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Friday, January 04, 2019

Trump brought Xi to his knees

The stock market dropped another 3% or so on Thursday as Apple announced sales in Red China dropped.

There was joy at Mike Bloomberg's news service, which ran a headline, "Trump Took Credit for Stock Market Records. Does He Deserve Blame for the Plunge?" In modern journalism, they write a headline then attach a story to it knowing the headline is all that most people read.

If by blame Bloomberg means credit, sure thing. President Trump owns this stock market drop because he owns the gains.

The temporary paper losses are part of his plan. He is playing with the bank's money to bring Chairman Xi and Red China to their knees.

This is not some super insight.

This is what the man said back in July.

CNBC reported on July 20, "President Donald Trump said the stock market rally since his election victory gives him the opportunity to be more aggressive in his trade war with China and other countries.

"'This is the time. You know the expression we’re playing with the bank’s money,' he told CNBC's Joe Kernen in a Squawk Box interview aired Friday.

"The president has a big cushion. The S and P 500 is up 31 percent since Trump's win on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016, through Thursday. The market's gain has slowed this year as the administration has implemented new tariffs on countries, with the benchmark index up 4.9 percent for 2018 through Thursday."

Some of those gains are gone now, but the president wound up with a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. And on Monday, Red China will formally begin negotiations for its surrender in the trade wars.

The Washington Examiner reported, "China and the U.S. will commence trade talks in Beijing early next week as both countries work to put an end to yearlong trade tensions that have left global markets unstable, according to a report published late Thursday.

"Officials from both nations will meet Monday and Tuesday for the vice ministerial trade talks, Chinese officials announced Friday local time.

"Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish is leading his U.S. colleagues on the trip. He said he expects 'positive and constructive discussions,' according to the Chinese Commerce Ministry."

President Trump took that 31% gain in the stock market and spent it wisely. He looked long term.

This is the same man who in the 1970s looked at the flea-bitten Commodore Hotel and imagined a steel and glass showcase that would reverse the polarity in Manhattan, and lead to a building renaissance.

Businesswise, he's had his ups and downs but he never went bankrupt because he made himself Too Big To Fail.

Everything the neocons told you about trade with Red China is wrong because they are Austin Powers meeting a Russian after being frozen for 30 years. Informed the Cold War was over, Powers addressed the Russian as comrade.

The neocons still think communist domination is inevitable.

The deal President Trump cuts will be a compromise that will get around Congress in its adoption.

By the way, if Congress rejects the new Canada-Mexico-United States agreement, the fallback is no deal because President Trump killed NAFTA, just as he said he would.

He is a man of his word, which is why the media calls him a liar. They are used to dealing with weasel politicians, and not businessmen.

Meanwhile, in the real world...
From the article, "Average hourly pay improved 3.2 percent from a year ago, up from average wage growth of 2.7 percent at the end of 2017."

Oh and labor participation jumped. Part of that may be boomers deciding to postpone retirement as a 3.2 percent growth in wages beats a 2.8 percent increase in Social Security.


  1. No tears, Nony. None, except if you want the country to fail. Which you obviously do. Get a freakin REAL job, you leech.

    1. What? and give up his check from George Soros? Nony doesn't realize that if he got off his mother's couch and went out in to the real world he could double his income with half the hours by getting a minimum wage job.

  2. It's cute how the Trumpsters hold to the fiction that Trump is a successful businessman.

    In much the same way real real estate moguls aren't selling classes at the airport Holiday Inn, real billionaires aren't in "reality" shows on network tv.

    Trump turned a sizable fortune from Daddy into a debt heavy modest fortune. His quest of Trump Tower Moscow allowed him to betray the country. Gifts of penthouses to Pootie don't seem to bother the Trumpsters.

    1. Lighten up, Francis

    2. Good one.

      The more Trump wins, the more unhinged the Lefties get.

    3. Unhinged? Delusional. Remember when he was telling us that Trump didn't have a cold, but was doing cocaine? Nonnyass has nonnybrain.

    4. > Trump turned a sizable fortune from Daddy into a debt heavy modest fortune.

      Maybe you're right, Troll, but FYI some people consider $3 billion to be serious money.

      Happy for you if you don't.

    5. How many BILLION in your bank accounts Nony?
      Hint, your EBT card is not a bank account.

    6. "real billionaires aren't in "reality" shows on network tv."
      Hurr durr I have never heard of Shark Tank or Undercover Boss duuuuuurrrrrrr
      Standard leftist. Completely stupid, but "feels" smart and spews moron gibberish all day as a result.

  3. Bad case of tds above!

    Good news for your psychologists bank account.

    1. Not really.... They never seek help for tds because they will never admit to being wrong.

  4. Trump was speaking to this forgotten part of America

    From the last post. This is just more proof.

  5. great job Don .... you are getting the word out. I know because the paid Soros trolls have arrived!

  6. And today the market is soaring (at this Point). So much reading is via programs that once the markets go down or up a good bit, yuuuge swings are inevitable.

    And this short term market volatility is worth it to tame China.

  7. There is no joy in Crudville,
    Great Chi-Xi has struck out.

  8. I'd say the drop is almost completely due to the feds rate increases and our tech lords taking a nosedive. But the feds, being Keynesian retards think they can sink the economy. In reality all they can do is make investors jittery temporarily. 3.4% growth and full employment will keep us in good shape.

  9. 715 days in and Democrats still obsessed with things that don't matter, like Trump's former business life.

    When will democrats take an interest in American citizens rather than gaining foreign imported votes?