement across private property.

    2. I know people who own border property that has been unsafe to use for 20 years because of the illegal smuggling traffic. These people want The Wall.

      As to others who want Open Borders? Treat them like crack house landlords and make them legally responsible for preventing incursions and illegal activities. If illegal aliens or contraband cross their land, charge them and condemn the property under civil forfeiture statutes. The law already allows for that. If they refuse enforcement barriers, they are accessories to crime activity.

    3. Many of the ranchers are happy for the wall other methods can be used for some that aren't. I suspect that if the portions of wall can get built in the places where there is cooperation by the locals, (which is a lot), the places refusing now will be petitioning for walls after they are the only entry points for smugglers and illegals for a while. Walls work, anyone serious about security uses them.

    4. How do you think the interstate highway system was built? Do you think the federal government owned all the land in every state that the interstate paved over?

      You seem to think that eminent domain is a government grab of private land without reasonable compensation. I suggest you do your homework. You'll find that the richest "life long public servant" democrats in Congress - particularly Harry Reid - built their wealth on advance knowledge of and direction where government projects would be built.

    5. The land on the border, other than Texas, is all federal it is the Roosevelt Reservation.

    6. The vast majority of the ranchers are sick and tired of having their land trashed, items stolen, livestock and their dogs butchers, finding dead bodies, and being threatened by the illegals and their coyotes. The very few who do get their knickers in a twist have probably made a deal with the cartels to allow their land to be used and look the other way. Very lucrative and all payments in cash.

    7. Whoa.
      I had never heard of the "Roosevelt Reservation" (and I like to think I pay attention to this stuff.)
      Unless there's some subsequent legal reversal of that "easement," that should be trotted out in response to every "...but, eminent domain!" argument.
      Obviously except in Texas.... :-)

    8. Re: Roosevelt Reservation. So, I went looking and found this.
      "...that the Roosevelt Reservation was limited to California, Arizona, and New Mexico, exempted properties that were privately owned, and really only permitted highway use."

      I'm gonna go look for the Act's text, so I can see what it says.


    10. Thx. I do try to verify source materials when I can. ...and have the time. ;-)
      PS: I've been wondering what the status is with your WVa state SCt situation - got any updates?

  7. Forgot where I read this - maybe Napolitano - but apparently a court can not take on a case based on a political dispute, as opposed to a legal one. Perhaps Trump's strategy is to make it crystal clear this a political fight, since, as Don states, he has the legal authority to move ahead.

    1. I no longer trust "Judge Nap" proclamations. It seems his off-and-on hair dye has affected his gray matter.

    2. It's not that they can't, but often don't.

  8. Looks like a "cave" to me, too - a very shallow, 3 foot cave, enough to get out of the rain, but not one to stay in.
    As long as Trump keeps fighting for a Wall, which no other GOP politician is doing nearly as much for, not even Cruz (and possibly still against is Rubio?), as long as Trump fights, he hasn't yet lost.

    He wins when a) he gets the money from Congress, or b) he builds it without Congress (nat. emergency).
    He loses when he stops fighting for it, and both threatening and doing shutdowns for it.

    The Dems "promised" to negotiate after the gov't is open.
    The gov't is open.
    I doubt there will be anything offered to get the Dems to accept payment for the Wall; I doubt there will be a deal.

    But Trump will offer a deal, a generous deal. He is not only, and not even primarily, negotiating with Nancy -- he is negotiating with the 2020 voters.
    He promised, look how hard he is fighting for his promises. The Dems "promised to negotiate" -- look how they are NOT, not really, negotiating.

    I wanted, and want, Trump to put the gov't workers on furlough and do a huge, 800k, Reduction in Force. Or 100,000 of the highest level workers wasting. But I can see why Trump doesn't want that level of bad PR.

    He's already won my vote, even if does cave on the Wall, this year or next. He needs to win the votes of those who care more about results, and who don't want to support a "cruel" President.

    The loud right do help Trump, a bit, by showing he is, in practice, more moderate than those farther-right loud Reps. They also hurt Trump in morale.

    But I come here to read Don to keep up my morale!

    1. "He is not only, and not even primarily, negotiating with Nancy -- he is negotiating with the 2020 voters." - EXACTLY!

    2. Excellent comment, and it's spot on!

      (Particularly about the SurberSpot being a great place to recharge morale!)

  9. Getting a wall via an emergency will rightly outrage the Hispanic community, which reasonably hoped to see a deal that included some Dreamer/Bridge leniency. Instead, the wall goes up and that card is retained as leverage for a broader deal that might include ending the lottery and chain migration. If not, the Hispanic community will stop voting dem (or at least split evenly).

    Nancy calls this a win?

    1. In CA I have a number of Hispanic-descent friends, and they are all adamant that they want the wall. That surprised me and I asked why, thinking that they'd like open borders, free passage in & out of Mexico. They do NOT.

      Illegal aliens are often bad people. They move into Hispanic neighborhoods where they blend in. They're criminals, so they steal from those around them & molest their children. They want hand-outs. They have no stakes in this country so they litter & trash the area; they don't care. They depress wages & make it hard for legal citizens to get jobs.

      Worst of all, most white people look at a legal Hispanic, whose family has been here for generations, and conflate them with the criminals coming over the border to take and steal whatever they can get. That really makes them mad, since they're not criminals like the border-jumping trash!

      So my understanding is, the "Hispanic community" really wants a wall however it comes about; but of course the FakeNewsMedia lies about this. That's what they do!

  10. Best yet, if Trump goes ahead and uses national emergency to build the Wall, the Democrats get NOTHING. No extension of DACA. No path to citizenship. No amnesty. NOTHING!
    Let's see Nancy dance a jig to that tune.
    Of course, the Democrats don't really care about the illegals. It is better not to resolve DACA and keep it as a wedge issue to inflame their base.

  11. More excellent comments, especially from Poopsie and Kitty. Read his damn book, LibCommies! The Commodore Hotel deal had several moving parts, not just financing but government approval and media management. Sound familiar? Inferior people carp and criticize. Superior people deliver the goods. Big D is once again right. Mr. T is completely in his element right now. It’s almost an unfair fight.

    1. Almost? far be it from me to be picky. Haven't you seen the TrumpenFreude list lately?

  12. This isnt even close to a cave. The TSA and Air Traffic Controller unions were going to strike and shutdown the superbowl. By reopening the govt for 3 weeks, he sidesteps that landmine, positions the timing better for his national emergency with the caravan's arrival, and lengthens the eventual shutdown by giving Nancy hope - which allows him to layoff more federal workers who become permanently furloughed. Its all winning.

  13. I'm pretty tired of the Republicans saying: "don't worry, we will get them next time". Yes, Trump is a little different. I'm still not "tired of winning" because we have not won any of the major fights.

    1. Your Gratitude Tank is 5 miles from empty, man.

  14. Instacuck is always trying to neg Trump. Guy takes ads from amazon for crying out loud. Tries way too hard not to look like the pussy he is.

  15. Trump has a card up his sleeve.... RBG's death/retirement...her odds of making 2 more years is zero.
    If Nancy & Chuck want any input over her replacement then Trump gets his wall.

    1. Doesn't matter if it's 2 years or 6. Trump and McConnell will give them nothing.

  16. I think the only way Trump supporters will abandon him is if he signs on to amnesty without a wall. That's it. He can string up a badminton net and call it a wall and people will still flock to him and give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't see the democrats winning this thing.

  17. That is loser talk.

    Show me a Libertarian and I'll show you a loser.

    And a whiner.

    Sad to say, Insty isn't too much of a whiner, but he is a Libertarian.

    1. A libertarian?

      Is that, like, a librarian who doesn't care if you ever return a book?

  18. If you accept and fall for the media manipulated narrative, you will be spun and setup to fail.
    The President knew when to change the pace and timing of this game.

  19. When the fakes are wrong yet again, are people going to finally stop listening to them? This is like the umpteenth time they've turned on the President why are they still relevant?

  20. One of the things I love about Trump is that he rips the masks off people to show their true faces. All the contributors at Instapundit and PJMedia are, as Schlicter calls them, Fredocons. Over the past two years they've shown themselves to be little more than National Review Lite. Ed Driscoll is the poster child for New Jersey Republican=Democrat. I wish he'd get the he'll out of Texas and go back to New Jersey. We don't need anymore jackasses in elephant suits here.

    1. That's it exactly! Well said.

      Insty's site was great when he was the owner & sole proprietor; he's a libertarian, but unlike most he has common sense. He also knows the law inside & out.

      His co-bloggers have ruined the house that Glenn built, IMHO!

    2. Not all the co-bloggers. Sarah Hoyt rises far above the rest.

  21. I always read your blog Don but this time I think it is the best I have read, also follow Sundance at The Treehouse and thank God we have people like yourselves who can put things into perspective by using logic and common sense.


  22. I place this wall situation flat on the Republicans, especially former Speaker Ryan (the weenie).

    Republicans for two years failed to prepare the battlespace. The R House and Senate should've been pushing for the barrier from the beginning. They should've been bringing it up, positively, every time they spoke publicly (kinda how Dems regurgitate their talking points). Start the popularity needle moving in the Yes position.

    Unfortunately the Repubs were too busy expecting (hoping?) Trump to be checkmated, impeached, or otherwise made irrelevant. They reflected the long and mediocre history of do-nothing Republicans.

    It's the Republicans' fault that we're where we are regarding the border.

    Oh -- and just what is "Comprehensive Immigration Reform?" I've been asking that for quite a while and never see an answer. Steven Miller, senior advisor for policy for President Donald Trump, was asking that on TV just the other day and those with whom he was speaking couldn't (wouldn't) give him an answer, even though he asked several times.

    1. The uniparty, unlike the unicorn, is not an imaginary creature.

      The term Uniparty is woefully underapplied.

      Shift your perspective and you will see, and do see, that the Uniparty is the answer to all of your questions.

      The term globalists does not do justice to the injustices the Uniparty engages in as the Uniparty Policy.

      The Uniparty IS the big brother in the novel "1984".

      The Uniparty has no single face. The Uniparty face is the sum total of all the faces, ever changing, always scheming.

      Give credit to MAGA for compelling the Uniparty to show many single faces for the actual human beings, Americans all, to gaze and just wanna PUKE.


      It is a whole lot shittier than most ever thought it could be.

      That is why MAGA is proceeding to flush the fucking toilet.

    2. Excellent comment, Anon@4:06PM, and I fully agree about the Uniparty: I call it the "two-headed beast" but you're more accurate.

      It really is "the sum total of all the faces, ever changing, always scheming." Well put!

      Now I just wish you'd use some initials or take a name, since I often ignore comments by "Anonymous," as they are usually by the trolls who waste our time with rubbish.

  23. One small thing missed in all the "debate". In a few short days EBT was set to run dry. there would have been millions of people with out food in an instant. Do we want every major city and many minor ones to be Ferguson redux?
    That may not have been President Trump's end game in this brief maneuver, but it certainly comes into play.
    When you look around, know this. President Trump has your best interests in mind. He also cares about the poor and needy, and I believe he cares more about them than the congress cretins like Nazi P. Lousy, Hank Johnson, Mad Maxipad and every other inner city leftist crook in America.

  24. I just love the commenters here. Thank you all, Don for another fine article, and all the many who've spoken so beautifully about our president. God bless you all for your upbeat faithfulness!