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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The government that refused to die

As we enter Day 19 of the government shutdown, one thing is for sure. The government is nearly impossible to shut down.

While Republicans had protected the paychecks of the Department of Defense, the Coast Guard was stuck in the Department of Homeland Security. The headlines blared: No pay for Coasties.

Within hours, that problem went away.

The Washington Examiner reported on December 29, "Concerned about U.S. Coast Guard forces losing a paycheck in the partial government shutdown, President Trump personally urged his team to find a solution that would allow the administration to make this week’s $75 million payroll, according to officials.

"Trump stepped in on Wednesday, calling on top lawyers and staffers to determine if the Coast Guard could make payroll despite being included in the shutdown that has impacted about 25 percent of the government, including the Department of Homeland Security, which houses the Coast Guard."

Then there was the problem with tax refunds. The government was still collecting taxes, but not cutting refund checks.

That problem went away too.

USA Today reported, "Tax refunds will go out even if the government shutdown extends into filing season, the Internal Revenue Service said late Monday, and the agency will start accepting tax returns on January 28."

Food stamps!

People will run out of food stamps.

That problem went away too.

The Hill reported, "Food stamp recipients will have access to their benefits through February, despite the ongoing partial government shutdown, the Department of Agriculture announced Tuesday.

"Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue tweeted that President Trump ordered funding be allocated to ensure the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program remain afloat."

You cannot shut down the federal government. Not even for political theater by Democrat Drama Queens. That is a little bit frightening, but mainly it is amusing.

Government has become the drunk who runs onto the field and gets chased by security.

Run, government, run.


  1. > Government has become the drunk who runs onto the field and gets chased by security.

    The drunk is less likely to behave badly.

  2. If you don't fund SNAP you MUST fund homeland security. Can you imagine an America with out Chiraq, Detoilet, and many of the other liberal hell holes?
    Missed. Opportunity.

  3. Glad for the Coast Guard. Before we’re done, I’m afraid 99% of the government will be declared essential.

    1. Yup, Right is wrong, evil is good. You know we are in dire straits.

  4. I'm listening to an AM station to the Hannity show. The damnable Ad Council ads are still running. They seem to be half the radio ads. $1,000,000,000,000 a year deficits and the government supposedly shut down, but these unnecessary ads are still running.

  5. I'm reliably informed that the "Do Not Call" website is shutdown.
    So there's that.

    The shutdown msg is in English AND Spanish.
    Of course.