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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Support for a wall grows amid the shutdown

The Washington Post reported, "Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown, Post-ABC poll finds."

CNN reported, "CNN Poll: Trump bears most blame for shutdown."

Two polls, same results, same mistake.

Many Americans do not blame President Donald John Trump. We credit him. We want the government to feel a little of the pain that government causes Americans.

While the media fascinated itself with the blame game, their polls showed an uptick in support for the wall, as well as a belief by an overwhelming majority that immigration is a serious problem.

"As noted, while more still oppose rather than back a wall, support has increased to 42 percent, up from 34 percent a year ago and a previous high of 37 percent in 2017. Opposition, 54 percent, is down from 63 percent a year ago and a previous low of 60 percent two years ago," the ABC/Washington Post poll said.

Thar poll showed 24% of Americans think the border is a crisis, while 47% say it is a serious problem that falls short of a crisis. That's 71%.

Only 26% accept the Democrat position that the border is not a serious problem.

Buried in the ABC/Post poll was this: Only 17% of those polled were inconvenienced by the shutdown.

For five out of six Americans, the shutdown is something alien that does not affect them.

But the poll also showed 45% of those who oppose the wall want Democrats to compromise.

Only 39% of those who support the wall want to compromise.

Democrats may wish to walk back their opposition to extending the wall because their supporters are more likely to be inconvenienced by this.


  1. Waiting until the Dems retook the House to broach the prospect of declaring an emergency was smart strategy on the part of Trump. He did the Republicans a favor in doing so. If he had used this strategy with Republicans holding both houses, the move would have made his relationship with the stupid GOPe worse than it already was, and put his own supporters in the position of having little reason to vote for Republicans last Fall.

    The primary problem with this issue in the past has been the ability of the establishments of both parties to stonewall or slowroll the issue. Now it is being forced to the forefront, and there will either be a vote on this issue, or the wall will be built without a congressional say in the matter. Opponents are either going to look like feckless traitors, or be forced to commit electoral suicide. Further, if Trump proceeds with building the wall on an emergency basis, and his doing so reopens the government after a short period of loss of benefits for certain people without any action on the part of their representatives, he will be able to say to those constituents that he restored their benefits over the inaction of their congressmen, and a certain percentage of those people will believe that.

    Trump has put himself in a no-lose situation, and the idiot leadership of both parties have allowed themselves to be set up for this.

    1. President Trump is masterfully playing both ends against the middle. Sort of like Clint Eastwood's character in "A Fistful of Dollars." - Elric

    2. If enough people care to build the wall as shown increasing by the new polls -- why hasn't a "bumper sticker" been created we can all buy - put on our cars which says "BUILD THE DAMN WALL".

  2. We have been promised border security since Reagan was in office. I guess people finally are starting to realize we've been lied to for over 30 years. President Trump's intent is to end that lie. What doesn't get done in his term will likely never get done. Conceding his position will mean that the 30+ years could extend to 40+.

  3. The corrupt judges who upheld Obama's dictatorial DACA-diktat thought they were doing their team a favor. But this would have been settled already were it not for them short-circuiting the process. They led Dems to believe they could prevail in courts.

    In contrast to DACA, a National Emergency declaration is firmly within the law. Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals however is a One-Man Law. The action being deferred is the execution of the rule of law, passed by Congresses and signed by presidents. Unlike Hussein, President Trump has abided by the laws even when he does not like them.

    Maybe he should decree his own DACA; Deferred Action on Caravan Arrivals, and suspend enforcement of laws he doesn't like.

    I hear it's all the rage.

    1. How about Expedited Rejection of Caravan Arrivals?

  4. There don’t appear to be many polls on the subject. Or at least published polls. The majority of them must be devastating to the liberals.

  5. No need for a wall to stop these illegals just stop paying them welfare benefits. That would substantially curtail the problem.

    1. A no Brainer! AND the savings could pay for the wall! A two-fer....

    2. But now California and New York City want to give them free (taxpayer-funded) health care. Now all of their sick people will be beating a path to the U.S.

    3. 1st it was "food stamps". Who wants starving children?

      Then it became "assistance". Public Aid. Subsidized Housing. Monthly Stipends.

      Then it became "benefits". Section 8. Increased Monthly Stipends. Increased Link Stipends.

      Then it became "entitlements". Who wants children to be not entitled to a basic modern life? Just as their neighbor's who are employed have?

      Now it is "entitlements" + for Anyone. Citizen. Non citizen/legal immigrant, Non citizen/illegal invader, your pet poodle, Alphonse, etc.

      ALL on the backs of taxpayers.

      ALL flowing into the coffers of Retail Commerce.

      Retail Commerce, buckos.

      Do ya really think business, big or small or in between, gives a fuck from where their business income flows?

      Do ya really think that business wants you, the taxpayer, the source of flowing cash, to not be compelled to continue to provide retail business with this consistent flowing of commerce?

      You, the taxpayer, have at least 1, if not many more, "adopted" dependents, whom you shall likely never meet, never know, never even be fully aware of, other than by comparing your gross wages to your net wages.


      Socialism has been here for fucking half a century+.

      That "social safety net" is a spider web and we taxpayers are the flies.

  6. the best thing about this showdown is how its showing millions that they really don't need to fund DC like they have the past 40 yrs. Is anyone here being inconvenienced in any way whatsoever by the DC furloughs?

    If so I'd sure like to hear how. I bet the only complaints will be from the tourists and campers.

  7. Last year Dems supported a wall. In Jordan.

  8. If we had a real press, they would ask the Dem leadership "Since walls are immoral, will you introduce legislation to remove the hundreds of miles of barries currently at the border?"

    1. If walls are immoral why don't the likes of Nasty Pelosi and other DemocRATS who have walls around their property or lived in gated (walled) communities remove them?

  9. https://youtu.Be/U4bMiA8-r3Q?t=2829

  10. IF they do a short term reopening of two or three weeks to have a negotiation, id like to see Trump insist on an appropriation of ONE DOLLAR just like Nancy said she would give him to reopen the government. Use that dollar to buy one broken concrete block and place it on the border someplace where illegals walk right past it. Then show photos at the SOTU address of illegals going over and past the Pathetic Pelosi Immoral Memorial Wall, an edifice for the ages symbolizing the lack of commitment to any real border security. A half of a broken concrete block. A visual representation of how little democrats are willing to protect our country.

  11. Why wasn't Paul Ryan able to get money for the Wall for 2 years? He didn't want to, and many GOPe still don't want to, but the voters DO want a Wall.
    Trump's success in the Senate, making it even more conservative, means he can wait out the House.
    The pressure will be building on both, but the Dems in the House will increasingly look bad.
    How many crimes were committed by illegals last week?

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